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Bestseller Stainless Steel Hollow-Wall Mugs
Fantastically handsome – They really are terrific
78A02.02 Standard Hollow-Wall Mug

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78A02.20 Standard Hollow-Wall Mugs (2)

In stock

Regular Price: $51.80

Special Price $41.50

78A02.05 Large Hollow-Wall Mug

Available 02/24/2021


78A02.50 Large Hollow-Wall Mug (2)

Available 02/24/2021

Regular Price: $79.90

Special Price $68.30

78A02.30 Small & Large Stainless-Steel Mug Set

Available 02/24/2021


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These brass-handled, Stainless Steel mugs come in two sizes and keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. A hollow interior wall acts as an insulator to maintain a consistent liquid temperature. The Standard Mug will hold about 13 oz. (a generous cup of hot coffee) and the larger size will hold 20 oz. (a perfect mug for a cold bottle of beer). Available individually, as pairs. or as a set of one small & one large Mug.

The material ensures that they are virtually indestructible, and they simply look great. A unique and hard-to-find gift for someone who just might have everything. Highly popular and highly recommended, as we love them.
Dimensions (Regular Sized)
Top Diameter:
13 oz.
10-1/4 oz.
Dimensions (Large Sized)
Top Diameter:
22 oz.
16 oz.

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Overall Rating
  • Just what we didn't know we wanted!

    Highsmith Susan, 1/4/2021 Very classy, according to my very picky brother. Perfect for his morning coffee, which he insists must stay hot - apparently, it does, in this mug.
  • Cool mugs! But...quality varies.

    Nick Kyte, 12/17/2020 Clearly labeled "Made in India" on the mugs I received. 2 were good quality. 1 had bottom dents and one had imperfections in the handle. Handle was not fully welded on and had black scuffs on it. For $25 a mug I was expecting excellence. Maybe they are handmade. Perhaps GarrettWade will reach out to me. Hard to return as I need them for Christmas gift and time is short.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Stainless Steel Mug. We're sorry to hear that you received a defective one. Yes, these are handmade in India. Please feel free to return it using the return label which was included. If you need one, please call 1-800-221-2942. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Its a keeper!

    C L, 11/14/2020 Beautifully detailed. Just the right size for my morning cup of coffee.
  • very old man , that has gone through a lot of coffee cups

    GEORGE , 11/12/2020 best coffee cup i have ever had, and you cant break it
  • Stainless Hollow-Wall Mugs

    Cliff Bailey, 11/7/2020 Absolutely gorgeous cup. These are among the nicest stainless products this stainless collector has ever seen. In fact I’m going to buy 4 more!!
  • Handsome and functional

    Patricia Young, 7/4/2020 Love these. I use for hot tea or ice cold beer or just to put flowers in. They are really pretty. Functional art! They keep thinkgs nice and hot or icy cold.
  • Perfect!!

    Kevin, 6/23/2020 We had a couple cold beers the other night and these mugs kept the beer very cold to the last drop. Absolutely worth every penny!!
  • Good Product

    Waddy, 4/26/2020 Looks great and fully functional...never crack or break....
  • Vegetable farmer

    Will, 12/18/2019 Nice for keeping tea hot while working around workshop. I don't have to worry about it getting broken. Looks good too.
  • Very nice!

    Joe, 12/17/2019 Large one holds a normal can of beer with 2" or 3" to spare, while the smaller holds EXACTLY one can of beer and not one drop more! Will be using the big one for sweet tea come summer! Outstanding quality, as always, from Garrett Wade.!
  • 20 oz mugs

    Leo, 12/5/2019 The mugs are excellent. Great design, handle fits good in my hand and it keeps beer, etc cold. Are as advertised
  • I really like this mug.

    Jamie, 10/19/2019 Would get five starts if the bottom were a touch bit more stable.
  • Stainless steel hollow-wall mug

    Arthur Amato , 6/13/2019 I appreciate the fact that my coffee stays hot longer than using other cups I tried. I like to take my time drinking coffee and with other cups I found that it was getting cold towards the end. Not with this one. Great cup. Worth the investment.
  • Nice!

