Historic, Vintage Oak “Marine” Knife

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Historic, Vintage Oak “Marine” Knife
01B06.35 Historic, Vintage Oak “Marine” Knife

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A smaller, kitchen version of a marine-style knife, the go-to carry for dockworkers in steamy French Colonial ports of the early 20th Century. Somewhere between the length of chef’s and paring knives, this is a great all-around kitchen knife. Blade widens slightly at the point, to a modified, rounded drop-point. Features a pliable but sturdy 6” stainless steel blade and a lovely, 3-1/4” Oak handle, that has a bold and mesmerizing grain pattern, affixed with brass pins. Found among a cache of beautiful, vintage knives from Thiers, France, long renowned as one of the world's greatest cutlery centers made decades ago. Hand-wash and dry only, no dishwasher.

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