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Sale Hollow Punch Set
Accurately cut circles, washers, shims & holes yourself
05S02.01 6 Piece Hollow Punch Set (Boxed)

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05S02.02 9 Piece Punch Set (No Box)

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05S02.10 Both Punch Set

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We have carried punch sets like this in the past until their costs became prohibitive, and have been looking for sets which provide a very good value ever since. Here they are. The two sets complement one another.

The small boxed set of 6 punches, which screw into a steel handle, are sized in very small increments from 5 to 8mm (3/16" to 3/8"). The set of 9 large punches is sized 5mm to 32mm (3/16" to 1-1/4"). These also screw into a steel handle, and you can use the optional supplied spring-loaded auto-centering locater if you are cutting multiple disks on a grid, or when cutting concentric holes (as when making a washer).

Made in China.

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Overall Rating
  • Punch set

    Wayne, 11/22/2018 High quality punches, works very well!
  • Small punches good, larger punches dull

    Gerald Parriott, 4/20/2018 I purchased these punches to use on leather. I bought the six and nine piece sets as it would give me a broad variety of sizes. the smaller sizes in the six piece set work, but the large sizes in the nine piece set are very dull. They will not cut through even 3-4oz leather. The larger they get the duller they get. At best, after inflicting blunt force trauma on the leather, the punch only dented the leather without actually making even a partial cut. So, happy with the small punches, not so much with the larger ones.
  • Just exactly what I needed.

    Hubert Dutton, 12/1/2017 Just like always--great quality and functionality. All for a great price.
  • Good sizes

    John Moore, 7/24/2017 So far, the set is the only one I've found that has sizes that allow me to replicate standard washers in leather. Sounds strange, I know, but for my needs, this is working very well.
  • Awesome hole punch

    Frank Santarcangelo , 2/21/2017 This is so simple but so effective and very reasonably priced I'm a hobbyist a craftsman I'm always building fixing making things better and I always need a hole punch so far this is the best one Thankyou Garrett Wade
  • I'm thrilled to have these!

    Jefferson Lowe, 2/15/2017 I'm thrilled to have these! I went to a leather store to buy a 3/4'' hollow punch, they wanted $65 just for that punch alone. I bought both punch sets from Garrett and any one of those are better made than that one punch at the leather store. Both sets have light machine oil on them. No matter full price or on sale Garrett's punches are well worth the dough.
  • Very nice punch set!

    Dave, 2/14/2017 Nice quality set and perfect for making rubber washers and gaskets.
  • Hollow punches

    Dan Moerman, 2/14/2017 Can't punch out a circle from a CD. No 3/4" diameter. Otherwise, it's as advertised.
  • Jack

    Jack Hines, 1/20/2017 Got the set to make holes in plastic gavel bands for gavels that i turn. Works perfectly. I had made a punch from an old pipe, this is much more accurate and professional.
  • Christmas gift

    Karen Saporito, 12/5/2016 I am sure my friend will enjoy using these and will be very surprised when he opens these on Christmas morning.
  • Substantial Punches

    Adam, 11/2/2016 These punches are very solid & should hold up for a lifetime of use. Not much more one can say about them...they're hole punches!
  • Best dam hole cutter I've used!

    Dorald Keefer, 7/25/2016 Both this larger set as well as the small one. Needed one for the shop. This larger one offers more hole size options over the smaller one. Makes perfect holes ever time. Clean and easy to remove.
  • Perfect tool box Punch Kit

    Dorald Keefer, 7/25/2016 Very nice Punch Kit. Small and compact for my tool pouch. Perfect for taking to the site. Makes great, perfectly round, clean holes ever time. Wish I would have discovered this set before. You gotta get one.
  • 2 size Punch Sets

    Barbara E, 5/7/2016 What a great dual kit. Exactly what I needed. I do have a question about punching out a perfectly centered hole inside a larger circle, but it's great quality & is going to make an exciting addition to an already great product we offer.
  • Punches

    Everett Haldiman, 12/21/2014 A very useful and nice set. I have used two of the punches all ready and they are excellent. Sped up my job very well. Thank you.
  • Punch Set

    Michael Latzke, 10/6/2014 I work a lot with fine woods and plastics and this punch set works great for me. It's clean and it seems to hold up nicely I haven't had it for a long time but if your looking for a set it's worth it.
  • Punch perfect

    Cindy, 12/17/2013 Very nice punch set and box.
  • Great Punch Set

    Kris, 3/3/2013 Got both punch sets on sale for the price of the large set. They work very well. A bit of advice: The punches will stay sharp longer if you use a backer of soft wood, punching into the end grain. I use a 4 x 6 piece of scrap in a vise.
  • Utilitarian

    Ken Keller, 1/3/2013 This varied assortment of punches is a great aid when making spacers for use in black powder cartridge reloading.
  • Handy

    Ed, 2/18/2011 This 6 piece punch set is a handy tool for all kinds of projects, but if you are more demanding then I would suggest the 9 piece punch set over this collection. This is well made but not as hefty".
    The 9 piece punch set is the better of the two available. This is a great tool kit addition. I use these for all kinds of hole settings in a variety of materials. The range of sizes is excellent and covers pretty much all you could want. Quality is really good."
  • Hollow Punch Set

    Tommy Thompson, 2/3/2011 I ordered the hollow punch set for my dad and when it arrived it was missing the handle part. I called Garrett Wade and spoke with a real person. He gentleman was very friendly and he sent the missing part that day. My dad is very please with the quality of this product.
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