    Kelly S., 5/3/2019 Very nice beer mug!
  • Beautiful and practical

    M Fischer, 2/21/2019 These mugs are the best and they keep your drink super hot for a long time. They are only lukewarm to the touch.....highly recommend them. I only wish you would offer engraving as they would make a perfect gift.
  • Awesome!!

    Sandra Fikes , 2/19/2019 Love these mugs. I saw one at a friends house so I got nosey and looked to see who made it. I ordered 2 for my husband for Valentine’s because he deserves nice things. He loves them too.
  • Beautiful and practical

    M. Fischer, 2/19/2019 This mug is gorgeous. It really keeps hot drinks very hot for a long time. I particularly like how the outside and handles do not get hot. Highly recommended.
  • Amazing Mugs!

    JK, 2/18/2019 These mugs are amazing!!! They keep our coffee nice and hot down to the last drop!
  • Looks Great and Keeps Coffee Hot!

    Scott, 1/28/2019 Looks great and keeps coffee hot longer than any mug in the cupboard. Thank you for a durable, good looking practical mug.
  • Quality, Cost, Form and Function...What More Could You Ask?

    Scott Doremus, 1/23/2019 These cups are simply awesome and I’m sure they will last a lifetime. Typical GW quality and function. Keeps liquids wicked cold or hot just like a dewar. I wish I could post a photo and show the two maple lids I fashion for steeping. We use them every day. I will definitely be buying more. I would buy them as a gift too knowing the quality is superior. They are worth every penny.
  • Killer Mugs

    Scott Doremus, 1/7/2019 These mugs are simply awesome. I want to buy more just because they’re so good but, they are solid, functional and will last forever. My wife and I drink coffee and tea in them every day. Even though they are dewars and keep stuff hot for extended periods, I turned a couple of hardwood lids for both to steep tea. Always hot!! Great product.
  • Rare find

    Richard Pustka, 12/12/2018 Near impossible to find double walled stainless mugs anywhere on the planet. Garrettwade is the best! This Marine has a watch cup for the ages.
  • Hollow Wall Mugs

    MJG, 12/8/2018 I have had my mug for just about a month and I love it. I have tea every morning and it stays hot for well over a hour. I did not believe it would, so when it did, today I order 3 more. Love this mug, even with the wide mouth the liquid stays hot....
  • Love it !!!!!!

    Karen Saporito, 12/3/2018 Kept this for myself. Placed in the freezer and it used it for my spikes, it kept my drink cold for a LONG time !!!!!!
  • Great beer mugs

    John, 11/21/2018 I have used the mugs primarily for beer. Have to say they work wonderful, with keeping my beverage cold. Mugs also look very nice. I am pleased with the purchase.
  • Classy and Elegant

    sandra ostrowski, 11/16/2018 I received this mug for Christmas from my sister. Not only to they keep beverages hot but they are just elegant. I am giving them for Christmas this year
  • Perfection comes in a 20 oz. Mug

    Rozann Kraus, 11/11/2018 As a tea aficionado, I want a large cup that keeps my drink at the perfect temperature. But it also has to go with my blue and silver kitchen. So handsome, so perfect. All my dreams have been answered; thank you for the large hollow-walled mug. If only all my life issues could be solved so readily.
  • great mugs

    Tom Neely, 10/22/2018 excellent craftsmanship and weight. I plan om ordering the larger capacity in the future.
  • Rugged and useful mugs

    Ramsay Mussen, 9/4/2018 As I recall I selected the mugs for my wife and several friends as gifts. All feedback from user was positive; however, the finish on the soldered handle was slightly discolored and separated on one of the mugs. Expect to return for repair or replacement. The mugs are good at keeping liquids cold or hot.
  • Stainless Steel Mugs - Great Item and Great Customer Service

    Vicki Williamson, 9/4/2018 I love the stainless steel mugs! I bought them as Christmas presents for my husband and I. They definitely keep my hot tea or coffee warm much longer than other mugs. One of the handle welds came loose, so I contacted the company to find out about a replacement. They responded so quickly and shipped out a new one immediately. I so appreciate their customer service. We have purchased other items from Garrett Wade and have always been pleased. I highly recommend this company to anyone who asks.
  • The perfect mug

