High Pressure Glue Injector

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High Pressure Glue Injector
Repairs furniture without disassembly
08S01.01 High Pressure Glue Injector

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08S01.02 Optional 1/16 In. Tip

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08S01.03 Replacement 1/32 In. Tip

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This terrific tool excels at repairing furniture joints, veneers and laminates, stair rails-even musical instruments. Simply drill a tiny 1/32" hole (1/16" for higher volume dispensing), press the solid brass 1/32" tip against the drilled hole, and squeeze. Maintains up to 600 psi of pressure for fast glue dispensing. This excellent tool belongs in every woodworking shop and job-site toolbox. Use only with yellow or white water-based PVA glues. Wash out and re-use. USA.

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Overall Rating
  • Great Glue Injector!

    Diana, 5/9/2020 I bought this glue injector to use in a tool box that I was replacing the felt lining, you know when you make sure that all the wood is covered with glue and you apply the lining and then find out that there is a little spot where the felt didn't stick and you just need a little bit of glue applied very precisely in the missing spot, well this tool is just what you need. But there is more, I have a antique sewing machine, this glue injector is also very useful (after you clean the glue of course) to apply the right amount grease to the motor of my machine exactly where I want it!
  • Hi Pressure Glue Injector

    Roger Whitehead, 8/11/2017 My application for this device is different than how it is marketed. I fly RC helicopters as a hobby. I bought this item to use a a precision grease applicator. It is perfect for the job. I can get the proper amount of grease onto the various thrust bearings used in a heli with precision and without making a mess. It is easy to use and there is zero clean-up of the device when I am finished with it. I highly recommend this device.
  • glueing rockers that I have saved from the trash

    Thomas E. Welch, 7/21/2017 works great, pressure exceeds the claim, cleans up easy leaving a glue injector as if it had never been used.
  • perfect for repair work

    Dana , 4/22/2017 simple easy to use and clean up, perfect for repair work
  • Review of High Pressure Glue Injector *Excellent*

    Buddy, 1/10/2017 I have found the High Pressure Glue Injector to be a valuable addition to my shop. When repairing older/vintage/antique wood furniture the capability to place glue in precise volume at the exact location needed is greatly improved. The 1/16" and 1/32" tips allow me to get the glue into tight places when doing repairs, volume control is improved with less waste than other methods. Clean up was easy. I ordered another for my Father-In-Law. His restoration and re-caning of several straight back chairs was helped along using the injector. Both He and I expect that we will find other uses for this handy little tool. All told the injector is worth every nickel I paid and then some. Good Job GW !
  • high pressure glue gun injector

    Jens Beck, 10/29/2016 I wish I had one of these glue guns years ago. I am an architect and love to build models of my designs. This tool would have been better than my finger tip of tooth pock. I have purchased various other tools and devices and have been pleased with all of them.
  • Looks good...

    Larry Fruzzetti, 3/4/2016 Re-contoured barrel opening makes inserting plunger a snap.
  • Great Device

    Mac, 12/23/2014 This is just what I needed to repair some chairs. The device creates plenty of pressure for injection and the tip fits a small hole for the job perfectly. The tool cleans up easily for storage. It is well built and I expect to use it a long time.
  • Update Review

    James McBeth, 8/26/2014 Well despite the problem I had with this product resulting in my poor review, I certainly can't complain about GW's customer service. Totally unexpected and unsolicited, they sent a replacement for my injector. The new one seems better in that the plunger is much easier to insert into the barrel. Maybe the gasket on the first one was over-sized - I'm not sure since I deep-sixed it out of frustration. I've yet to try the new injector on a project but expect it will work much better. At least I hope it does :-)). Anyway, I'll continue to order from GW due to their focus on customer satisfaction. Thanks GW.
  • Works Good - If You Can Get the Plunger In

    James McBeth, 7/27/2014 Once the glue and plunger are in this product works fine. But getting the plunger into the reservoir is a joke! The first couple of times I was able to press like !!@# on the plunger and get the rubber oring to go into the housing. But for a critical glue job, I needed to add glue to the reservoir and just couldn't get the dang plunger in. I started working it back and forth trying to get one side in and ended up busting off the tip of the plunger making the whole $29.95 plus an extra tip a worthless piece of junk fit only for the trash can on my shop floor. Note that each time I filled it I used mineral oil on the oring to ease the process but this didn't seem to help much. I realize now I should of chamfered the injector barrel a bit to help ease the plunger oring in but that's 20/20 hindsight. Seems it should of been made that way to begin with.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the High Pressure Glue Injector. We are sorry to hear that you experienced trouble with it.  We are sending you out a replacement, free of charge. We hope that it will fare better the second time around.  Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Satisfied Customer

    Harold Mills, 1/21/2014 My recent purchase was for a replacement glue injector which I had bought a few years ago and which I inadvertently knocked off the workbench. It landed on the nozzle and the male threaded end of the plastic tube broke off. Of course, the accident was due to my carelessness, but accidents do happen in workshops, and this accident revealed a possible shortcoming in the design which might be modified. Otherwise, I think the injector is a brilliant idea and I have used it with satisfaction. I must add that I made my first purchase from Garrett Wade in your New York store in 1996 and from time to time I have purchases online. The service I have received from GW has always been of the highest order and the tools of excellent quality, hence the Satisfied Customer.
  • Must Have

    Zep, 1/5/2014 A must have for the shop. The addition of a cap for the nozzle would be a helpful improvement to prevent leaking and drying of glue in between applications. Otherwise use a small container of water to set the applicator in during assembly. After cleaning, apply a thin layer of mineral oil on the plunger's rubber O-ring to keep it guiding smoothly through the glue chamber.
  • Long Neded

    Bill Beasley, 8/14/2013 At long last a glue gun that I can really use and control in working on Model Rail Road buildings etc.
  • Accurate Glue Placement

    Dennis, 1/9/2013 Very accurate in the placement of glue in tight conditions. Very easy to place small amounts of glue just where you need it. Very simple to use. Great addition to your glue station
  • Glue Injector

    Andy M, 4/16/2010 Really works. Helps repair delaminated wooden skiis like a charm.
  • Great little pressure tool

    Rick, 4/15/2009 Great tool for putting glue in tight places without having to take apart the joint. Saves time, easy to use, and cleans up nicely.
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