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Sale Home Chef's Vintage Knives Kit
Three Knives + a Simple Sharpener
02B15.70 Home Chef's Vintage Knives Kit

Available 10/30/2019

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These beautiful, specialized vintage knives were hand-crafted decades ago in Thiers, France. The set features: a Forward-Curve Kitchen Knife, whose long, narrow point end and thin blade make it ideal filleting knife. Marin-Style Knife, a smaller, kitchen version of long-ago dockworkers’ go-to blade, at 9-3/4" this size falls somewhere between a chef’s knife and a paring knife. “Bird’s Beak” Paring Knife, a small, 7" knife for all your peeling and small slicing tasks. The Italian Manual Knife Sharpener uses Carbonitriding steel discs to produce fast results, and at a tidy 7-3/4" long, this will easily slide into kitchen drawers and knife rolls. 

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