Hydroponic Aquaculture Vases

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New Hydroponic Aquaculture Vases
minimalist gardening at home
16A03.01 Small Aquaculture Vase

Available 11/02/2020


16A03.02 Large Aquaculture Vase

Available 11/02/2020


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A Japanese design, these stylish, minimalist, two-piece vessels feature a dish-shaped insert to support your bulb, seed, or clipping – plus a slender lower vase to hold the water. (We recommend using well or spring water, which retains natural nutrients that are often filtered out in bottled water.) As long as you keep an eye on the water level and don’t let your supply fully dry out, sunlight and nature should take care of the rest. It’s a wonderful learning tool for kids and adults alike, as every stage of the growth process is visible — roots will grow, buds will open, and herbs will be ready to garnish your dinner in no time. The small vase measures 5" high, with a 3" diameter dish; the large vase stands 7 ½" tall with a 5" diameter dish. (Due to the manufacturing process, size and shape may vary slightly, and as this is soda glass, we don’t recommend using any abrasive cleansers or any major, abrupt temperature changes.)

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