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#1 Odd-Job now Available in two sizes
19S11.01 6" Ruler

Available 01/22/2021


23N02.01 Odd Job with 6” Ruler

Available 01/22/2021


19S11.02 12” Ruler

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23N02.10 Odd Job with 12” Ruler

Available 01/22/2021

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23N03.04 18” Ruler

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Made from 1888 to the early 1930's, and rediscovered by Garrett Wade, the Odd-Job will provoke admiring glances. It's an inside mitre and try square, a depth gauge, a scribing tool for arcs and circles, a T-square, a depth marking scribe (excellent for marking out mortises), a plumb level, and a rule. Made of solid brass and steel, and carefully machined on all sides. Hardwood Rules are brass-bound and graduated in inches and metric units.
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Overall Rating
  • Memory

    Liz, 9/8/2020 This is a great piece that reminds me of my great grandfather’s toolbox items. He let me use it when I was a kiddo and made it an important memory.
  • Good as a toy, not as a tool

    Anatoliy, 7/21/2020 The idea of the tool is attractive. But when it comes to measuring tools I am looking at precision. Unfortunately accuracy of this tool is not good enough even if it would be made for school students. Metric and imperial scales on the rulers are offset from each other for about 1/2 mm (for both 6 and 12 rulers). A distance from edges of a level's bubble to the level markings is so big that making fair judgement of placing the bubble on the level's center is almost impossible.
  • Casting is nice, ruler is weak

    Brian Moran, 7/10/2020 I purchased the casting with the 6” ruler, and bought the 12” ruler separately. The casting is nice for the money. It’s decent quality.The 12” brass sided ruler is fine. The 6” ruler that came with the tool is marginal. The wood is “blotchy” and the increment markings are very light and a bit hard to read.
  • OK but not what it;s cracked up to be

    Brian, 7/9/2020 I don't normally write reviews but I'm making an exception in this case. I have ordered several items from GW over the years. I am always excited when the package arrives (like a kid in candy store). For the first time I was truly disappointed when the box came. I ordered the odd job with the 12" rule. The end of the 12" rule was sticking out of the box! Instead of getting the next bigger box they just shoved the rule through the end of the box. Didn't even bother to cut a hole, just forced it through. Oddly enough, there are a couple of little dings on the end of the rule. It's fine, but not pristine by any means. Secondly, the tool itself is just OK. The "flat" end isn't. It rocks a good 1/64" on my surface plate. The 90 degree angle isn't. I put a precision engineers square on it and I can see daylight. I'd estimate it's off about 1/64" maybe a bit less. I'm sure that it is plenty close enough for most of the work I will use it for but still, it isn't right.
  • Great Replacement

    Upstate Carpenter, 6/1/2020 I purchased this to replace an original Stanley Odd Jobs my grandfather gave me and which saw daily use for nearly 20 years. This one actually has a more heft to it. I was pleased to see the wooden ruler markings matched my machinist rule. Great tool for the master carpenter or anyone - plus wow factor of having something unique and useful in your toolbox or shop apron - it’s purposeful design lacks exposed sharp points making it toolbelt or apron friendly
  • The "odd job"

    Eugene A Roure, 5/2/2020 I love it. It is has a basic design that make it a work of art. I have to admit that it will not be the most used in my collection, but the construction is truly is beautiful and will only be worn out by my handeling it too look at admire.
  • Useful, beautiful and way cool

    Claude Galinsky, 4/19/2020 This is the only tool I have ever bought just because it was so nifty. Sure, it works as a square, a level, a marking gauge, an arc drawing aid, and a paperweight. All that is covered in the videos, except for the paperweight part. But it's also a well-made thing of beauty that feels great in my hand, a conversation piece, and a link with woodworking history.
  • Very good for me

    FPultro, 4/18/2020 Great all around "old man" tool. As I age, the number of tools I can carry to help younger family members is dwindling. Just too heavy to carry all of my individual tools. Older craftsmen/handymen will know how to utilize this tool in many different applications. Added to my "old man tool bag" this product covers a lot of bases with minimum weight.
  • Odd Job + 12 inch rule

    Tom Richards, 4/12/2020 I bought the combination packet with both the 6 and 12 inch rules. Pleased with the entire set. My ONLY regret was they no longer produce the Jumbo size odd jobs. Versatile tool.
  • Revolutionized my leatherworking

