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Iron Hand Drill
$ 9.95
We have supplied a 3/8” capacity cast iron hand drill to our customers for years. These drills have always required a bit of break-in before they worked as smoothly as they should, but in the main have provided good value and a lot of pleasure to woodworkers who like the feel of an essentially old fashioned tool.

But to our disappointment we recently received a shipment that was not up to snuff. They run smoothly enough but the wood handles are not finished well and the chuck requires some fiddling to get the bit to track properly. So instead of just throwing them away, we decided the best thing to do would be to liquidate them at a bargain-basement price (67% discount - normally $29.95) that would appeal to those who don’t mind fixing up a tool that probably won’t initially provide decent service. We have several hundred in stock.
We are sorry, this product is currently unavailable.
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