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Leather Storage Roll for Kitchen Knives
$ 102.9500
Professional and amateur cooks alike know that using one’s own tools when cooking in an unfamiliar space can make the difference between a delicious or mediocre meal. Whether on a holiday trip to the in-laws, at a summer beach rental, or even camping in the woods, we prefer to have our own knives along. Handsome as well as utilitarian, this 1/8-inch thick, Chef’s Leather Knife Roll is just the item to pack up your kitchen knives in safety and style.

Made in the USA to our specifications, our roll can accommodate knives up to 13 inches long--room enough for most common kitchen knives. Three, 3-inch wide pockets allow you to take along your favorite chef knife, paring knife, peeling knife, etc., with width enough to slip in a meat thermometer. A 12-inch oil-tanned leather flap both covers and separates your blades, so they won’t fall out, get dinged, or clank together. A long strap with a Sam Browne button closure snugs it all together. So on your next trip from home, pack up your favorite kitchen knives and chop, dice, cube, butcher, and julienne with familiar precision.
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