    Jason, 3/12/2020 Most people probably think of the odd job as a woodworking tool, but I got it for my leathercraft. And it has revolutionized my process. Leatherworkers use awls to scratch lines and poke marks on the leather surface. The scribing tool works perfect for that. Used in conjunction with the ruler and square, I scratch square lines for cuts. And with the pivot point, I scratch circles. I use it in tandem with Garrett Wade's leatherworking knives. In addition to being functional and practical, the odd-job is just a beautiful tool. The brass and birch make it a pleasure to the eye as well as the hand.
  • Works

    Lev, 3/12/2020 I have a similar thing, this is longer with a couple of options the other doesn't have. Wish they still had the larger size though.
  • A great tool for the odd job

    Ernest, 12/10/2019 This a neat tool. After you figured out how to use the tool it will server a number of functions.
  • ODD JOBS - bubble level

    John, 5/18/2019 Have both the small and large Odd Job with the 6” 12” and 18” rulers. Both Odd Job are very useful when checking square for small items, such as bird house, bird feeder or small boxes. The bubble levels seem to be off by 1/4 bubble. The smaller odd job matches with three other levels, but the larger odd job is off by about 1/4 bubble. Others have commented about machining being of poor quality, I found both odd jobs to be well made and all surfaces to be smooth and with NO sharp edges. The bubble level is of NO importance for me, at this time, since I have numerous levels Altogether I am pleased with both odd jobs and have recommended them to others.
  • Great product

    Jimmy Jenkins, 4/22/2019 Great product. Well made and easy to use
  • Get one!

    Mike , 3/4/2019 How this tool ever fell out of favor or production is beyond me! On the job it ends up in my hands constantly for good reason. I use a steel ruler in it because the wooden one didn’t hold up. That’s my only complaint. Well worth the $!
  • Great tool

    Greg, 2/12/2019 Just starting to use the product. Quality is excellent. I think it will meet all my expectations.
  • Useful tool, but could use some improvements

    paul, 12/26/2018 This is a well made, brass and wood tool, machining could use some additional cleanup, and it would help if the fit of the rule was closer tolerance.
  • Odd Job Saves Steps

    Timothy Draayom, 12/3/2018 Great tool. Makes it easy to accomplish tasks without chasing various tools. Gifted one to my son for Christmas.
  • Larger and heavier than I expected

    Harold, 11/13/2018 Larger and heavier than I thought it would be. Wish I'd ordered the smaller one. Delivery took longer than expected.
  • Fun Tool

    Richard Nardi, 11/10/2018 Functionally similar to a combination square. It does have a pivot point that can be lowered for use as a compass (arc and circle drawing). The double 45 degree angles are also a bit different. I mostly use it as a depth gauge. It has a large scribe included. The wood ruler has brass sides for long life.
  • Great tool, just a little tune-up needed

    Bruce Johnson, 11/10/2018 Great tool. Out of the box it had some minor finish issues: many of the milled edges had burrs or were ridiculously sharp. A few moments with a jewelers file or india stone will fix that. Also the gradations on the ruler part are extremely light and hard to read...fortunately I had a 12" steel rule from an old combination square that fits perfectly. I'll wipe some black paint into the markings on the stock one to make it more legible.
  • Disappointing fit and finish

    Joel C Palmer, 11/10/2018 Initially, I am a little disappointed in the fit and finish. My wife bought me this for my birthday. It came with no instructions. After viewing a Youtube review I saw that the reviewer had a set of instructions. Next, I noticed that the brass edges on the ruler were offset. One was shifted about 0.5mm off one end and the other is shifted 0.5mm of the other end. This is not acceptable since it ruins the use of the ruler for depth measurements and many other things. Then I noticed that the machining of the flats in ruler ways was very ruff and not deburred. The little piece at the 90-degree end has raised burs that scratch the face of the ruler. When I attempted to use the little screwdriver to extend the set screw pivot point the round part would not fit in the hole and turned up a little brass shaving as I turned the screw. There is evidence of poor machining practice on the brass. Being a metal worker my self it seems that these are little details that any competent machinist would have taken care of. Most of them I can take care of with the exception of the brass ruler sides. Not sure what I will do about that. For the price, I expected better execution of a use full tool.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Historic Odd Job. We're sorry to hear that you received, what we feel, is a defective one. Please feel free to return it for replacement which our product specialist will inspect upon request. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • might be odd but it does the job

