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Clearance Improved Yankee-Style Screwdrivers
Now better than ever with a modern ¼” hex chuck
Made in Germany
08C03.02 Large Yankee Screwdriver W/ Hex Head

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08C03.20 Large Yankee + 102 Bit Set

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The familiar rotating-barrel Yankee screwdriver, famous for decades, is no longer made by Stanley UK, but now a respected German manufacturer has taken this design and improved it. It has replaced the usual round notched collet-chuck (that held just a few bit sizes) with a modern hex chuck that will hold hundreds of familiar 1/4" hex bits. This is great news for the thousands of woodworkers who have loved and missed this tool.

The two sizes mirror the two smaller Stanley sizes and are the most popular. The smaller size is 12" long fully extended and the large is 17-3/4" fully extended. Both have a 3-position selector-locked, spiral-in and spiral-out-as well as a barrel lock in the fully retracted position, and come with 3 bits (they are double ended so you get 3 slotted and 3 Phillips). Any of the hex bits in our 102 Bit Set (shown) fit the chucks. These are mechanically complex push screwdrivers, precision crafted in Germany. Click Here to purchase the 102pc Hex Bit Set separately.

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Overall Rating
  • Gets the Job done

    Denton, 2/24/2019 I've been woodworking and odd-jobbing my entire life and one of the things that such a life-style does is take a toll. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of those things that can take a little of the joy out of do it yourself. This Yankee Screwdriver is high quality in every facet that I need it to be. Although I'd prefer a quick change chuck for the bits, the precision mechanism and application power make this tool one for the every day, go-to tool bag of the handyman that is picky about their tools.
  • Nice tool but severely limiting chuck

    Kirk Peterson, 12/31/2018 Well made, nice quality. I bought both sizes. To really work well you pretty much have to use the optional bit set sold by GW because the chuck is an inexplicable oddball design. It doesn't work well at all with modern hex drive bits because of the recess around the bottom of them. Tightening the chuck (a threaded cylinder with a rubber ring) on them just squeezes the chuck against air thus modern bits never get tight. They slide easily forward and back and if a bit gets stuck, e.g. in a square-drive screw, it will just pull out taking the tiny, easy-to-lose rubber washer with it. Why in the world don't they just use a standard quick release chuck that opens up a whole world of modern hex bits? These were on sale when I bought them, otherwise I would have returned them because of this, in my book, fatal design flaw.
  • Quality drivers, Quality results

    Norman Latini, 8/11/2018 Bought small driver + 102 collets narrow size..wish I'd ordered large at same time (shipping) but read negative review and tested.. Ordered large too..Have sense ordered the same collets for VTG Millers Falls 610 & 29 and they too have New Lives..Superior results with the 'control' and torque tactile feedback of these German made quality drivers, especially with brass screws into wood..
  • Gift

    Joshua, 12/18/2017 Looks good and sturdy. Has some weight. Should be a great gift!
  • Good driver - Bad bit exchange

    Bob Boynton, 11/19/2017 The screwdriver is excellent for its basic function, i.e. driving a screw. I would prefer, however, a quick-release mechanism for the bit collar instead of a collet. If you have to change bits periodically on a job the collet wastes time. Also, the collet nut can come off and be dropped whereas all the quick-release components are captured.
  • great screwdriver

    andy millers, 9/11/2017 what an awesome tool for finding the precise threads on small screws
  • Yankee Screwdriver Kit

    Eric S. Clark, 9/11/2017 I am very happy with the product I ordered and recommend it to anyone in search of a Yankee style screwdriver set.

    ERIC DUNSMORE, 9/3/2017 Large Yankee works to perfection. I've been using these for years and know that the quality can vary. This one was perfect. Love the fact that I can use a variety of bits.
  • OOPS!

    ERIC DUNSMORE, 9/3/2017 I've used these things for a few years and know that the quality of varies greatly from unit to unit. I was unlucky with this one. Too much reverse rotation when tension is released. Like the chuck. You can use any bit in your inventory.
  • Just like Dad's

    Michael, 7/29/2017 I've been looking for one of these for a while and was hesitant to buy some of the cheapies available elsewhere. Put it to work right away, it hasn't disappointed.
  • Great Tool

    Diane Holdedn, 3/6/2017 I remember my dad having a tool like this. I have small jobs I'm doing and this Yankee screwdrivers is perfect. My son-in-law was in impressed with bits. Actually so was I. Use it the same day it arrived could not be happier
  • Almost....