    Gary Haun, 7/5/2018 This mug is beautiful and expertly crafted. I almost didn't use it and thought about putting on display instead. But I was curious to see how well it would keep the heat for my coffee. I don't like cold coffee and I was amazed that the mug kept it hot until the last drop. So glad I bought this mug !!!!
  • mugs

    Harry Ayer, 6/4/2018 I was excited to receive the mugs and they are as sharp as the picture. The double wall keeps my coffee warm twice as long as a mug. Seems we may be looking at one for all the kids and grands engraved for Papa's house.
  • Wonderful mugs and customer service

    Joe Chandler , 2/18/2018 I purchased several of these mugs some time ago. I love them but a couple of the handle welds broke. I wrote a review stating this and within one day I received an email saying the problem was know, had been addressed and the company would send me replacements. They did and they are beautiful. This is what I call wonderful customer service and I thank them for it. I love the mugs!
  • These mugs are amazing. Who knew I'd be amazed by mugs.

    john, 2/3/2018 These are great, I'm using them on a boat and visually they are perfect. Beyond looks they're as well built as a mug can be; the angles are all nice making it comfortable and easy to clean. The double wall build is of course a great insulator. The overall weight and feel is very nice, I find myself holding this mug more than I usually would. I'm actually looking forward to denting them a bit over time, I suspect they're going to age well.
  • Classy!

    Vmi, 12/16/2017 Beautiful! And useful, too.
  • Brass handled, double walled, stainless steel mugs

    Jerry G White, 12/16/2017 I purchased 4 as a Christmas gift for a friend & 2 for my wife & myself. We used ours as soon as we got them & because of the practical, as advertised function of the double wall design & the thoughtfully practical, effectively ergonomic design of the handle, it instantly became my “go to” favorite mug for hot or cold & we have a 57 years of marriage cabinet full of coffee cups/mugs. I appreciate the fact that Garrett Wade consistently offers products that live up to their advertised quality of performance. My experience over the years is that Garrett Wade is synonymous with quality & considerate customer service. Thanks Garrett Wade.
  • Sleek

    Pat, 12/12/2017 Great product. Beautiful & functional.
  • Attractive

    CRB, 12/11/2017 Were a gift for a tea lover. They looked beautiful. Catalog did not specify dishwasher safe or not, so she will keep checking directions. If 'hand wash only,' would be nice if it were specified in the description.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your comments on the Hollow-Wall Mug. Yes, they are dishwasher-safe.
  • Very Impressive

    LaVerne Stayton, 12/9/2017 These were a gift to my 91 year old brother-in-law. He is a coffee lover and is very particular about what he drinks his beloved brew from. He loves the mugs. he says they are "very impressive".
  • Great favorite mugs for daily enjoyment!

    Sarah Fouts, 12/4/2017 These were a gift for my brother for his birthday. They arrived right on the day! He said they would be his favorite cup, easy to hold, keeping the drink insulated without feeling the temperature on his hands. Thank you Garrett Wade.
  • Slightly flawed

    Joe Chandler, 11/18/2017 I really enjoy the four mugs I've purchase in the past. But, on two of them the bottom weld has broken and I'm afraid to use the handle. I still use the mug by holding it without using the handle. They would be perfect if not for this flaw.

  • Great for cold or hot drinks!

    Fr. Donald J. Eppenbrock, RC-Priest, 11/11/2017 Great Mug in every respect. Great for hot drinks and great for cold drinks. One of my favorites. The top rim is warm for a hot drink, and cool for a cold drink...just the right temp. I don't see how it could be might add a cover. Sincerely,, Fr. Don Eppenbrock, RC-Priest
  • Wouldn't buy again

    Dori, 10/13/2017 Sharp little nubs on the bottoms of the mugs - defects - had to be wirebrushed off so now the bottoms are a bit ugly - but no one sees that. Couldn't give as a gift as planned.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Stainless Steel Hollow-Wall Mug. We apologize that you received one that had defects, and that it fell short as a gift. Please feel free to return it for a refund using the label which was included. We'll be happy to check out a replacement to make sure it's in mint condition.
  • Hollow wall Stainless Steel mug

    Rickie Hembree, 8/27/2017 Great mug JUST NEEDS A LID.
  • Very Special

    Michael Allen, 8/12/2017 Elegant! This mug met all of my expectations from design to functionality. Coffee stays hot and ice retains its shape and is slow to melt. I have already purchased two and will be purchasing more to gift to friends and family.
  • Nice mug

    Andrea, 8/7/2017 Heavy duty and really nice
  • cat-safe mug

    Christine, 8/5/2017 love this mug, use it every day and I don't have to worry about my cats knocking it on the floor
  • Nice

    Murray Singleton, 6/21/2017 The cups look good and keep the coffee annoyingly hot for as long as we need.
  • Very disappointed.