    Ernie Wisner, 9/10/2018 we build boats when bored or just between other things; we use tools to find angles, depths, forms, inside and outside hollows rolling bevels ect. you name it we need a tool for it. well we have one now that does all of this and we are still finding other things it can be used for.
    now it has some up sides and down sides like anything does. downsides are its a fairly rough finish to the tool so if you want it in a case in your living room as a conversation starter; dont bother buying a working tool. If however you are planning on doing real work that requires sturdy well made tools that can take a good deal of wear and tear then this is a tool you will soon learn to love. this is a tool that any beginning wood worker should have in her/his tool box right along with a good hand saw, a good hammer, a good wood working hatchet. a good square, good knife and a true level. its basic and like all of the basic tools the better you are with them the more you use them, the less you need the dodad tools. it is a great basic tool that will do most anything you need done along with the other basic tools I mentioned. in lofting it makes a good tool to lay out parts on rough stock. use it as a slipping point to fair a curve, in combination with a t squaire it can be used to find other angles, in combination with a bit of cordage it makes a good plumb bob, in combination with a ruler point it makes a good joggle stick, it can be used to give you a true profile, compute angles, mark the center of dowels figure the hollow for planks to fit ribs, compute spring back on steam bending, compute birds mouths on hollow masts and spars, size scant-lings so they fit with the rest of the wood sizes, camber a deck, set a rolling bevel and on and on. makes a good set up tool for machine tools like table saws, band saws, drill presses, jointers ect.prior to buying one of these we usually just made what we needed out of scrap and this took a pretty fair amount of time away from the build itself. now we just reach for the odd job and story board. then there is all the other work you do on a boat from laying out the mast boot, to fitting and tailoring the sails to working out the rigging angles, to the center of force for dividing up a rig. the odd job works in all of these places. it is a truly versatile basic tool just about as versatile as your deck knife. yes you can work all of these things out with a square, dollar bill, or even by rack of eye if you have enough experience. but its sure nice to have a good tool that is so basic that you dont need to search out alternatives. the finish of the odd job is good the finish of the rulers is good the points on the odd job are nicely sharp but for some things you will want to touch them up a bit. you will need to use the instruction book till you have a good idea of what all this tool can do, but once you are comfortable with the basics you will find that you will use it for a whole lot more than the basics. as i mentioned using it in conjunction with your other basic tools expands its capabilities almost infinitely.
  • I use more than one

    Jhon Baker, 5/20/2018 Just picked up the 6" - already had the 12" and have gifted a 12" to my father last year. A very handy tool that I find myself using about every other day. I picked up the 6 for my repair shop and can now keep the 12 in my fabrication shop.
  • Beautiful and functional

    Rob, 4/3/2018 Very close to the original 1800s version. I love the looks of this tool as well. Still figuring out how to use all the features. Online videos by others have been helpful with that.
  • Odd Job

    Phil shepard, 12/18/2017 Unique tool, like the looks of it as much as using it. Would prefer to have the instructions come with it so you can utilize all of its capabilities.
  • Useful Tool

    Chris Dreyer, 12/14/2017 Too heavy for a carry around but will serve well as a bencher. Out of the box the thumb screws were a bit tight, easy fix. It is a pretty little tool.
  • Odd job tool

    Scot, 12/14/2017 I have enjoyed using this tool, it is well done and my only issue is that it is a bit heavy to carry in my apron, however as a bench tool it is not only attractive it is useful.
  • Useful tool

    Bill adams, 11/28/2017 Have not used yet. Just recieved it 2 days ago. Anticipate it being very useful.
  • Nice little tool

    SRH, 8/29/2017 Fittings for ruler were a bit tight but some work and it slides well. Overall, useful, got it and used immediately on a kitchen repair job. Lots of little things this critter does, up to your imagination on it's limits. Nice multi-tool. Needs a case though for it and both the short and long rulers.
  • retired

    Alan R.McCready, 8/11/2017 caught my eye will use it to replace several tools now in my kit part time remodeler and craft maker. also got the 12" ruler for longer layouts
  • Joiners Tool

    Rich Hunt, 8/2/2017 This tool is a faithful reproduction of the Stanley original. It is well made and attractive. While seeming to have been designed for the working carpenter as a hand tool oriented joiner I would recommend it have a place on every joiner's workbench. Living in the depressed area of their Roubo style workbench it is quickly available to preform its multiple tasks.
  • Great tool

    Lonnie Scruggs, 7/31/2017 This tool is awesome, leather man for the carpenter.
  • Odd Job

    James Kenneth Waddington, 7/30/2017 Quite a neat tool .small enough for your pocket
  • Perfect tool

    Will Morin, 3/12/2017 Very cool. A perfect tool for every new woodworker and the seasoned pro. I use these almost daily.
  • Odd tool, great ort odd jobs...

