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Bestseller Hi-Reach 19 ft Pole Saw
Reaches to 25 ft - Save time and a lot of money
The fast cutting Japanese blade makes quick work of branches
86B01.06 Hi-Reach 19 ft Pole Saw

Available 12/05/2020


86B01.07 Replacement Saw Blade

Available 12/05/2020


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This is a professional grade tool that will save you from having to call that expensive tree service. The pole is made in the USA and paired with a razor-sharp Japanese made blade. The very long pole is a set of three 6 ft interlocking fiberglass handles, topped off with a 15" long curved cutoff blade that enables you to cut off - without climbing - those otherwise impossible-to-reach branches you need trimmed. (This is the much safer, cheaper and quicker option.) The back of the frame that the blade is mounted on functions as a branch "hook" to pull them down after cutoff if needed. An additional Ground Shipping Surcharge of $15 applies. Air Shipping is not available.

WARNING: Do not use this tool near overhead power lines or electrical lines. Contact with those lines could result in injury or death.

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Overall Rating
  • Excellent.

    DAVID, 10/19/2020 Allowed me to cut off a healthy 5-inch Silver Maple limb about 21 feet off the ground. I'm sure the cost of the saw was much less than I would have paid a NYC arborist. Excellently designed, fabricated, and shipped.
  • Great pole saw for high tree branches

    ROBERT BROMMAGE, 8/28/2020 Works great. The saw blade is sharp and effective, cutting with easy back-and-forth motion.
  • james

    jjames mcninch , 8/10/2020 awesome tools, cant buy better
  • 19 foot pole saw

    Dale Moose, 7/18/2020 Excellent product that did what I purchased it for. Very good blade and pole construction. I wrap tape around the pole retainer clips to eliminate the occasional pole release.
  • Excellent product

    Tom, 7/10/2020 Used to trim unwanted limbs on very large Southern Live Oak trees. Have cut some branched over 3” thick with ease. Well worth the money.
  • Best Pole Saw I've Used Thus Far

    Michael, 7/7/2020 Pole is a bit cumbersome with all 3 sections connected(gives you 19 ft.) but that's what I needed. You just have to take your time getting into position. Was particularly impressed with the Japanese blade. I cut several 5-6" in dia. live oak limbs and these were not dead limbs. Definitely a higher quality tool than the stuff they sell elsewhere.
  • A+ Pole Saw

    Ivan Merritt, 7/4/2020 The Hi-Reach 19 Ft Pole Saw is a high quality product and very effective in trimming and removing tree limbs. The saw blade is fantastic and well designed. Also, the pole is light weight, yet solid even when at the fully extended length. I am 100 percent satisfied with the product. Thank you Garrett Wade for providing exactly what I need.
  • Hi-Reach 19ft Pole Saw

    Frank Chavez, 6/15/2020 This product is superior compared to the others you can purchase at the big-box stores. The poles are greater in diameter not flimsy and the saw blade is thicker which makes sawing easier and faster and doesn't wear you out. It eliminates the use of a ladder to reach the higher limbs. I am 73 years old and this "baby" makes me look like a better worker than some of my younger neighbors. Thank you.
  • Hi-Reach 19ft Pole saw

    Donna Stafford, 5/25/2020 Great product! Cut through several big leaf maple limbs and we even used just the section attached to the blade to cut down a 5 " douglas fir tree. I was very impressed with the ease that the blade cuts.
  • So far, so good!

    Steven, 5/3/2020 I've only had this saw for 2 weeks now, but I've already put it through it's paces. We're on 20 acres in the Sierra foothills, and we have lots of old oaks, ponderosa pines, and tons of manzanita trees. This saw can handle all of the tasks I threw at it, with ease. Wish I had invested in this one before burning through several other similar ones sold at the big box stores....
  • Safely cut High Limbs from the Ground.