    Gail Hearn, 5/14/2017 I ordered two of the cups for gifts. The catalog photo made it look very nice and pretty. Upon seeing the actual item, I was very disappointed. They were very plain with no gold trim as pictured. I have returned them.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Hollow-Wall Stainless Steel Mugs. We're sorry to hear that you weren't happy with them. The picture on the web makes it look like there is more brass on them due to reflections. The only “gold color” is the handle.

  • What more do you want

    Beuford Durmon , 4/29/2017 Keeps coffee hot, good volume, drinks well, indestructible
  • Not bad

    Dave E., 4/23/2017 Looks great; works kind of okay, if you run hot water over them for two minutes before using.
  • Love the mugs but...

    Sarah Kirtland, 4/18/2017 I love the mugs. There was, however, a tiny metal spur on the inside of one of them. I didn't like that.
  • Very Nice

    Darryl, 3/14/2017 Very Nice. Just wish it was bigger.
  • My second Mug!

    Jon Duey, 2/14/2017 My wife loved my mug so much I had to get her one of her own.
  • Solid brass handle and stainless too!

    James R Ingram Jr, 2/14/2017 A great mug. Tremendous good looks and very functional!
  • The best mugs for both hot and cold

    jp, 1/7/2017 I bought my mugs on a 2 for 1 sale because I had been looking for the double walled mug as opposed to the traditional mug..These mugs don't sweat like most of the copper mug. They leave no metal taste and my iced coffee stayed cold all day. These mugs can't be beat.
  • Great mugs!

    Michelle, 1/2/2017 I purchased 4 mugs and 3 of them have some slight imperfection in the finish. However, these imperfections do not affect the usability of the mugs and in my opinion add character. They have a weight which is comfortable to hold and they certainly keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.
  • Hollow-Wall Stainless Mug

    Dixie McVey-Jolly, 12/31/2016 Very Satisfied
  • Keep your coffee nice and hot

    Ellen Stangroom, 12/23/2016 Lovely mug, sleek design, keeps drinks nice and hot.
  • Double wall mug

    Patrick , 12/23/2016 Awesome. Found something similar 20 years ago from ll bean. Still use it today. This is every bit as good. Will last forever!!!
  • Great mugs

    David Willis, 12/23/2016 I use these on my boat. Great for either cold or hot drinks and they look beautiful
  • Functional and Light!

    John, 12/21/2016 Great cup! The design makes it ideal for both hot and cold drinks! The cup doesn't get too hot with hot drinks and with cold drinks there isn't much condensation on the outside of the cup making coasters needless! I knocked off one star because the finish of the cup isn't fantastic. There are definitely some inconsistencies in the finishes and I had to return one because of a flaw as well. If they cleaned up the finishes and welding points nicely it'd be a much better buy.
  • Ms

    ODETTE ZWETZIG, 12/7/2016 This is a great cup. It is as useful as advertised, and beautiful as well. I am extremely pleased with my new cup! Happy Holidays!
  • Functional and beautiful

    Sherry, 11/29/2016 Great sleek and elegant looking mug that keeps drinks hot or cold for a good period of time.
  • Nice Look

    Vincent, 11/14/2016 Excellent find, this is my second review as I am now buying these as gifts. Durable mug to keep your drink hot or cold.
  • Hollow-wall mug

    Bob Perkins, 10/23/2016 I forgot that I had ordered this mug and thus I left it in the wrapping and the box. When I burned the trash, the cup [minus the handle] survived the fire. Tough mug!
  • Universal SS cup

    Bernard Lesko, 10/7/2016 I bought one of these cups last year for my son who lives in Michigan and thought it would be great for his coffee on the way to work and that he could use it again on the way home for a soft drink or water. I bought another one for a dear friend here in Alabama who loves his home brewed coffee in the morning on his 45 minute drive to work...
  • Yes & No

