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Illuminated Loupe
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23T01.16 Illuminated Loupe

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Originally designed as a jeweler's tool, this 10X Loupe has a single bright LED light in its frame. The included battery will last thousands of hours. The diameter of the glass lens is 3/4". Inspect surface blemishes precisely or look at the burr on a chisel edge ultra close-up. This is a very useful tool and is inexpensive enough to be a real bargain. China.

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Overall Rating
  • Excellent product

    Boyd Allison, 7/12/2020 Excellent product. Have already used it twice and it works like a charm. So glad to have it!
  • Illuminated Loupe

    James, 5/25/2020 The price is right, the power is right, but the internal design is sloppy. My loupe did not light up when I received it, so I reinstalled the batteries, switch, LED, and cover plate. I got it to work, but it was such a flimsy fit. Even the four cover plate screws are way too small.
  • Excellent product. Shipped fairly quickly considering the times

    Ed Krakovsky , 5/23/2020 Great product. I use the loop to examine my coin collection. Everything is very bright and clear.
  • illumnated loupe

    eugene petrone, 3/31/2019 I deal in making car modles I paint very small pieces increases my sight so large its amazing the lite is great good product
  • Great

    Larry D Crouch, 3/6/2019 Great product for the price. I purchased two for different locations in my house. One at my knife sharpening station to look at the edge of the knifes. Learning to sharpen with a new fixed angle stones.
  • Nice little lighted loupe.

    Pat Jamieson, 2/24/2019 I use loupes a lot (botany and bugs) so it is really nice to have one that is illuminated.
  • Love my loupe

    V Lester , 11/19/2018 Great power. Light helps. Easy to handle.
  • Illuminated Loupe

    Jerry Wilcox, 10/29/2018 Very good product promptly delivered!
  • Mr.

    Dennis Morgan, 10/25/2018 When a loved one is going blind this device gives then hope of seeing a little while longer
  • Best little loupe ever

    Dan Okrasinski, 5/7/2018 able to read pill inscriptions
  • Shine a Little Light

    Kim Fifer, 5/7/2018 Shine some light on your subject! Great tool for deciphering small print and illuminating information!
  • Like to see the small print.

    Dutsey, 4/22/2018 I wanted to see what my jewelry is made of. The loupe works good for me, it would work better if it was a tad bit bigger.
  • metal housing

    Betsy Moneymaker, 12/15/2017 Magnification is OK. I have an issue with the sharpness of the metal housing. Needs to be handled carefully because it will cut.
  • Loupe review

    Lee, 8/11/2017 The light is great on this loupe. Got two one for each vehicle, valuable tool while out antique and art work shopping.
  • Loupe

    Marcia Corl, 8/11/2017 When I go on a hike, I like to ID the plants. All the Plant specialists use a 10X loupe and they are jealous because mine has a built in light source. I have bought several for friends learning plants and they all love them!
  • Good item

    Debbie, 8/11/2017 I bought this item with the BOGO offer, which was a good deal. They really do magnify nicely and are small and convenient to carry.
  • Loupe worth the cost

    Don Cuffel, 6/18/2017 For a compact loupe, the optical quality is quite good. The built-in light provides even illumination for examining coins for surface blemishes.
  • Great Buy!

    Shirley Sheehan, 5/14/2017 This just what I need for so many reasons; thrift store, antique, and garage sale shopping. It is compact, enclosed in a protective case and even has a light. So very convenient. It was also on sale.
  • Love the Loupe!!!

    Sarah Anspaugh, 12/14/2016 The loupe works great!!! I use this to look at cemetery maps, to find locations, etc...this is wonderful and the light is an extra bonus. Thank you for a great product!!
  • This Little Light of Mine

    Jill C., 8/2/2016 This was an excellent purchase for me. The LED light is easy to use and the loupe lens is clear and provides excellent magnification. Excellent product and it comes in a plastic case for safe storage.
  • A Little Help Reading The Fine Print

    Stephanie Godke, 8/11/2015 I bought this loop for my husband. He shops auctions and antique shops and needs help looking at silver markings and artist signatures. It helps him find some amazing treasures. It's his second one...he lost the first one and missed it so much I bought him the second one.
  • I see it!