    Al Campbell, 4/27/2020 As a retired telephone worker I did use such a tool to remove branches from trees touching our wires but the blades were never as good as yours. I have those same poles and took the chance your blade would fit and it does. I was going to get a pole mounted chain saw but your $40 blade could save me money and it has. Sure it does require human power but 4+inch limbs are no obstacle and younger arms would be an advantage but we work with what we have. I can use my chain saw on cuts lower to the ground but those higher branches can be trimmed more safely with a pole saw. The blade is very sharp and when trimming lower branches I can see the cut is very clean. I am happy with my purchase.
  • Quality

    Jerry , 4/21/2020 Anything I have purchased from GarrettWade has been of the highest quality. Their prices are a little higher than you might expect to pay at a big box store, but their products will usually outlast them. I enjoy picking up a GarrettWade tool, every time. I guess I’m hooked!
  • I love this thing

    Arthur Ball, 4/20/2020 This saw makes me go around looking for limbs to cut. I'm probably past 50 limbs at this point, and can tell you this saw is fantastic. It works exactly as I'd hoped it would.
  • Great pole saw

    Phil Wolfe, 4/19/2020 Great pole saw that is very sharp. The curvature of the blade helps the saw to cut into the wood and slight pressure allows it to cut. Make sure you look out for the falling limb. Pole sections snap together with the attached pins and stay together without any problem..
  • 19 foot long pole saw

    Tim Yandre, 4/13/2020 This pole saw is amazing I had 2 trees estimated from a tree service at 250 per tree.This saw me and my wife are taking the trees down our shelves. Thanks a million.
  • Exceeded expectations

    Rick Higerd, 4/13/2020 Have been using to trim oak trees. Can cut a 3” limb in a little over a minute. Just what I was needing to get those high limbs. Only wish it came with a cover for the blade.
  • High branch cutter

    Buster harness, 4/12/2020 Cuts high branches
  • First time buyer of pole saw

    Jay, 4/6/2020 I have branches from the neighboring tree that is growing into my redwoods and interfering with their growth about 20 feet up. I did my research and came across your website and decided to buy this one. All the reviews were saying how efficient and sharp this saw was. Even though this was my first time using a pulsar, I must say that all the reviews were correct. It made my job really easy. It would’ve been a five star except one of the clips that held the sections together came out twice. Really enjoyed the product overall.
  • A good choice

    Tom T, 4/3/2020 Man... that thing is SHARP. The blade curve is just enough to keep it on the limb. A little pressure to drive the teeth into the wood helps, but mostly it is gravity and the teeth that are going the word.
    Wear a helmet... limbs are falling. Great product, would buy again.
  • Pole Saw Review

    Bob Cassara, 4/2/2020 This pole saw is a well made and it went together very easily. The blade is supper sharp and I was able to reach branches that I would not have been able to without it. Far better that what you will find in the big box stores. It would be even nicer if an additional section could be added. Maybe only 3 to 4 feet for those really high up branches.
  • The perfect tool

    Peter, 2/24/2020 This is exactly what I needed to get at my 25ft. Mesquite tree.
  • Well made long saw

    Laura, 10/31/2019 Nice high reach like we wanted, cuts well and sharp too. Well made.
  • Saved me money,and got the job done.

    Gary Mckenzie, 7/27/2019 This solved my problem of branches rubbing and overhanging my metal roofed shop; Just go slow let the saw do the work, the blade is very efficient used with one section of rolling scaffold/ It is a two year wait for a tree pruning service in my area.
  • Getting old

    L. L. Mitcheltree, 12/29/2018 I have alot of trees in my back yard and needed some way to trim them. I'm going on 80 years old and i was skeptical whether I can finish the job or not . Your pole saw made the job easy. I ended up with two trailers full of branches . Thanks for a good sturdy products ...
  • 19 foot pole saw

    James, 11/12/2018 Also own extra capacity H.X.D. Jumbo pole saw. This saw reaches what the other saw just can’t reach. Blade is very sharp and easy to use. A great addition would a 3 foot section when you don’t need the full 18 foot reach.
  • Better than a ladder

    James Morgan, 8/6/2018 We have a pecan orchard and various other trees. This big yellow long reach saw makes it possible to do most of our pruning without working on a ladder. It is safer with feet on the ground.
  • It does the job

    James Anderson, 7/24/2018 It is a good product. Because of its length, it is a little hard to use but with the extra effort, it does the job. It's sharp blade the job other products can't.
  • Hi-reach pole saw review

    Jimmy, 5/7/2018 I just received my item. I used it the next day and, all I can say, it's worth every cent. It probably saved me more money than the purchase on the first usage. It's very well made: USA poles with excellent quick release clips and a very nice, sharp Japanese saw blade with their excellent tooth configuration. Sawing is very quick and easy. I can't get over how nice this pole saw is. I did work that a bucket truck would have to be involved with, but for much less money. And, I have a great tool. I would recommend buying this .
  • Garrett Wade comes through again!