    Susan, 9/9/2016 Love this cup. Only DISAPPOINTMENT it is not 16 oz. ,not quite 14 oz to the brim. I almost sent them back but they were so great we kept them.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Indeed there was a mistake in the stated capacity of the mug. We’ve corrected the information to say 14oz.
  • Too Small

    Roy Henry Vickers, 9/9/2016 It should be 20 0z.
  • Beautifully elegant or, is it, elegantly beautiful

    Colin Hampton, 9/6/2016 You will take pride in these mugs. They are lovely and do exactly what they profess they will do. Every one will ask where you got them.
  • My new favorite cup

    Joe, 9/6/2016 Very good cup! It keeps my coffee hot for a long time which is absolutely necessary for a coffee cup. The cup needs to be at least 20 oz, but I simply have an extra cup.
  • Great looking mug, great size

    John Newton, 8/30/2016 As always the item was well described in the catalog.and the pictures of the item were excellent for showing the details of the mug. The mug does not sweat on the table when cold liquids are inside which is a great plus and it holds it temperature very well. A great but for the price
  • Owner

    Michael, 7/30/2016 Top quality, works very well
  • Great boat mugs\t

    david willis, 7/11/2016 Great mug for use on my boat. Keeps cold cold and hot hot.
  • Grweat mug for a boat

    david willis, 7/11/2016 Great mug for a boat. Keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. Easy to clean and to store on my boat
  • Like them

    Vincent, 7/11/2016 Purchased two, liked them enough to purchase four more. Nice skilled manufactured function that seems durable and looks good.
  • solid, attractive and STAY COLD

    John , 7/4/2016 I bought a pair of these for two reasons - they looked unbreakable, and I like my cold drinks cold and my coffee hot, but tend to forget both when I get busy. So far so good - they appear quite attractive, have a good heft, substantial but not as heavy as I feared. I put some ice cubes and cold water in one the other day and I swear the cubes hadn't fully melted almost two hours later! I haven't tried hot beverages yet but I already know these were worth buying
  • Love it

    Margarita, 5/29/2016 Bought it for my husband. Loves it.
  • Not bad but not great

    Barbara, 5/10/2016 Two things that withhold an excellent. First, never dawned on me that with Stainless Steel, you can't use it in microwave. Also, to keep things really hot, you need to heat the mug first with very hot water; otherwise, its temperature will be the temp of your drink.
  • Hollow wall stainless steel mugs

    Gene Coombs, 5/10/2016 Very good looking and they have a good ability to keep things cold and hot but not as good as if they had a lid to place on top. I do wish they had came with a lid that one could just place on top.
  • Rust Problem

    Shannon, 5/9/2016 I love this mug. It's sturdy and keeps my coffee hot when I forget about it. However, after one wash, I found rust all over the rim and the handle was tarnished. So that's disappointing. Honestly though, I just scrubbed off the rust and I'm still using it.
  • Good mug.

    Jerry Jacobs, 5/6/2016 Beautiful mug. Easy to handle and just the right size.
  • Darn Good Mug

    Rod, 4/17/2016 Liked the first one so much I bought a second.
  • Good Mug

    Rod, 4/17/2016 Great mug! Looks good and keeps drinks at the desired temperature longer.
  • Quality item!

    Rich, 4/3/2016 Seems to be good quality. Look really nice and hold temperature very well. Nice product at a good price.
  • Awesome Mug Shot

    Kelvin, 3/31/2016 Eight mugs were purchase as a gift. We were very pleasantly surprised when they arrived. The quality seemed much better than expected but we should have known because of the quality in all previous purchases from GW.
  • Relax & enjoy...

    Greg, 3/4/2016 It's a very nice "drinking vessel" - & I would've given a "5"- if it had a bit "beefier-manlier" handle ! It "thermals" well- & hold enough- stays nice & "cold"- & doesn't "drip" (condensate...) at all !
  • Loved it until !

    Joe Chandler, 1/15/2016 I really loved this mug for the first few weeks I had it. It kept coffee very hot for a long time. But, then the top of the handle broke loose. It's attractive, works great and I'm hoping my second one will not have any handle problems.
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