Historical Marine Knives

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New Historical Marine Knives
functional knives for tough kitchen tasks
02B15.26 Redwood Marine Knife

Available 10/23/2018


02B15.25 Ebony Marine Knife

Available 10/23/2018


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The French “Marine” style is a great knock-about knife – picture longshoremen and sailors in steamy colonial ports. Can be used for cutting thick, wet rope, opening bales, or cracking crabs. Both knives have the same design and shape and differ only in the size and small details. These have narrow, but sturdy, forged carbon steel blades. The red handled knife is a dyed beech wood with a 7¾" blade; the black handle is ebony with a 7" blade.

We recently discovered these beautiful historical knives, in Thiers, France, long renowned as one of the world’s greatest cutlery centers. These were hand-crafted decades ago, so slight variations make each knife one unique. Because these are truly vintage, we have limited quantities, and when our stock is gone, they will be gone forever. For care, hand-wash and dry immediately.
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