    J Shaw, 4/30/2018 I purchased this because I am doing a lot of land clearing and needed something to get me up in the tree without having to be on a ladder. As with other tools purchased from GW this one did not disappoint. It cut easily through every thing I tried it on with 4" being the largest I tried. It took a few tries to get the blade tight, but I figured it out and good news is, after cutting for several hours yesterday I am not sore today! Pretty good for an older woman. I am hoping for many years of use from this pole saw.
  • Felled a 9" Branch and All of its Branchlings

    Toby Large, 4/27/2018 I wanted to give this 5 stars, but the positive stops on the pole extensions can slip out easily, with relatively minimal tugging. At one point, I had to scale a ladder and reach to reattach a pole, while it hung from a branch. I was able to loosen the nut on the positive stop and bend it so that it engaged much better. Not a big deal. That's about the only downside I noticed about this thing. Based upon what a tree trimming service would have charged to remove this massive dead branch from my tree, this saw more than paid for itself with ONE use. The branches I was cutting were over 23 feet high, at their bases. The tops of these were probably 40+ feet in the air. It's amazing what you can reach with this thing, and from the ground!! The saw cut with minimal effort as well, as long as you're cutting on the correct side, so as not to pinch the blade. I'm incredibly satisfied with this product.
  • Pole saw extreme

    Josh, 3/30/2018 Effortless cutting. Went through a six inch branch with little effort
  • Excellent Pole Saw

    Mel, 9/2/2017 This pole saw is solid, light and easy to handle. Works well for getting high branches that need thinning. My wife likes it because instead of being up on the ladder I can now stand on the ground and reach where I need to trim. Great tool that will last.
  • Garrett Wade Is the Best!

    Rina Hallock, 8/7/2017 I have purchased several new tools from Garrett Wade this year. They may cost more, but they are good tools! You can by cheap ones, but they won't work as well, nor will they last as long. To top it all, Garrett Wade gets tools to you in a reasonable amount to time. Our new saw--extra long handle --arrived very promptly. I haven't had time to use it yet--can't wait, though!!!
  • Pole Pruner

    FOliveria, 8/7/2017 This pole pruner is very good. I have used pole pruner for decades that has wood sections. This pole pruner has fiberglass sections that are much lighter. They also snap together instead of a bolt making them much easier to use. I highly recommend them. Using pole pruners is still work but you get more done with the same amount of energy used with heavier wooden pole pruners.
  • Fast Cutter

    David N. Self, 8/7/2017 I have been using an old pole cutter for many years and after sharpening the blade numerous times I decided to look for a better saw. Garrett Wade had one advertised and the reviews were good. I am delighted with my saw and wish I had bought it sooner.
  • Neighbor Immediately Borrowed

    Thomas M. Moody, 8/7/2017 Soon as my neighbor saw it, he asked to borrow. The next day we sawed approx. 8 to 10 limbs out of a large maple tree hanging over his driveway. He loved it and I also was much impressed with the usefulness and cutting ability of the saw. My neighbor & I help each other and part of my reason for buying the pole saw was for him to use to cut those limbs.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Thomas!!
  • The Best Pole Saw

    David Self, 8/7/2017 This is truly the best pole saw I have used. Wish the blade was a little stiffer and longer. Great addition to my tree trimming equipment.
  • Really Helpful

    George Tarr, 8/4/2017 This is a very well-made product. I used it the day I received it and it was great. After the difficult winter in our area, there are tons of damaged trees in my yard. This tool greatly expands my ability to safely prune previously out of reach branches.
  • Commercial Grade Quality

    Dennis, 8/4/2017 Having used commercial grade trimming pole saws I was nervous ordering. When the saw arrived I was amazed at the quality of both the saw and the pole system. This is not a flimsy extendable pole, it's a rock solid system. I am very happy with this and my neighbors have already borrowed it!!
  • 19 ft Pruner Pole

    Ron V., 8/4/2017 Sturdy and well built. Wish it had the pull down lopper for small branches.
  • Very Effective

    Peter, 8/3/2017 This works a little better than I had anticipated in that it cuts faster than I thought it would. It turns out it was made by the same company that made a pruning saw I bought twenty years ago, which also works well.
  • The Best!

