Improved Restorer's Pry Bars

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Clearance Improved Restorer's Pry Bars
Precision prying without damaging delicate surfaces
59T01.01 Small Restorer's Pry Bar

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59T01.02 Medium Restorer's Pry Bar

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59T01.03 Large Restorer's Pry Bar

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59T01.10 Set Of 3 Restorer's Pry Bars

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One end of this tool is a normal cat's paw pry bar. The other has a special wide, wafer-thin tip that is great for precisely and delicately easing apart adjacent surfaces, without marring any surface.

These are new models, with several significant improvements: the back of the paw now has a small hammer face for driving tacks, a slightly wider flare has been added to the tip to get into difficult spots, and the tip now has a tack-lifting slit for the nail head to slide into.

Now available in three sizes. The small one is about 6" long with a 1-1/2" tip, the medium 7-1/2" x 1-3/4", and the large 11-3/4" x 1-7/8". A great value individually, and a terrific savings for the set of all three. Made in Japan.

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Overall Rating
  • Quality

    Jerome, 10/13/2019 I bought the pry bars to replace toe guards in my "new" 80 year old home. The previous owner had covered the hardwoods with carpet, then proceeded to paint the toe guards in place without pulling the carpet back. Carpet is now stuck on all of the toe guard. Instead of trying to sand or otherwise remove all of the carpet at the risk of harming the hardwoood, easier to replace.
    When my wife saw my latest purchase, "you know you could have bought those cheaper...." I said, I thought the key word is "cheaper". I have a big task ahead of me, I really did not want to go back and buy what I should have bought in the first place, "quality". Also I did buy on sale with you.
  • A must have in my tool bag

    Jeff Wallace, 9/9/2017 This is a fantastic tool for a multitude of tasks. Strong enough to use to to lift one corner of a fridge to level it, thin enough to remove shoe molding. This is my 3rd, as I keep giving them away to co-workers.
  • Restorer's pry bars

    Lucinda Harshey, 12/19/2016 I have been working on restoring my old house for several years and with each new demo I've had to get a new pry bar. The thin end has always bent making it difficult to take off trim and pry up sub-flooring without damaging it. I just started my bathroom and this pry bar did not curl up after a few uses like the old ones did. A tool that holds up to the job for which it is intended. Yea! Thank you.
  • High Quality Tools For Demo Work And More

    Darrell, 3/19/2016 These 3 pry bars deserve some recognition. I used them to help remove some cabinets in my kitchen. Within minutes I had the cabinets off the wall and using these prybars made it seem like nothing. Easy to use and heavy duty. These will last a lifetime and have many uses. Thanks GW for another well made product.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner March 2016 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Darrell!!
  • Great Tools

    Carl Wiggins, 3/22/2015 Great combination of pry bars. Use building houses with Habitat for Humanity.
  • Trust

    Dwayne, 2/26/2014 These feel like great quality tools. I haven't had the chance to try them but I can tell these will work great. I have been always satisfied with all I have ever purchase with this company. I really believe y'all have someone that looks and try these tools out before you put your name on them. Keep up the great job. Thanks Dwayne
  • prybar

    Jerry, 10/29/2011 This is by far the best finish prybar for removing trim, moulding and door stop..
  • Perfect niche tool

    PeterB, 12/31/2010 In the past I have used a wide putty knife with a normal size pry bar for the smaller projects. These bars will be great fro the small spaces, appear to be well made. Might need another set since my wife thinks they would be perfect for her use!
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