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A totally humane, catch and release solution
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If you are tired of spring traps that trip too easily or are repelled by the obvious torture of glue traps, this simple Catcher is for your home. Just drop a piece of cheese (or other favorite tempter) on the wood base, and come back in the morning. Once he has climbed in, the mouse will not be able to climb out. Then if you want to release at a good distance, simply pull the cover off the hole in the side and the mouse can drop out where you want to put him. Nothing could be more humane.

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Overall Rating
  • Mice didn't want to leave their traps

    Julie Tuggle, 1/1/2021 It's good. It works. I caught two, but it was hard getting them to leave. They were gripping the metal bars and hanging on as I was trying to get them out. And then when they saw me, they were running over to the other trap to hide. That was bad enough, but the worst was posting those tiny little eviction notices on the doors.
  • Neat little trap

    Cindy, 12/28/2020 Caught 2 mice the 2nd day we had it out. Neat little trap. 2 walnuts did the trick. Thanks!
  • Catching 2 and 3 mice at a time in this trap!

    Susan, 9/18/2020 We live on a farm surrounded by National Forest. The mice start heading into the house for the winter in late August. We have caught 20 mice since then in this trap, sometimes two and three at a time! None have been injured, and we take them 1/2 mile away and release them into the forest. They love peanut butter on a piece of cracker. Great product!
  • Better Than A Boyfriend

    Elizabeth S. Taylor, 9/12/2020 I moved into a house in the woodlands when a small rat decided to make nightly visits. I knew I didn't want to kill it. After all, I went to therapy long enough to buy my therapist a set of lawn furniture. During this time I remembered that when I was three or four my mother would set out mouse traps at night. I hated waking up to the clank of the trap because I would then cry listening to the mouse squeal until it died. I knew I didn't want to use a trap! PTSD all over again and more new landscaping for my therapist. However, getting back to my little rat, if I left a yogurt box on the floor for my dog to finish I would wake up to the sound of it rolling around the floor. This rodent could easily get it's head much farther into that yogurt box than my dog. This rat also loved bananas. He/she ate half a banana a night. I was constantly sanitizing the entire house. Someone told me to get one of those little sound machines that you plug into a socket. The pitch is high enough for only the rat to hear and he/she will run out immediately. The next morning I found one entire banana missing. I found half of it behind the sofa where the rat took it to eat in order to get away from that annoying sound! I always read the Garrett Wade catalogue when it arrives. There was my solution! Something humane, (unlike my last boyfriend) At first I worried about how to open the little door to let the little rat out without it gnawing on my finger, (like my last boyfriend.) Easy peasy, flipped it open with a pencil! I just posted their ad on my social media page.

  • This device is too small to be effective.

    Emily, 6/6/2020 This device is much too small for our intruders. Both entrance and exit openings are too small.
  • House Mouse Catcher

    Judy, 4/28/2020 Love this mouse catcher, we have had this about one week, and have already caught and released 3 mice.
  • Best Humane Mouse Trap Ever!

    Linda Headley, 4/26/2020 I hate to kill anything and have tried many many humane traps. All of them had plastic in them and regardless of how often I checked them they managed to chew threw to escape. The last ones I had chewed through and got the peanut butter without going in the trap. I went online looking for something that was made of metal and along came your wonderful trap. For the first couple of days some of the mice managed to stick their paws through and steal peanut butter, but all of a sudden I started catching the mice and usually caught 3-4 per day. Right now we are at a stand still and the traps are empty. I told my husband that I am sure we haven't caught all of them. If we have,that is wonderful. I will suggest your trap to all of my friends. Thank you so much!
  • It works like a charm!!!

    Karly M, 4/24/2020 My greenhouse had a mouse family of squatters, they refused to pay rent or move out. Regardless, I just don’t have the heart to kill them. I tried to evict them but with COVID everything’s closed this trap was the perfect solution! I’ve caught so many I’ve lost track!!! The tiny family has been moved to the woods. I can’t recommend it enough!!
  • The best!!

    Karla M., 4/24/2020 I never thought such a cute little trap would catch so many mice!!! My greenhouse had a mouse family move in. I just can’t bare to see anything suffer, and this trap is the perfect solution! I’ve caught three mice at once, twice and nine all together! I bait it with a medium size of sweet bread and they love it. I’m happy to report the mouse family has been relocated to the woods. Thank you!!!
  • WOW!! This Works!

    Scott Franks , 1/3/2020 Was catching one a week with regular traps. Caught the first mouse in a couple hours. Relocated that one and rebaited with a little bird feed. Four hours later I found three in the trap. Had two more this morning - for a total of 6 in less than 24 hours. My cats are afraid they will be out of a job if this continues.????

    Mary Hansche, 1/5/2019 Daughter had mouse problem when using other traps would call crying it was still alive wanted me to send daddy to shoot it to put it out of it's misery! this trap works great no more come kill calls. Hope the cat does not watch the release !
  • 33% effective?

    Udi Shorr, 12/19/2018 Bought a 3-pack and put them out in my basement. After a day or two, I found a mouse trapped in one of them, and the bait stolen out of the other two. So I guess it worked 1 out of 3 times?
  • I am embarassed at how well this works!