    Lee Stewart, 8/3/2017 This is well designed, sturdy, and practical tool. It requires minimal set-up out of the shipping container, and during usage, is light enough to allow me to easily get to the high, and especially, hard to reach places. Each section securely locks and unlocks during assembly and breakdown. Overall, highly recommend!
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Thomas!!
  • Sweet Cuts!

    Michael Young, 8/3/2017 The blade on this saw is one of the most aggressive cutting tools I have had the pleasure to own and use. Keep it liberally sprayed with a good silicone and it will perform as well or better than teflon coated blades. I have used it to trim branches up to nine inches in diameter without stressing my geriatric shoulders or arms to any great degree. If you are using all three sections (18 ft.) the weight and bow in the fiberglass will actually make cutting easier. The sections are light weight and stiff enough not to cause the saw to jump from the kerf. The saw seems as good on dry wood as green, which isn't true of some other saw blades. This tool surely beats a ladder and mechanical saw for safety and ease of use. It will cut oak, maple, cedar, ash, and locust branches with no hitches. If you have any medium to large trees this pole trimmer is a must. Storage space is really minimal also! I just tape together all three sections with masking tape and hang the assemblage from the rafters in the garage. No fumes, batteries, or electrical cords.
  • Big Money Saver

    Allan, 8/2/2017 This is a great tool providing reach no other pole saw can provide. You will save big money over professional services using this device. It goes together effortlessly and breaks down for storage in seconds. The light Fiberglass pole sections once assembled are light but sturdy providing great cutting ability with the commercial grade Japanese saw blade.
  • Excellent

    Ed, 8/2/2017 I am very pleased with the performance of this saw. I have used many and this rates best.
  • Superb Pole Saw

    A. Vargo, 8/2/2017 This is the best pole saw I have ever used. High quality craftsmanship, very durable and excellent cutting blade. Wish I bought this years ago.
  • Bad Engineering

    George, 8/1/2017 Excellent product except for the very small bolt holding the blade holder to the pole. Tried to tighten it and it snapped off. I liked the saw other than this flaw in its design so I drilled out the hole and put a 1/4 inch bolt in replacing the 3/16 bolt that broke off. However , I notified your company and you responded by giving me a $30 gift certificate for my troubles I am still waiting on it , but it was an unexpected gift which means I_ll keep ordering from your company. I_d suggest replacing the undersized bolt holding the blade holder to the pole "before" it breaks.
  • Effective Saw

    Jackie, 8/1/2017 Just tried this out on a Walnut branch about 12' above ground. Sharp saw blade cut efficiently. Easy assembly. Light weight. Am looking forward to cleaning up my acreage, and am grateful for a USA made product with a saw blade from Japan.
  • Amazing Tool!

    C Dinegar, 8/1/2017 I used to use this at my job, as a TelCo Lineman. We were forever using the things. Arborist saws like these can cut wood, even if you're using the saw with one hand to cut small logs for home use. We didn't use this particular saw set, but I can surely attest to the amazing ease of cutting branches down from the ground, right out to a 3 story height! Get some extra poles for those really high branches, and those pesky trees that are just... "a bit too high". It's a real work saver! Mine's going on order right now! I mean, from Garrett and Wade? Who can beat the quality???
  • Reaching To Heaven

    Mannon M. Lukehart, 7/28/2017 Wow! Wow! Wow! I've had this in my shed since it arrived last week, just had a chance yesterday to assemble it and try it out, even though it was a little windy. It was easily assembled even without instructions...it is self explanatory...and BOY, did it ever work great. I am 74 yrs old and standing on the ground is very benifical to me and this is just what I thought it would be...FANTASTIC!! It worked so well, I cut down and extra branch than I intended too, just to see it work. I sure recommend this for anyone, of any age. I'm hoping to be able to purchase an extra middle section to reach even a little higher. Thank you for making this available to save hiring a tree company, this has surely saved me a lot of money.
  • Best tree pruning saw!