    Steve McFerren, 1/26/2017 I bought my first Yankee in 1975. Best tool I ever owned! Got lost in a move several years ago. I finally decided to give this tool a shot. After all, made by Germans - has to be works just like the one I purchased years ago. However, the chuck design in a big disappointment. Was surprised that a costly driver made in the year 2017 would have chuck technology from the 1900's. If they decide to fix that (which would be very easy to do) I'd give the tool 5 stars. However, Garrett Wade gets 5 stars for the way they do business. So far the process has been awesome.
  • Everything a vintage Yankee screwdriver was, and more!

    Harry Mitts , 12/27/2016 I own 3 very old Yankee screwdrivers, one I've owned for over 40 years. This new one is built as well as the older ones, if not better. The fact that I can use any modern bit and the rotating collar that allows me more closely control my make the updated model a pure joy to use! The grandkids will be fighting over this tool when I pass! Thanks Garrett Wade for finding this new - old wood working marvel! (by the way, it'll never need batteries!)
  • Great gift for husband

    T. Neri, 12/26/2016 I purchased the small Yankee screwdriver for my husband.
    There was several positive reactions:
    1) It was well made in Germany
    2) He commented that it was an old school design which brought back memories of his youth
    3) He noted its design allows him to use in confined areas
    4) He was pleased to see the variety of tips for different uses
    5) He praised the item to friends and family - so that made me feel that was a great choice.

    Overall, I am happy with this purchase.
    My husband has a discriminating taste and he really liked this gift.

  • Great, except.....

    Will, 10/1/2016 Great tool, functions as well as my old one. minus one star for the hokey chuck design.
  • Just got and used today

    Terry, 8/23/2016 Purchased the small Yankee and 102 bit set. Used the Yankee and liked how it worked, better than a standard screwdriver.
  • To soon to tell

    greg mclaughlin, 8/6/2016 Really to soon to tell.
    I have only used a couple of times but problems in other reviews have not surfaced
  • Be warned about the hex-bit fitting. Otherwise, high quality tool.

    ed (pro), 7/11/2016 I have used large and small Yankee drivers for decades and am familiar with their quality/durability etc. So I must call GW on the serious flaw in this remake. "a modern hex chuck that will hold hundreds of familiar 1/4" hex bits" the copy says--NOT SO MUCH! For no apparent reason other than to make more money off a proprietary chuck design and bits, it was sized and built with a compressed O-ring to hold THEIR hex bits. The hex bits we are all familiar with and have dozens of get stuck on the O-ring when the chuck is loosened to remove the bit. Result: at best, a wrestling match with the chuck to remove the bit; or O-ring pulls out (where'd it go?) or it tears . Have spare O-rings handy. YES the driver is well built and durable, but this chuck design is hard for a pro to take seriously.
  • Well Done.

    Greer Bailey, 7/10/2016 Great product. Love the update to use the hex bits. I ordered both the small and large versions. Will fit in beautifully with some of my spoke shaves and antique planes.
  • Just short of perfection

    John PW, 6/25/2016 I wanted the drill and when I saw the screwdriver I had a thought: I have hex bit drills for my cordless driver and this could probably use them also. The torque and feed might not be perfect, but to carry in my small toolbox to make small repairs I thought it would probably work. It doesn't. Pulls the drill out and takes the O-ring with it every time. It isn't advertised as being dual purpose, but it would have taken so little to make it work and almost the perfect tool for my small handy tool box.
  • Where was this when I did installations?

