Israeli Combat Knife

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Israeli Combat Knife
Made in Israel for army special operations
04D04.08 Israeli Combat Knife

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If you’ve always wondered what kind of personal knife these kind of warriors (including our own Special-Ops heroes) carries, here’s a real chance to get some hands-on-knowledge. And for serious hunters or those who risk life and limb on extended back country trips, this is the real deal for non-gun personal protection. This tool has extreme strength and durability.

The ferro-blackened super-tough D2 stainless steel blade is 7 long and 1-5/16" wide. The back is 3/16" thick (almost 1/4"). The knife is 11-7/8" long overall, the handle is tough fiberglass reinforced nylon and the blade shank is full length. The black sheath is woven nylon, with a woven nylon safety, and a woven nylon leg strap to keep the entire tool snug against your leg – and instantly accessible. There’s little more to say about this exceptional piece of equipment, except that it will really be valued.
Blade Thickness:
Blade Length:
Overall Length:
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
Handle Material:
Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon
Woven Nylon

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  • The Real Deal!

    John W. Mall, 4/21/2018 Now that's a knife! Where have we heard that before? In this case it certainly holds true. There is a reason why Special- Ops Heroes all over the world are issued and choose to have this knife. It is simply the best! If you want a sheath protected knife that will hold up to anything, whether it is for camping ,hunting, fishing or an absolute Life Saver for Self Defense, then buy this knife! This is now my #1 go to knife. Thank you>> J.W.M.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner April 2018 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, John!!
  • Looks like the Randall Model 1 Fighting Knife

    Douglas W St. Clair, 4/19/2018 This looks like it was patterned after the Randall Model 1 Fighting Knife I bought mine in 1956 and still have it. The has proved extremely durable and useful. The design was very popular. Several noted WW II war heroes and GIs on all fronts carried Randall knives with them into major battles, including top American Ace Richard Bong, Lieutenant General James M. Gavin, commander of the 82nd Airborne Division during the Normandy invasion. Army Air Force Captain Ronald Reagan World War II. In the Vietnam War, General William Westmoreland, Commander of American military operations in Vietnam, was often photographed with a Randall. Pilot Gary Powers of the 1960 U-2 incident, and herpetologist Ross Allen, carried Randalls. This looks like a damn fine copy of the design.
  • Great Knife, Poor Presentation

    Greg, 11/14/2017 The knife itself is very nice, I see why the Israeli Military choose them. It was kinda of disappointing to receive such a nice knife in a cheap cardboard box that reminded me of much cheaper items I had purchased in the past. I truly believe this knife is being misrepresented by the poor packaging and the sheath, that also seems to be kinda inexpensive and for a much less expensive knife. DU STAR should think of upgrading the sheath and packaging, even if they have to charge a little more. Take a lesson from SOG, excellent sheaths and packaging that makes you excited to open it.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your thoughts on the Israeli Combat Knife. We've examined this knife and there is nothing that we can change about the box, unfortunately. We know it isn't pretty but it gets the job done cheaply. Any more expense towards a nicer unboxing experience would also drive up the cost of an already expensive knife. It just seems wasteful and unfair to our customers if we made this item any more expensive than necessary. In regards to the sheath, we also agree that while it isn't aesthetically appealing, it's a solid sheath, and reliable. Because it’s made of nylon/cordura it will never look pretty. In comparison, a nice leather sheath would add +$50 to the price - a nice custom-molded Kydex sheath would add $100.We are doubtful that customers would buy this knife from us at $50 or $100 more than it’s current price. However, since some people may want the option to “upgrade" the sheath, we can make a limited run of fitted leather sheaths to test this idea. It will have to be a separate purchase though. This project will have to wait until next summer. We’ll likely email an update to past purchasers of this item once the new sheath is ready. Thanks again for your comments. They're important to us.

  • Custom Quality Blade for Less!

