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Hand Forged Camp Hatchet
$ 259
Simply calling this beautifully made tool a hatchet only begins to describe it. Look closely and note the workmanship evidenced by each mark of the blacksmith’s hammer. Forged using 4142 chrome/moly steel, the head weighs 18-19 oz. The hand shaped 12” long ash handle is thoroughly oiled for long-term protection and carries Hoffman’s lifetime guarantee against breakage (replacement is free).

This Hoffman Hatchet is exceptionally well sharpened – more so than we've ever seen. Go to work right “out of the box” – cut kindling, clean up a campsite, remove beaver dropped trees, or even dress game – do anything you need to do and then give it a few strops to keep it honed. At that point you will understand why the maker who lives and works in North Carolina is so highly esteemed in the trade and by outdoorsmen who want to collect the very best. (Not surprisingly, the cost legitimately reflects this quality and reputation.) Each Hoffman Hatchet has its poll hardened and tempered to allow true use as a hammer.

Even the cowhide sheath is beautifully made. It has a built in belt loop, high grade brass rivets and snaps, with sealed and finished leather. This is a tool to cherish and admire, and will bring you a lifetime of use. Each Hatchet comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Hoffman.
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