    Nathan, 6/13/2016 Just got it a few days ago. It reminds me very much of the old one my grandpa had when I was a kid. So far the quality seems excellent, all of the bits and bots work as advertised. I love it! The only thing that caught me off guard was the bit collet uses O-ring compression rather that a quick fit style. No big deal, it works great too.
  • Solid well made screwdriver

    TIMOTHY, 6/5/2016 This is a well made quality product that delivers. Much better than the Stanley made Yankee driver I used as a kid. Great for a quick job when digging out the battery powered drill is too much. One review stated that it wasn't magnetic but I magnetized the bit with an inexpensive bit magnet and it worked just fine. This one is a hit.
  • Improved Yankee-Style Screwdrivers

    Becky, 3/9/2016 Excellent Product
  • Improved Yankee-Style Screwdrivers

    Becky, 3/9/2016 Made well. Excellent Product!
  • The tool i've been waiting to buy for ages!!!

    Mark Ivachtchenko, 3/4/2016 As a high school carpenter who is surrounded by multiple electric tools at my school's woodshop, I have an unusual admiration for hand tools. Often enough, I'll have to face a project that works with a delicate wood piece or species. For these projects, I need to dig and find a screwdriver since any regular electronic one would rip straight through the piece. Before, I was forced to use the inferior screwdrivers that absolutely killed your wrist and gave out halfway through. Now, with the improved-for-the-modern-day Yankee screwdriver, I not only get the speed of an electronic screwdriver, but I still get to feel the wood under me as I drive hardware into it. Also, no sore wrists afterwards! Your hand remains still the entire time and the push on the tool itself helps drive the screw even better. This is an excellent way to bring back an antique hand tool since anyone can fit standard hex bits from their shop (or anywhere else in the present day) into it and with a proper adapter, you suddenly have a push drill. An added bonus is the quirky design of the tool in general! All of my fellow classmates had a laugh at it but were ultimately impressed. I even managed to beat one of them who was armed with an electronic driver in a "screw-off."

    All in all, the tool does the job much better than any other screwdriver you will ever have. It is robust and I wouldn't be surprised if it outlived me. Smooth spin, smooth action, and extremely easy to take apart to clean.

    Definitely recommend it for any woodworker!
  • Much Improved

    Phil, 4/2/2015 I found this to be a much improved design of the original Yankee driver with a very fluid action. The accuracy of placement and control, as compared to a powered drill, was a pleasant surprise. Stores in a retracted position to save space.
  • Just Like Dad's

    Jonell Cadman, 1/29/2015 Just like the driver I first used as a child, only better, this one has Philips bits! Smooth action, easy to use, doesn't tax wrist, since you push it not twist it. Sometimes the older styles work the best.
  • Excellent Product

    Jerry Orr, 12/7/2014 Excellent product, extremely well made. The quality is evident as soon as you pick the tool up.
  • My Father Used One For Decades

    Nick, 8/10/2014 My father was a furniture upholsterer for decades before the appearance of power tools. The 'Yankee' tool was his 'power tool'; he would disassemble and reassemble furniture all day long with this tool; he taught me how to use it too; you can apply incredibly fine increments of pressure and torque with this tool that no power tool can imitate. ----- PRO TIP: Yankees with wooden handles are the real deal; plastic handle Yankees are not recommended for serious hard work; they will make your palms sweat, softening your skin and causing blisters. If you buy this tool here, the first thing to do is strip the paint off the wooden handle, sandpaper it smooth and use it like that...gripping raw wood; the sweat and natural oils in your hands will eventually add a protective sheen to the handle. ----- Good Luck and Enjoy!
  • Maybe The Yankee Leaving Was A Good Idea

    Gene Garrison, 6/24/2014 Even better than the original Yankee. Smooth operation with all size and bit types.
  • Same As The Larger Just As Great

    Gene Garrison, 6/24/2014 Great for tight spaces. Easier to use than original Yankee.
  • Disappointed - Update

    Kenn Crowell, 1/8/2014 After contacting GW about the malfunctioning Yankee Screw Driver as described in my earlier review, GW promptly replaced it. The new screwdriver's gears are much better but driving large screws still causes an occasional gear slip. I consider this tool more lightweight than the original Yankee but a good tool none the less.
  • Excellent Value

