High Capacity Nutcracker

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High Capacity Nutcracker
doubles as a champagne cork twist
45A03.39 Nutcracker

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45T02.23 Italian Chestnut Knife

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With its lightly stained Beechwood handle and spring-loaded aluminum cracker, this unique design is a very effective tool, even for very large nuts. A large, cone-shaped Cup cushions the nut and saves you from having to clean up the mess from the debris. The cone shape of the reservoir easily accommodates different size nuts and the unusually long handle generates plenty of power regardless of your hand-strength.

It can also grip and twist champagne corks out of the bottle, so keep this handy for New Year's Eve.

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Overall Rating
  • As Functional As It Is Gorgeous

    Kate Mathews , 1/9/2020 This nutcracker is such a pleasure to hold and works beautifully. I've had a similar one for years, good quality, and debated buying this one just for its looks. But this one is a heavier weight and I happily gave the other away.
  • Strong Enough to Crack Black Walnuts

    Jason, 11/26/2019 I bought this to crack a basket of black walnuts that came from my tree this year. I wasn't sure that it would work because wild black walnuts are notoriously hard to crack. Most people resort to a hammer or a vice. This nutcracker worked nicely and held up to the abuse.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner November 2019 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Jason!
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