Hex Shank Drill and Countersink Set

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Hex Shank Drill and Countersink Set
A great production aid in assembly
06B02.01 Hex Shank Drill and Countersink Set

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This set of four Hex Shank Drill and Countersink Set (1/4" size) fits all standard and quick-change drives. Drills the screw hole (including no thread for the top portion of the screw) and cuts the countersink for the flat head, all in one motion. Will also counterbore.

Fits screw sizes #6, #8, #10 & #12. Comes only as a set of 4.

Made in China.

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Customer Ratings and Reviews

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Overall Rating
  • Good Quality Tool

    Rey Reeder, 4/29/2019 Good quality tool , I like the fact that the drill bit can be adjusted with an allen set screw for different thickness of wood and penetration. Good service , fair price
  • Hex Shank Drill and Countersink Set

    Davene, 2/23/2019 Drills work well and are sharp.
  • Each has drill

    Steve, 1/2/2019 Good set, replaced a well-used set, each size comes with drill
  • A useful addition to keep at the ready.

    Scott, 7/7/2018 Always a handy addition to the kit - these work well, though I echo the advice to treat them with care.
  • Hex shank drill

    Rob, 4/21/2018 Great shopping experience all tool arrived as advertised. These drills work well and save time.
  • Great tools

    Michael Wilwand, 10/15/2017 These have been a welcome addition to my armamentarium
  • As Promised

    DAVID, 1/3/2017 The bits arrived as promised. I have not had an occasion to use them. However I have been pleased with most everything I have purchased from Garrett Wade, so I expect the bits to work well.
  • For Precision take it slow and easy

    Barbara C. Thompson, 7/7/2016 Not for the slap bam thankyou mame folks. These tools need to be treated with respect and care and they'll do a swell job, in both hard and softwood, as long as you go slow and keep bits perpendicular to the wood, no wallowing or haste movements in this project.
  • Replacement bits

    Terry Winnop , 6/19/2016 These will replace similar bits that I had used badly. Per other reviews I will take care not to be too aggressive in hard wood.
  • Countersink Set

    Bob Nesbitt, 12/2/2014 If you need written instructions to be able to use these countersinks you should probably just give up and take up knitting.
  • Simple Tips For Proper Use

    Ralph, 4/20/2014 These bits work fine. For Lance, who had a problem: you must be careful not to twist or angle these when using them in hardwoods or the drill point will break as they did with you. The faces can be resharpened with a diamond edged stone. Regular drill bits can be used simply by taking the bit and making a flat spot on it with a belt sander, metal cutting file, or a grinding wheel. Any drill bit can be modified this way, so that you can tighten the allen screw against it. You can also do this for use in Vix Bits.
  • Countersink Set

    Tom Collins, 12/22/2013 The countersink set arrived very quickly and seems to be of excellent quality. However, there are no instructions as to its' use. They would have been helpful.
  • Soft woods only

    Lance, 2/8/2013 Worked fine in old pine and mahogany. Tried to use it in old oak and the drill bits twisted off halfway in. (Broke two in a row, stopped using it after that.) Will not work with a standard drill bit (no flat side). Also the hex key quickly rounded off and would stick in the set screw and had to be replaced. Just not the quality I would have expected.
  • Solid and Simple Countersink

    Adam T., 4/17/2010 I purchased this drill and countersink set a few years ago and have been quite happy with them since. They are easily adjustable (and cleanable) with a hex wrench to remove the drill bit, and fit nicely in a hand brace with their squared-off ends.
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