    Charlie, 12/10/2013 My Dad had one of these in his shop for years. After many searches on the web, I decided on trusting Garrett Wade for supplying quality. I was not disappointed! Tool is rugged, smooth and more than I expected. I would purchase this tool again and recommend it to any woodworker...
  • Yankee Style Screwdriver

    Rich, 9/10/2013 Yankee style screwdriver is very well made and very useful. I regularly use it making complex frames for art textile art hangings, where its control and comfort are greatly appreciated.
  • Back to Basics

    Kiteking, 8/13/2013 Similar to many of the other reviewers, I had a little experience with the original Yankee, but the bits are hard to find. So, like most, I use a battery powered screw gun/drill for many of my needs. Hard to beat the power, but when the battery fails, you are left with a long coffee break or hand screwdrivers...and blisters. So when a buddy showed me how to make short work of assembly with drywall screws using his Yankee, I had to try it again. Ordered the long driver and love it! I'm looking forward to my next drywall project and using a drywall bit on my German Yankee." I found an easy way to keep the double-ended bits with the driver. Two very small rare earth magnets on each allow you to attach them to the main shaft of the driver. Two keep them aligned with the shaft and prevent the from spinning. Added benefit: easy to pick up metal items with the "magnetic" bit on the screws on the ground or from the box. Great product that will outlive me!"
  • Very Useful

    Dave Hickox, 8/12/2013 I bought the short push-driver and the bit set. They are both very well made, and I must say that the bits set has virtually all the bits you will ever need. The driver chuck is compatible with any combination of bits or sockets and works very smoothly. A great tool.
  • Improved Yankee Screwdriver

    Emily Vargo, 5/2/2013 I bought the large screwdriver for my boyfriend because he had been looking for an old one in good condition. Being the good researcher that I am, I found Garrett Wade and could not have been happier with the choice to buy from them! Customer service was excellent and the package shipped very quickly. My boyfriend loves the Yankee screwdriver and bit set; he tries to use it whenever he can! Very pleased!! It works very well with little effort. The only thing I would possibly modify is adding a handle to the bit set for ease of carrying it around.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner May 2013 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Emily!!
  • Med. Yankee

    Forest, 1/16/2013 I purchased the Med Yankee because I had used this tool when I worked in cabinet shop. Always wanted one, but never got one until now. I have a drawer in my tool chest containing nothing but screwdrivers. Though rarely used is because I use electric drivers. But there are places that are impossible to use electric drivers. I searched for quite a while before I found this one. Appreciate the fact that you carried it!
  • One of the Nicest Gifts I've Ever Received

    Mark, 3/27/2012 My only regret about this tool is I don't (yet) have both sizes! Like any other screwdriver or tool, sometimes you need more space, so I need to pick up the smaller one as well. As with other reviewers, I have several old Yankees with few bits. I got some of the adapters, which work well enough, but add a bit of length. These complete Yankees with hex adapters are just superior. The bit locks in firmly, and everything about them feels beefy. It just works.
  • Awesome!

    Stacey, 1/31/2012 This tool has been manufactured like in the tools in the old days - solid, heavy-duty, great performance! It even sounds heavy-duty and you know it is going to last forever! It fits my hand easily and makes drilling starter holes so much better. I had been using a Stanley hand-type drill for the past couple of years, which is plastic and already has a loose feel to the ratcheting part. I am very excited about finding this Yankee-style screwdriver at Garrett Wade. I am a first-time customer and will certainly return when I need other tools. Their shipping is very fast and their choice of products is wonderful - even when just browsing. Thank you very much!!
  • Yankee Hex-Bit Holder

    Glenn, 1/3/2012 My Yankee happens to be older than I, so it is about 60. But the half moon socket tips were very expensive, or didn't exist anymore. So when I got the Garrett Wade catalog and it had an adapter for hex bits, I jumped on it. Batteries never die, can drive fairly large screws all day long. I carry a battery powered driver, but will never dump my Yankee!
  • Quality Screwdriver

    Ian Cunningham, 1/29/2011 The screwdriver was put to work as soon as it arrived. It's a pleasure to use this quality tool and the chuck accommodates a whole range of bits. Destined to be one of my favorites.
  • WOW!

