Household Electrician's Kit

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Household Electrician's Kit
Compact, lightweight and fully insulated
Work with confidence using the right tools
19E01.10 Household Electrician’s Kit

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19E01.03 Autom. Wire Stripper

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19E01.01 Flat Electrician Screwdriver

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19E01.02 Phillips Electrician Screwdriver

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Most household electrical tasks involve cutting and stripping wires or screwing down often hard to reach parts. We've selected this set of professional German tools for maximum utility and safety. Each works so well we were startled the first time that we used them.

The two #1 Screwdrivers - Phillips and slotted, are insulated(rated to 1000 volts) along the shaft to an inch of the hardened tips, which are well ground and magnetized - a welcome feature when reaching deep into a junction box. The Automatic Wire Stripper is a precision machine that requires no adjusting. It strips the most common range of wire diameters (24 - 10 AWG) stranded or solid, and is fast and comfortable even in tight spaces. It has an adjustable stop for regulating the amount of strip, and a small cutter for trimming kinked ends. The real wire cutting however, should be left to the specially designed Scissors. Its stainless steel blade has micro-teeth to hold the wire firmly as it cuts.

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