1,020 Lumen Hi-Tech Searcher, AA-Powered

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Clearance 1,020 Lumen Hi-Tech Searcher, AA-Powered
Exceptional beam reach up to 1099 feet
Rugged aluminum body is waterproof to 6 feet
04D05.11 1,020 Lumen Hi-Tech Searcher, AA-Powered

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Using a short, thick barrel (5” L x 1" Diameter) that incorporates the head of the flashlight into an integrated design that is very comfortable to wrap your hand around. Weighs only 9 oz. with batteries (not included). An excellent reflector design gives you an exceptional beam reach--it's really a very compact searchlight. The circuitry driving the LED bulb produces 5 power levels, from an ultra-low night-time trail walking setting up to 1,020 lumens. An innovative side-button switch provides all the output control. Uses hard anodized MilSpec aluminum for the body, which is waterproof to 6 ft. An integrated power indicator light displays remaining power available. A handy holster and lanyard are standard. This is a beauty. Comes with a manufacturer's Five year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Output & Runtime:
(1020 Lumens = 1.75 hrs.), (580 Lumens = 2.75 hrs.), (160 Lumens = 12 hrs.), (50 Lumens = 30 hrs.), (1 Lumens = 400 hrs.)
up to 2 meters
335 meters or 1099 feet
Light Pattern:
Strobe, Spot, SOS
Battery Type:
AA or 14500 Batteries
Emitter Type:

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Overall Rating
  • flash light with short lifespan

    Jay Friedlander, 4/14/2017 This is a really good product if you are looking for a high quality flashlight but you have to use it regularly and be ahead of the curve when changing the batteries or they corrode, spill acid and then the product is ruined. I got roughly two years usage out of this product before I had to throw it away because of the problem I just described. As good as this product is be careful where you purchase it. With proper research you can save a sizable amount of money. Don't overpay for it.
  • Flashlight Nut

    P Vine, 3/12/2015 A handful of lightning. If it holds up and it looks like it should its the brightest light in a small package I've ever had and I've got a bunch. Controls take a little getting used to but you'll get on to it. Could have used a magnet.
  • Great Value Light!

    Larry Crowder, 7/30/2013 Absolutely - this is the best value I've found in a flashlight. Don't let the compact size (or very reasonable price) fool you. It really reaches out there! I have two now, and totally love 'em.
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