Improved Japanese Sliding Bevel

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Improved Japanese Sliding Bevel
Beautifully made with precise function
28K01.03 6" Japanese Sliding Bevel

Available 12/10/2020


28K01.04 10" Japanese Sliding Bevel

Available 12/10/2020


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Sliding Bevels are as essential a woodworking tool as a plane. This Japanese tool is simply "a better mousetrap". Slim with an extra long reference Beam and a moving section that will lie completely encased in the Beam; this is just a better tool. Highly recommended for the precise worker.

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Overall Rating
  • Works great.

    Wayne M. Cline, 11/29/2016 Well made. Works great. Simple but effective design. Would buy again.
  • Heavy Tool - Reliable Setting

    James Breaux, 1/12/2015 I use this tool to copy angles from one side of a wood cut to the other and it stays set when I tighten the screw and copy the angle. The beveled arm tucks into the body of the tool and is somewhat difficult to pry out, but this is a small price to pay for an elegant accurate tool. I purchased the larger of the two and have been very happy with its performance in the shop to date.
  • Elegant & Simple.

    CJ, 3/18/2013 Beautifully machined; the extra long reference arm provides an easy grip and can help with accuracy. However, it may be tricky to remove the sliding bevel from the beam arm if you are wearing gloves. Also, since the sliding lock is on top of the beam arm, you can not always flip the tool over for marking. It is a great bargain though, and will take up virtually no space in your toolbag or drawer.
  • A Better Bevel

    CrazyHenry, 12/13/2010 Its the little things.....In this case a sliding bevel that just works, is well made and does not have all the bothersome built in problems that are all too common to lesser bevels.
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