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23T01.77 Illuminated Loupe Special

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Originally designed as a jeweler's tool, this 10X Loupe has a single bright LED light in its frame. The included battery will last thousands of hours. The diameter of the glass lens is 3/4". Inspect surface blemishes precisely or look at the burr on a chisel edge ultra close-up. This is a very useful tool and is inexpensive enough to be a real bargain.

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Overall Rating
  • Great little examining tool!

    Denise S. Wood, 2/17/2020 I really wanted a good one and of course Garrett Wade has them! So glad to find this item.
  • Great gadget

    Susi cohen, 5/4/2019 Perfect gadget that i have yearned for but never got around to buying. Once again you guys are a source of great things!
  • works great!

    Mike Seykoski, 2/17/2019 I'm using the loupe to examine coins for grading and other purposes. I had been using a 5X/10X unlighted loupe, but I had to supply an external light source. The LED light included with this product does away with that problem.
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