    Bill K., 2/14/2017 Very impressed with this tool so far.
  • Right tool for the Right Job

    Jeff, 2/12/2017 Great addition to my arsenal of devices to measure and mark things. Well thought out and designed.
  • Large odd job ruler

    Craig, 1/15/2017 Exceptioally well ruler. The quality was unexpected and I would recommend this product to those looking for a quality ruler.
  • Large Odd Job - Christmas 2016

    Carl Bryant, 12/30/2016 REALLY, really like the large Odd Job! Nice craftsmanship, great heft and balance. I have had the regular Odd Job for more than 10 years and it has been super handy to use. Looking forward to using the LOJ. Also kudos on the rules, both 18 & 12 inch, easy to discern with heavier brass that they are for the LOJ not the regular. Great tools!! Thank you Garrett Wade!
  • Superb Quality. Great Gift.

    John Rigg, 12/27/2016 I bought this as a gift for a friend who is the most skilled woodworker I have ever met. He is "getting back to basics" and is building all of his own woodworking tools. I found the Odd Job and thought it would be a great addition to his tool chest and offer a great multi-purpose tool for his move to manual woodworking. He was greatly impressed by the quality and multi-function of the Odd Job.
  • Wonderful Tool

    Bruce Cameron, 12/18/2016 This is a very solidly constructed tool. I don't see any of the defects described in other reviews. They must have received defective tools and should get them replaced. Mine has already come in handy. It works wonderfully for inscribing arcs and the brass-lined ruler really comes in handy. I may get the large Odd-Job so I can use it for bigger projects. I will definitely be purchasing the longer ruler. Because of the construction and great looks this tool has earned a place in my wooden tool box which I reserve for only my most special tools.
  • Great little tool - but watch the screws.

    scott, 11/12/2016 Really like my Odd Job. I have used it a lot lately. One thing I do not like. The brass screws loosen easily. I have tried some putty on the grooves to keep them snug but this failed. At this time I have lost the scribe tool which slipped out somewhere in the yard.

  • Quality not normally found in today's market

    Loren Dutka, 9/30/2016 I enjoy collecting and restoring antique tools. Although this is a "NEW" production tool, and not an antique, it has that flavor that you usually only find in very old antique tools that were made more than a century ago. So... a year ago I purchased this for myself for my Christmas present. The workmanship was great and the tool has a solid feel about it that just reeked of quality. My son-in-law saw the tool and was impressed with it too. He made comments about how much he liked it quite a few times, so for this Christmas, I bought him one of his own.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner September 2016 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Loren!!
  • lg odd job- an art piece

    claire (not for publication: g gabrielson), 3/5/2016 The beautiful brass square was so carefully made, and reminded me of all the years of tradition in fine woodworking, and how nice tools last and last.
  • Great Gadget

    Miskodad, 1/4/2015 Frequently at a loss for solutions to small project problems. This tool lets me think out loud with something in my hands. No longer to fret what do I need or how to attack the issue. Solutions are best thought out with the help of the hands.
  • Very Helpful

    Thomas, 10/23/2014 These come in handy for odd jobs, hence the name. The base is solid, but the rulers feel more delicate and may not stand up to heavy use.
  • A Craftsman's Christmas Gift

    Lawrence Hall, 9/21/2014 I purchased Garrett Wade's Standard Odd Job for a craftsman neighbor. He is proud of his knowledge and skills, and while he can do the McGiver thing better than McGiver his own tools are the best. The Standard Odd Job is an elegant little multi-purpose measure and square made of wood, steel, and brass. In a world cluttered with disposable, mass-produced tools, the Standard Odd Job is a perfect example of the quality workmanship that makes Garrett Wade the go-to supplier for those who love quality.
  • Still on the (Odd) Job

