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Highly Flexible Hi-Tech Tactical Flashlight
$ 127.5
This flashlight has an aircraft-quality, 5" long aluminum barrel and is only 7/8" thick. An impressive small powerful light. The maker has managed to pack in a rechargeable hi-performance #18650-HDC lithium-ion battery, with 6 levels of output from 1,000 Lumens to Moonlight (plus 1,500 Lumen Strobe output), and all the re-charging and output-switching needed for superb function.

Two switches (tail and side) provide all the controls. A magnetic end-cap attachment, a 16" long connector and a USB fitting complete the recharging apparatus. A 2-1/2" long steel pocket-clip helps ensure that this flashlight will always stay in your pocket no matter how vigorous the trekking. The magnetic end cap insures a tight connection when charging but is most useful for hands free usage. Simply touch it to any metal surface.

Plus the cost is very reasonable given what you get. Enthusiastically recommended. (To achieve the 1,000 Lumen output level, this Hi-Tech flashlight comes with a special HDC Rated #18650 rechargeable battery. A replacement is listed below if ever needed.)

Max Output: 1,500 Lumens
Output Range: 1,000, 700, 250, 60, 15, 1 (Moonlight 25 days)
Average Runtime: 6-1/4 hours (at 250 Lumens)
Throw: 690 ft
Battery: #18650 HDC Rechargeable
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