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Huberd’s Leather Care Goods
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The Colorado-based Huberd’s Shoe Grease Company has spent 90 years ensuring that your leather goods remain perfectly conditioned and weatherproofed and will last a lifetime. Founded by a boot-maker who custom-made footwear for Oregon lumberjacks in the 1920s, the company specializes in protecting precious leather from the perils of the great outdoors. Their goods are safe and all-natural, made in America with no synthetics.

Shoe Grease
This beeswax treatment is tops at waterproofing and preserving leather goods. Its ability to renew worn leather is legendary (and nearly magical), and it can extend the life of boots, bags, gloves—anything you’ve got. It’s especially recommended for heavy work and outdoor gear. One 7.5 oz. can.

Leather Dressing
Nothing excels at extending the life of leather goods like Huberd’s leather dressing, which was formulated with neatsfoot oil to draw beeswax deep into saddles, harnesses, and packs. Constantly fighting a dry climate? This is your miracle cure. It keeps leather soft and replaces oils lost through natural wear and tear or repeated wetting and drying. One 8 oz. can.

Shoe Oil
The all-purpose, light-duty star of the Huberd’s lineup, Shoe Oil is your regular go-to for general maintenance of any leather goods. Made with a special balance of oil and beeswax, it fends off both moisture and excessive drying, as well as mildew and rot. For leather care, it’s practically irreplaceable. One 8 oz. can.
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