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Sale Horsehair Bench Brushes
These are professional-quality brushes
96S04.01 Traditional Detailing Brush

Available 10/25/2020


96S04.10 Set of 3 Detailing Brushes

Available 10/25/2020

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This Detailing Brush was developed for cleaning dust and dirt from intricate surfaces. But you can, of course, use it in your car, on hard to clean-appliances, or on dozens of different places that come up during the year that are just difficult to get into. Get three and pass them on unexpectedly to friends. It’ll be appreciated.

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Overall Rating
  • Horsehair Bench Brushes

    Robert Valle , 5/28/2020 Beautiful brushes. Work great for kitchen not sure if they were designed for that but that's what I'm using them for and they are working like a dream.
  • Nice brushes!

    Lynne, 5/22/2020 Smaller than I had expected, but....they are soft enough to use on brittle pages when cleaning a book I am preparing to repair.
  • Brushing Up on Things!

    Just a Guy in Texas, 3/3/2020 Great little household brush for getting into all those nooks & crannies that a duster or dust rag can't handle! Great for cleaning intricate wood work on picture frames or art pieces.
  • Great Products by Garrett Wade

    Doug Brookins, 1/21/2020 As an avid modeler and sculptor, the items I purchase from Garrett Wade are specific to my crafts. My most recent purchase was for 3 Detailing Brushes and a Pocket Knife which I use in my ship modeling. Wonderful products which have multiple purpose and application. I admire this company's philosophy canvas. I shall continue to buy innovative products by GW, designed for serious woodworkers and hobbyists.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize Winner January 2020 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Doug!

  • Just The Ticket

    Craig Russell, 1/15/2020 Great brushes for cleaning up metal chips from drilling and machining. Like the longer handle. Good fair price.
  • Great brush!

    F Little, 2/18/2019 Quality brush! It does a great job cleaning very fine threads from my serger, far better than anything else I have used and that includes a mini-vacuum.
  • Practice giving things the Brush off.

    Art, 5/8/2018 A very good brush for tight spots in your audio or video equipment, cleaning the keyboard, and getting the dust off of the display of your vehicle. For when your fingers or a puff of your breath just will not do, stay safe and use this brush!
  • Sawdust champs

    Kat, 5/5/2018 I bought the three pack for dusting as I am carving. I use them all over the shop. They are very effective at cleaning everything from planes to benches. Buy a couple.
  • Versatile natural brushes

    Isabella, 4/16/2018 I purchased the 3 pack. Love these brushes as they're natural products. I use one to clean my sewing machine feed dogs (works exceptionally well). Another in the kitchen as a basting brush. Then, another for my laptop keyboard. I used my wood burning tool to label them and hang them using the leather-craft cords I bought from GW. I will be buying more. Very happy I found these!
  • Horsehair brush

    Lisa Sheridan, 9/16/2017 Soft, use it when my friend comes to cut my hair and cleans (brushes) hair off my neck. Will be buying more for other uses.
  • Detailing brush

    Mike, 4/10/2017 A small detailing brush good for tight spots. I have a woodworking shop and the foxtails I have for clearing sawdust are sometimes too large to fit into small spaces where sawdust likes to gather. These will clear it out nicely.
  • Horsehair clean-up brush

    Robert Jordan, 2/20/2017 Great brush, really picks up the dust and debris at my work desk.
  • Good for Hard-to-Reach and Delicate Dusting Chores

    Cynthia Lyle, 2/19/2017 These are not as fine as others I've purchased in the past, but are useful for dusting lampshades, computer keyboards, and other hard-to-reach spaces.
  • Good general purpose brush.

    Mark Petrick, 12/2/2016 I like these brushes, to the point of being pleasantly surprised. I have one in my home office for getting cat hair out of the keyboard (Have you noticed how it is only fur when it is on the cat and everywhere else it's cat hair?) and two in the workshop.
  • clean tight small areas

    A. Cochran, 7/23/2016 These seem to be the trick for dusting and cleaning small areas-computer, clock face on old clock, controls on my power chair. Nice amount of bristles- softer than synthetic brushes.
  • Handy tools, assorted sizes in Set of 3 would be nice

    Philip, 3/11/2016 Comfortable handles, generous amount of horsehair bristle for effective cleaning. Much better than the paintbrushes I used before. The only improvement I'd like to see is three different sizes in the set. Having a couple of skinnier ones for those really narrow, hard-to-reach crannies would be great. Artists' brushes aren't a good substitute for this horsehair since they tend to be either too soft, or too stiff for cleaning. Also, their bristles are mostly too short.
  • Clean Green Sewing Machine

    Judy, 2/15/2014 These are marvelous for de-linting bobbin cases and serger blade areas. One for my sewing machine, one for my long arm quilting machine, and one for the serger, they don't shed bristles, and they pick up all the little threadlies.
  • Detail Brush

    Bruce Butler, 12/13/2013 Great looking brushes just right for the two cars glove box.
  • Note Just for Woodwork

    Frank, 1/22/2013 I am a computer technician and have found the detailing brush to be very useful in removing dust bunnies from computer casings. The horse hair is must more effective then nylon bristles and it feels very comfortable in the hand.
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