    David Self, 7/28/2017 I love this saw greatly. I use this saw as my only got too saw for cutting low hanging branches. Wish I could order an extra blade and mine is getting dull. I have already replaced the bolt holding the blade on.
  • See the Saw

    Mike Fresco, 7/28/2017 I've been happy with every tool I've ordered from Garrett Wade.
    This pole saw is terrific.
    Great, fast cutting blade, solid pole with slip-free connections. The best.
  • Pleased Pinon Pine Pruner

    Dan Gabel, 7/27/2017 I assembled and used this pole saw for the first time today. It reached and easily cut the branches on the pinon pine that I wanted to prune. I received the saw just when it when on sale and I was pleased that customer service refunded the difference.
  • 19 ft. Sectional Pole Saw - great description

    Billie Macleod, 7/27/2017 Strong blade, quality pole, easy assembly. Just what is needed for maintenance trimming. We have many trees which need grooming to have a more enjoyable view of our pond and animals, finally found the tool!
  • Solid and high quality pole saw

    Pat, 7/27/2017 Very solid construction. Nicely engineered design with easy to connect interlocking extensions. Very sharp blade. Works wonderfully. Highly recommended.
    One criticism: Square hole on cast blade mount was too tight to fit bolt. Had to adjust with a file, which you really should not have to do for an expensive saw.
  • 19' pole saw

    james mcninch, 7/26/2017 Well, i haven't had a chance to use it just yet, the weather has been lousy lately, to windy and raining. but i have put it together and i like the feel. of it's strength, i've been a auto mechanic 4 forty years and the feel of a tool is important along with strength. cant wait to try it out....
  • More then expected for a 19' Pole Saw

    Thomas, 7/26/2017 Felling a nearly 40' Alder Tree, one branch at a time due to a limited safe zone, was a synch with this tool while allowing for selecting each branch to be strategically removed as I zeroed in on all but the core truck itself.
  • Great saw, good way to meet your neighbors

    Randall B, 7/26/2017 Very good saw, blade is sharp and of good quality. The pole sections attach solidly, easy to put together and take apart. I got thru a 4 in branch in about 10 min and that's with arthritic shoulders and bone spurs in my neck. It also seems to be a good way to meet your neighbors because no sooner then I was using it people who I have lived by for 5yrs, and have never met, were there talking about how they could really use something like that. Funny thing is they didn't ask where I got it or how much it cost. :)
  • Great 12 ft saw, sways 4" with third section added.

    dray reed, 7/25/2017 Great saw for using two sections at a time. When I added the third section to reach the top of my palm tree the pole has a bend/sway of four to six inches making it difficult to execute the cut. I was expecting the fully assembled saw to remain rigid and am very disappointed in that aspect and feel it should be called out in the product description.
  • A Saw Worth the Money

    Fred F, 7/25/2017 I used it for the first time today -- taking down a dead oak tree limb that had been driving me crazy for the past couple of years. It was just out of reach of my regular pole saw and standing on a ladder just seemed to have "bad idea" written all over it. This well-made, extremely effective and highly visible (love the neon yellow color) is a welcome addition to my tool shed as it took down that limb with minimal effort. The many other unsightly limbs on my property are living on borrowed time.
  • A good pole saw, worth the money.

    Duane Mullenix, 7/25/2017 This pole saw is a good one. It is certainly long enough and sharp enough. At full length, it is a little hard for a small man like me to handle, but otherwise, a good buy, in my opinion.
  • Great Saw

    David Self, 7/21/2017 I love this saw and have used it extensively around my yard filled with oak trees. I really wish there was a way to sharpen the blade or buy a new one. Mine is dull from cutting many many limbs standing on a 12 foot ladder. Not a real safe way to cut limbs but it is what it is.
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