    Rick, 7/24/2015 No more looking for a light source to view small things. A very nice magnifier to check out little stuff.
  • Light and Polished

    Michael Young, 6/25/2015 I have many magnifying glasses, from head bands to lighted bench models. Each has its purpose and I wouldn't give one of them up. This loupe is one of them now. Small is good because I carry too much when traveling, lighted is excellent! the LED is focused right at the optimum distance from the lens. The lens is as good as the expensive German model that I have carried for years. The illumination makes a real difference. I examine wood carvings and nautical items for authenticity and restoration. Many of the pieces I examine are in dark ill lighted places. Now I wouldn't have a loupe without a light. This was a great buy and good for anyone who enjoys or must get the closest details possible.
  • Light Right Where You Need It

    Woodcarvingken, 4/19/2015 This loupe puts that light right where it is needed for viewing fine details.
  • Turn On The Lights

    John Carrow, 12/6/2014 I love working with jewelry and I have several loupes. But as I have gotten older, it has become more difficult to read the markings. This illuminated loupe soles the problem. It is easy to use, well constructed and the resulting view thru the lens is outstanding. Thanks.
  • Wish I Wish I Had Bought It Before

    Dan Okrasinski, 11/19/2014 Well made, small but powerful good quality of magnification.
  • Quality For The Money

    Tom Smith, 11/12/2014 This is a very good loupe for the money. Solid construction and excellent optics. A good buy.
  • Clear As I Can See.

    Mario Mendoza, 3/25/2014 I purchase this item to better inspect my coin collecting hobby.I've put to use and wonder why I had not brought one before. The Illuminated Loupe is far better than any other I've owned. The Product is Great a buy, the service I got from Garrett Wade is as always Outstanding. I highly recommend them to any and everybody who's looking for A1 products. They're fast on Delivery too. But then what do you expect from a #1 A Company.
  • Will help untangle a recurring family need...

    Marvin Howard, 3/16/2014 My wife and daughters seem to constantly tangle their gold and silver fine chains. They bring them to me for untangling. My problem is that my eyesight isn't getting better with age, and finding the ball" at the center of any such tangle takes a fine dental pick and lots of light, magnification...and patience. This magnifier provides two of the three. I would have rated it higher but the field of view of the magnifier is quite shallow (you need to get it close and hold it very steady --not easy and keep it at the perfect distance to the object to effectively use). Other than that it will probably be a useful tool in my "jewelers tool chest"."
  • Jeweler

    Henry Spolnicki, 3/14/2014 Great Product.
  • Poor Lanyard Hole

    David, 2/17/2014 The metal hole to affix a lanyard is way, way too small to put any type of metal clip through or even a shoelace. Very disappointing.
  • Great Loupe For Field Entomologists

    John Kabashima, 2/9/2014 I use this in the field when viewing insects and fungi. The light has made this my favored lens over my more expensive hand loupes. It is a bit large if you carry it in your pocket but not a problem if you carry on a lanyard around my neck. I opened it up to change the batteries and had no problems but you do need the proper size screw driver and steady hands.
  • Great Magnification

    Glen, 1/19/2014 This loupe is like looking through a microscope. With the built in light you can see very clearly.
  • Perfect

    Chris Huning, 1/12/2014 Very nice and perfect for examining geological specimens.
  • Great Gadget

    Daniel Moerman, 1/12/2014 This is a terrific little magnifier. Great for checking on the burr on a scraper or to look at the edge on a router bit. The light is very high quality. Nice sturdy storage box. Excellent all around.
  • Handy Loupe

    Jay Story, 10/20/2013 I wish I had owned one of these magnifiers back in 1957 when I was studying geology at the University of Tennessee! The LED light is tiny but very bright, furnishing plenty of light for this particular application. The only problem I have had with my magnifier was one of my own making. I inadvertently left the light on after using the loupe one day and when I came back to it a few days later the batteries were exhausted. So I bought new batteries, and when I put them in, I was able to get the LED light to work only sporadically and when it did work it did so like a strobe light--just very quick flashes of light. I noticed that another reviewer had one of these loupes whose light worked only like a strobe light, and he apparently had not taken his light apart like I did mine. Regardless, I am ordering another of these handy little lighted magnifiers.
  • Loupe

    Jim Bellar, 3/2/2013 This product is as advertised and meets the need that I purchased for. This company is one of the best for service and quality products.
  • very nice compact

    Don, 2/13/2012 Very nice and compact for general use.
  • heard good reviews but

    Marten, 12/10/2011 I have a friend who really appreciates this loupe - the one I ordered had a problem: the light acts like a strobe light - I wanted to open it up and check the battery connection, but the screwdriver that came wit it is the wrong size! I cannot recommend at this time.
  • just what I needed

    sara McCracken, 12/19/2010 of course this is a bit bigger as it has the light, but the light is good and bright and the lens is good. really easy to see detail.. in my case to read hallmarks in resale shops.. often sublit. Definitely a good product for the money. Will use in other applications too... unlike other good value" products this is not junk!"
  • After Ten Years

    Jerry Persall, 8/24/2009 Five Stars! After ten years as a naturalist I have found the perfect 10X hand lens to use in ID-ing flora and fauna in the field and back home. I've used maybe a dozen other types but this one outperforms them all in every way. A very fine instrument, well made, and the LED light is an awesomne addition to its usefulness. I am very glad to have found this hand lens and it hangs proudly around my neck whenever I go out on some natural history trek. I have subsequently given every other hand lens away. No disappointment here.
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