    John MTO, 12/18/2013 On the job since 1870's I believe. Marking, measuring and cutting are still necessary. No need to reinvent the wheel. Bought this for my brother his grew little feet.
  • Great Little Tool

    Dick Mossey, 12/15/2013 A great, handy little tool for so many things, from table saw blade heights to scribing circles. Makes hard jobs easy. Lives up to the catalog writeup in all respects.
  • A Little Doer

    Philip Knight, 12/2/2013 I have used the regular Odd Job for about ten years and have found it to be brilliant. It really is the tool I reach for from my top drawer the most. I am seriously considering the Large Odd Job now that I know it is available. An absolute " must have" tool for any woodworker/ handyman."
  • MR

    Frank Hulsey, 10/7/2013 I wish I hadn't waited so long to order the odd-job, I've used it everyday, and couldn't be happier!
  • Most Used Tool In The Drawer

    Ian Broughton, 5/10/2013
  • True and Square

    Noble Krugman, 1/2/2013 Since doing a lot of chests of drawers (antique) I needed a way to line up the new drawer guides square and even as the old ones are usually poor and need replacement with original wood to match. The 18 inch odd job goes all the way to the back of the chest and makes it easy to line up the hard to get at places. A great tool for this.
  • Great For Circles But

    Charlie Tall, 4/23/2012
  • Uncommon Excellence in a Layout Tool

    Don Mackintosh, 1/20/2012 Odd-Job is not only beautiful to look at but it's inspirational in its layout capabilities. I've only had my Standard Odd-Job for a few days but find it indispensable. I'll most likely be ordering the Jumbo-sized one in the near future.
  • Odd Job Rule

    Tom Chapman, 7/15/2011 Odd rule would be a nice addition to any woodworkers tool box. Designed to measure standard and metric elements. The numbers are easy to read and great for any sawdust covered work shop. Comes in Standard size and Jumbo size.
  • For The Nephews

    Mary, 6/24/2011 These are clever tools, useful for many jobs still unknown. The feel of each piece is the feel of a classic. I know I would like one for myself.
  • Odd Plus Perfect; A Nice Combination

    David Colby, 6/6/2011 The perfect tool for that odd job. Very nice quality for a very reasonable price.
  • Historic #1 Odd-Job

    Bradley Leben, 3/9/2011 Excellent service and fast shipping. Two of the top things you look for when dealing online with a company. But the top one is quality of the products they offer. Garrett Wade offer the best!
  • Just Plain Fun To Use

    Cory, 3/5/2011 I have other tools that will do what the Odd Job does, but for some reason it's just fun and satisfying to use. I've laid out a couple of decorative projects with it, in one case using it in lieu of a miter box (loaned to a neighbor) to cut door trim. It's slightly unintuitive at first, but soon becomes familiar. I do believe the 12-inch ruler should be standard, though--it greatly increased the utility of the tool.
  • Odd Job

    Randy, 1/12/2011 Very neat concept. Useful in laying out tenons, square and 45 degree miters, and especially as a depth gauge. Precisely ground brass body. Heavy construction. The longer rule also useful alone or with odd job.
  • Love It

    Squarenutt, 1/5/2011 I love this little tool. makes setting up tools fast. A joy to hold and use.
  • Nice Tool

    Bobby Bailey, 12/31/2010 Bought this tool for my brother, He does woodworking and leather working. The Odd-Job was a heavy, well made tool.
  • Works Beautifully But...

    Cory Farley, 12/25/2010
  • Thanks For Product/Good Shipping.

    Jimmie N. Webber, 12/16/2010 I'm sure the Odd-Job will be a very useful tool for my son. It seems an appropriate gift; however, I will want to include the description so that he is aware of its purposes. Thanks.
  • Proud To Give It

    Dick Butler, 12/11/2010 A quality tool. We were proud to give as a gift.
  • Wowiewow Wow Wow

    Casey D. Gilfoy, 12/7/2010 The maple and brass rulers are absolutely handsome. The 18 inch ruler has a thicker and heavier brass inlay that adds to its beauty and usefulness. I have the Standard Odd Job and all three lengths of the rulers. They have proven to be most helpful in the design, manufacture, and assembly of projects from jewelry boxes to a twelve foot square shed for my work shop. Thank You, Case.
  • Versatile Addition - Great Gift