    Edward, 12/30/2010 I have an original Yankee in my shop. I always admired its ease and simplicity. Unfortunately I haven't used it in some time as all the bits have been broken, lost, or worn out. I wanted this simply because it uses the same hex-drive bits we have accepted as all but universal. I didn't expect the overall quality to so far exceed the original. In fit, finish and feel this is one fantastic piece of hardware. It has an absolutely flawless mechanism, and with a little practice is an absolute joy to use. This can really make short work for a myriad of shop and field work. It is indispensable in my opinion for tradesman such as Electricians, Appliance installers and repairman, Carpenters, HVAC Techs, Plumbers, and Computer and electronics repair and install. Fantastic tool, as always I am very satisfied with your products and service.
  • Yankee Wonder!

    Ken Ross, 12/27/2010 I've been looking for a good quality Yankee-style screwdriver. No one seems to carry them anymore. I was fortunate to run across your web-site and thank you very much for bringing back this wonder of a tool. I don't worry about a battery dying on me. I can take or put in screws fast!
  • Long vs. Short

    Larry, 12/19/2010 When I ordered the product, I had to decide which one I really needed, ie, the long version or the short version. After receiving and using the long version, I decided I need the short version as's a great product and easy to use.
  • Just What I Wanted

    Bruno, 12/6/2010 This driver (and bit set) was just what I wanted - it meets my needs. The driver was well-constructed. There were some fancy bits in that bit set!
  • Power Is Not Always Available

    Richie, 11/18/2010 Cool Tool.
  • It's Great!

    Chris, 10/17/2010 Just used this tool to switch out a cabinet door. Wow, normally I would have used my electric drill, but I just took this tool with me and made short work of it. Very handy and well made!
  • Yankee Screwdriver

    Ron, 5/8/2010 Great screwdriver. Reminds me of working with my father when I was a child.
  • No Tool Beats The Yankee

    Dale Penwell, 4/13/2010 First bought in 1966 to build a cabinet in our new apt. It has serviced toy boxes, closet poles, traverse rods, curtain hangers..whatever jobs needed a drill/screwdriver. Every home owner needs one--it never wears out and will always be used. The adapter widens the utility range. SUPER TOOL!
  • Assembly Work

    Process Engr, 3/20/2010 For years we used Stanley Yankee's on an engine assembly line to start fastens. Then they moved to China, & the price was the same. What had previously lasted years, now lasted weeks, and couldn't be repaired. Bought two of these to try out in 2005, and they are still working -- only I retired. Only con I see is the small o-ring that's inside the holder; don't lose it. Fantastic tool.
  • One of My Most Used Tools

    John, 11/19/2009 Being a handy man and new home owner this is probably the single most used tool that I have. I have an older small Yankee that my dad gave me years ago and I have been wanting to get a bigger one. I have the medium size unit in the old style chuck but I really love this tool. I installed new cupboard handles drawer slides removed switch plates and more with this tool. I simple love it in my tool box. Sturdy design and ready for years of use. The only downside is that there is no where to store the bits so its easy to misplace them. I am working on a solution for that though trying to get my wife to make me a holder out of stretch webbing.
  • German Yankee Drill

    Steve Seward, 7/6/2009 I just received the German Yankee Drill I ordered from you. I have a large Stanley Yankee Drill that my grandfather had and used. I used to use that drill a lot when I worked with him. I was happy when I saw the German re-makes in your catalog and had to order the small one. It actually works better than the old original. Thanks very much for returning some of the old favorites. I will pick up the Odd-Job as soon as I can.
  • Thanks For A GR8 Tool!!

    Bill Tinning, 5/28/2009 My dad has your Yankee style screwdriver and it is better than using a drill. You can keep the touch" that you don't have with a drill - you just cant do that with a drill. I've stripped the heads off screws too too many times. I reach for the Yankee every time. Its faster and BETTER. THANKS FOR A GR8 TOOL!! "
  • Yankee Styled Screwdriver

    Malcom Otterson, 4/1/2009 I bought the Yankee style screwdriver. I am very happy with its sturdy construction and the smoothness of the action. By far, the best of this type tool that I've ever tried.
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