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Improved 40" Borescope
$ 199
For mechanics, builders, or any DIY'er who needs to see inside really confined spaces, there is simply nothing like this-a truly useful tool that seems almost magical, and is also a heck of a lot of fun to use. It's like a combination periscope, telescope, and microscope!

Use this inspection system (Borescope) to see behind or under heavy objects (like washing machines), or to look down drain pipes to find lost screws, tools, and jewelry. You can even see inside wall cavities by drilling a tiny 1/2 diameter hole.

The thin, highly flexible 39-1/2" (1 meter) shaft holds a miniature video camera and two adjustable LEDs at the end. The image from the camera is seen on the 2-1/2" viewing screen on top of the handle. The image clarity is amazing, allowing you to view objects within a 60° field of view, from as close as 4" up to infinity. A 2 meter (79") probe extension is available as an accessory.

For years, tools like this have been available to industry and engineering professionals, but only at very high cost. For mechanics, homeowners and ordinary folks like us, a quality Borescope at this cost is an absolute godsend. We are delighted with the new technology that gives us such a handy viewing screen and the cost is even less than it used to be.

The color viewing screen shows you in detail exactly what the camera at the end of the shaft is looking at. End of mystery. Mirror, magnet attachment (for retrieving steel parts), and a pick-up hook are included. (The "bulbs" are two 10,000-hour LED lights.) Sturdy plastic case. 9V battery is included.

The 39" (1 m) Far Focus Probe has an angle of view of 60° and is in focus from 4" to infinity. It is a replacement for the one supplied with the Borescope.
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