    Ninth Wave, 12/7/2010 I received the Odd-Job with 6 rule, plus the 12" rule together as a gift. I have admired the Odd-Job for a while in the catalogs, but it isn't a tool I would have bought for myself - it looks so fancy! Now that I have it I can't imagine not having it withing easy reach at all times. I keep finding new applications for the different marking and measuring aspects built into this compact tool. I feel spoiled having it, but I love it. It is well made, nicely detailed, and endlessly practical."
  • Odd Job's Not Odd At All

    John S, 12/4/2010 Well made, very nice, handy, and very cool! The markings on the rules could be darker for better readability.
  • Historic #1 Odd Job + 12

    Richard P. Muncie Sr., 5/4/2010 I recently bought Odd Job and haven't had a chance too use it much but like everything I get from Garrett Wade it appears to be top notch.
  • Odd Job Does The Job

    T. Tate, 4/17/2010 Our forefathers knew a thing or two about utility as demonstrated by this handy little layout and marking tool. Simple in appearance yet fully featured. Perfect for quick projects, especially away from the shop. A definite must have for any tool box.
  • An Odd Tool

    woodie22, 4/16/2010 Yep... odd tool... but a useful one! Besides magnifying glasses, a rule, and a pencil, this is the one tool I always carry with me. Useful and convenient -- they claim you can build a house with it, drawings, saw, hammer and nails. I believe it!
  • Quality Tool

    Bob Gelb, 4/15/2010 I bought this tool as a measure, t-square and scribe. It is solid brass of very high quality. I keep it on my workbench, and now find it indispensable part of my working go-to" tools that get used. I don't know how I dealt with measuring issues before it arrived."
  • Great Tool

    Bob Gelb, 4/15/2010 Quality tool...I don't know how I worked without one...but you could do a better job on the instructions sheet.
  • Terrific Tool

    Woodie22, 1/2/2010 This is a terrific tool! Besides a pencil, a chuck key, and a Sharpie this is what I carry in my 'bib overalls' as I head for the shop! Indispensable friend for the woodworker. Get acquainted!
  • Measuring a 45

    Jim, 11/26/2009 Lastly there seems to be no way to capture a 45 with the tool on a counter trim edge." Remove the ruler and place it against the two flats along long edge. You will have to hold it, but you will get a true 45. This is a very handy tool and a great 'quick' set-up tool. The ruler does need trimming to a precise 6" so you can measure off both ends of the ruler (or to the closest cm if using metric). "
  • Has Potential but Disappointing Workmanship

    Charles, 11/24/2009
  • Odd Job

    Jack Warford, 11/9/2009 This tool has become so essential in my work that I pocket it as I walk past my workbench because sooner or later in the next hour, I'm going to need it. I just ordered another one.
  • Shiny

    Metis, 4/24/2009 This lil guy is named brilliantly. He's not a framing square, and not really a speed square, but if you need a quick square, or to scribe something or mark a small circle, it's in your pocket and will do that.
  • This Just Feels Right!

    Jim Child, 4/15/2009 I doubly enjoy doing something when I get to use my Odd-Job. There is such a quirk" element to this handful of brass! I have a complete collection of "speed" and try squares and each of them is usually way bigger than they need to be for whatever the task at hand. The Odd-Job comes out of my tool pouch and sets things straight ...maybe I should say perpendicular! I get such pleasure when a tool looks good, feels good in my hand AND does a job of work without fuss and furor. Everyone needs an Odd-Job."
  • A Great Tool To Have In Your Tool Box

    David D. Brandt, 4/15/2009 I have a very complete collection of measuring and layout tools in my shop. However, this is the tool that sees a lot of use. I try to have it close at hand for virtually all projects in the shop. A no muss no fuss tool.
  • Odd Job A Bit Odd

    J L Bradley, 4/14/2009 This tool really will do it all if you take the time to learn how to use all of its features. I have found that it really is about the only layout tool I need to complete a variety of measuring and marking tasks from the very simple to the complex. The optional 12 ruler is a must though, to get the full advantage of this finely designed and manufactured tool. The only criticism I have is that if you turn the tool wrong side up without firmly securing the retaining screw, the brass head will fall off. I solved this by cutting two "rubber bands" from an old bicycle tube and looping them over the body. The ruler slides under them and they keep the whole thing together neatly. Overall a really good item to have in the tool box."
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