    LMC, 12/7/2018 Ok, I thought we had one stealthy mouse who was eluding our two cats. We did not have one mouse. Over four days of use, we have caught TEN. I placed the trap under my kitchen sink with a small hunk of Parmasean cheese rind inside. It works. One night, I opened the door to find FOUR mice inside. They were crowded but totally unharmed. Having read the reviews, I was worried about getting the mice out. The mice squeeze themselves right out when I set the trap down and open the door outside. My only negative comment is that the base is wood and there's no really good way to clean the mouse excrement off it. A metal or thick plastic base would be more sanitary.
  • HUMANE is the objective!

    DogLady, 11/10/2018 HUMANE is the priority here! This is so easy to set out and opens to release the little creatures safely. The little center prongs can be bent as needed.
  • Finally caught

    Edward Hodder, 6/24/2018 It works. After having caught several mice and whittling down the population, one stubborn mouse remained, a clever mouse, one who would not go near any trap of any sort. He remained free for about six months but was fooled by this trap two days after we put it out. I set him free about two miles from the house. See ya Mr. Mouse!
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner June 2018 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Edward!!
  • Not what I expected

    Lucille Passer, 4/29/2018 The trap is much smaller than I expected. So far I have caught one mouse after using it for 3 eeeks. It was very easy to release the mouse once caught. It was a small mouse.
  • Works!

    Elaine, 4/8/2018 Mice are smarter than you think! This trap does work, for very small mice, you can use a knife to narrow the entry/exit prongs. It is also important to put the bait out of the center of the trap. This trap has caught 1 to 3 mice at a time. Changing to different type of traps can also help, as I said, mice are smarter than you think!
  • Mr

    David J Oshana, 10/27/2017 Works well as long as you place the food (peanut butter] away from the center of the trap. A larger trap with the same size entry would be better.
  • Useless. Doesn't work!

    Eric, 7/27/2017 Had this trap for several months. The mice I was trying to get just ignored it. So I put it away and kept using the Hav-a-heart type trap. However, this week I put the cage trap back out after we spotted a mouse in the kitchen. This morning I went down and found the food I had placed in the trap was gone, wiped clean in fact, and all that was in the trap was mouse droppings. I had been skeptical that the trap would keep a mouse in. Seemed pretty easy for them to just climb out. And that is what apparently happened. I had the door securely closed.
  • Disregard the one star reviews

    Robert, 1/29/2017 I caught three mice in three days after receiving this trap. Before, I was using TomCat's catch and release traps, but if I did not discover the trap sprung in the evening, the mice had clawed and chewed their way out of them before I could release them the following morning. They have not escaped this trap and releasing them is easy. Yes, the spring catch for the door is made of thin wire, but I have had no trouble opening it to let the mice out. Also, the mice I have caught have varied in size, and were not all tiny house mice.
  • Works like a charm

    Jenn, 9/9/2016 Works great. It is small, but that doesn't seem to hinder the effectiveness. Set it up in the garage and came back in the morning to THREE mice squeezed inside. Traditional traps can't to that.
  • Very Small Trap

    Christopher Laver, 7/26/2016 The sale picture is very miss leading, no size is given. This trap could catch a very very small mouse, not a house mouse, nor what I wanted to catch, a Adirondack house mouse (2 inches wide x 4 inches long, without tail) that could not fit into the hole on top of the trap. Hole was about 1 1/4 inch pushing it. The interior of the trap also will not hold your average mouse.
  • TINY TRAP .. Difficult

    Casanova , 5/29/2016 Attracting mice and trapping mice is easy . Unfortunately the release door is unnecessarily tiny and the thread wire catch requires tiny fingers.
  • Humane mouse trap

    nancy k, laskey, 3/4/2016 always peruse your catalog and when I saw the Humane mouse trap and knew
    that this would [I hope] be the answer to my sister's problem. I ordered them for her and waited for results.. Wow! She was so happy to see the little mouse
    in the trap, not injured but finishing up his peanut butter. She took the mouse
    for a long walk and then released him.. She and her husband were amazed at how well these traps are made and also at how many mice they have caught!
    If one wants something well made and effective, buy it from your company.
  • The Bait Stealer

    Matthew, 2/24/2015 I had a small guest, that was seen several times in our kitchen, however he eluded and kept himself fed for quite sometime taking the peanut butter off of several types of traps. That is until I got this one, a little peanut butter on a saltine and he fell for it. The best part is I was able to release him outdoors and this really made my wife happy. Very well built, a quick rinse off and some time in the sun and it's ready for the next uninvited thief.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner February 2015 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Matthew!!
  • No Kill Trap

    C. C. Watkins, 3/8/2014 Cleverly crafted. Well made. Just what I had hoped for.
  • No More Tears!

    JP, 1/27/2014 After trapping a few mice in my shop, I quickly realized traditional traps are barbaric! These traps work great! Now I smile as release mice in their new home on the rio grande. Thanks again for a great product!
  • Not so great

    A., 11/23/2013 Seemed fine at first, caught and released two mice in 24 hours, but the third was dead and had to destroy the trap to take the body out. Sharp points of wire inside the trap probably punctured a lung. Distressing.
  • Great Mouse Trap

    Lee Elliott, 4/2/2013 This mouse traps works very well. The only criticism is that there is no way to disassemble and clean the trap. Also the trap door is not very well constructed. I'd be happy to pay more for the same trap a bit better made.
  • Build a Better Mouse Trap

    John Donhue, 1/22/2013 This mouse trap is more effective than glue traps and old fashioned spring traps. Put a piece of cheese in the trap and caught two mice the first night. The mice have been eating the bait for two weeks and getting away with other traps.
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