Fireplace Log Splitter

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Fireplace Log Splitter
Foot Operated - Fireside splitting made easy
28B02.01 Fireplace Log Splitter

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Low tech, quiet, and easy to set up and operate, this foot-operated splitter handle logs up to 18" long and 10" in diameter. Not for heavy-duty splitting, but absolutely terrific for trimming down split logs that are just a bit too big before dropping in the fireplace or stove (or when you want to create kindling quickly).

Totally portable (keep it in the back hall or on the porch) and very well made, it excels at re-splitting already split rounds, so you don’t have to fire up the big splitter out back or get out the maul and wedge. Plus, you get a bit of a workout! We really like it a lot. Complete instructions included.
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  • Inaccurate Setup Instructions

    Paul, 12/20/2017 This splitter may not work because the slidestop does not advance along the ratchet. The problem can be corrected by setting the foot peddle height higher than specified in the instructions. They say set the height to 12-13 inches, but that is not enough to get the slidestop to advance properly. I set the height to 15.5 inches, and it now works fine. I found this suggestion in reviews on another site that sells a similar (if not the same) log splitter.
    As to the splitting of logs, it does a decent though somewhat difficult job on the larger irregular logs I am cutting down. These pieces don't stack well on my fireplace grate and need to be made smaller. The reason for the difficulty splitting is partly that these pieces are not straight grained. I have to put my full weight into it, and that's 210 pounds. A lighter person might have even more difficulty. But just splitting smaller straight grained pieces is probably fairly easy.
  • I now have split firewood!

    Bryan Kramer, 12/3/2017 This makes splitting easy and fun. It can't do all pieces but if you have manageable logs you can make them into firewood fairly quick. My daughter proclaimed "this is fun!" And split half our wood for me!
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