    Ryan Bonney, 11/10/2017 I agree wholeheartedly with a number of the other reviewers of this knife. It is an extremely high-quality piece of craftsmanship! This combat/utility knife is made from extremely tough, reliably stable and durable materials. As a collector of knives and edged tools for over 30 years and a regular user of same, I can state that this blade is well worth the price tag attached to it. As soon as I received my Israeli Combat Knife I examined its construction, edge and the associated sheath. All were flawless. The D2 steel used for its blade is a long-standing, popular tool steel well known for its strength, resistance to breaking and edge-retention. If you want to get a feel for how well these knives hold up under unreasonably extreme torture tests, I recommend you go to the manufacturer's website and read the torture-test review from a popular knife magazine writer who pushed this blade to the limit and beyond. Its ability to survive the beating this blade took at all is borderline miraculous! I am a great fan of classic American-made knives and there are many makers who can create blades as good as these here in the states. Most of them are custom makers, however. Your Buck or Case knife cannot withstand the punishment that this DuStar Israeli-made workhorse will. I know as I've destroyed a few knives in my time. Commercially produced blades are very useful and will always have their place, but this knife is produced by a company owned and operated by a guy who got his start as a custom craftsman and who still produces fine custom pieces as good as this knife in his shop. It is rare to see imports from Israel, a land of great and ancient history and a people with a proud and storied tradition. This blade represents the Israelis well! I will lament the fact that this knife comes with a sheath that accepts a sharpening stone but no stone comes with it, however on the other hand anyone can buy a very inexpensive small carbide hone or Arkansas stone which will perfectly fit this knife's sheath and this provides one the versatility of keeping one's preferred honing tool with his knife as a matter of personal choice. It is important to keep in mind that D2 is a carbon steel, not a stainless steel. This means that these knives are NOT stainless steel and can rust, however with carbon steel you get superior edge-retention and ease of re-sharpening to a finer degree than you can achieve with most stainless steels. One must simply care for this knife as one would for any tool, by storing it dry and keeping it oiled when not in use. Its that simple. All of our grandfathers carried carbon steel knives and they knew how to care for them, just as we can do today with a little diligence and minimal amount of effort. I cannot recommend this knife highly enough. It blends tradition with modern materials and comes out a winner! This knife will carry you across the mountain and bring you down into the valley and keep on cutting!
  • High Quality Knife

    Lou Sorchiotti, 3/16/2017 A very substantial piece. Comfortable in the hand, good weight. Very pleased with this knife.
  • Israeli Knife

    Sam S., 9/2/2016 I own many high end knives of all types. I would rank the blade as above average in quality, however the handle should have been something like G10 or Micarta rather than a plastic type.
  • Israeli combat knife

    David Green, 5/13/2016 Great knife. Good price. Very pleased.
  • Israeli Combat Knife

    David Green, 5/13/2016 When I saw this knife in the catalog I knew I wanted. I have the confidence in GW that the Israeli combat knife would be just what I want in this type product. I am proud to
    Now own this knife. Good price as well. I will
    Purchase others from GW.
  • Great

    John A Salmon, 7/15/2014 As good if not better than my Randall made knives..half the price...
  • Israeli Combat Knife

    David, 8/6/2013 This knife is a tough, no nonsense tool for either the combatant in the field, the hunter or hiker in deep woods, or just the lady in the garden. The dimensions are sturdy and the steel is an excellent choice. I have a collection of many knives and this one sits in the top rank. It is a modern version of the classic Kabar marine knife and comparable to the battle oriented Randalls, at significantly fewer dollars than the Randalls and with immediate availability. Dustar, the manufacturer, also produces knives with the same steel but in more conventional styles. They know their business.
  • Dimensions Wrong in Print Catalog

    David, 7/29/2013 Glad to see that the online listing shows the correct thickness for the back of the blade. Print catalogs say it is 5/16, which is obviously greater than 1/4" & wrong. 7/32" is correct.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your comments on the Israeli Combat Knife. We have measured the knife which has  an 11-3/4" long blade, is 1-3/8" wide with a 2-1/2'' brass loop which circles the handle. The weight is about 1lb. We appreciate your bringing this to our attention and will make the correction in our catalog. Thanks again. "
  • Solid

    Ted Brewster, 12/20/2011 Interesting product. Heavy blade (thick), with a curious dull finish.
  • Could Be Better with Sharpener

    JC#, 11/4/2011 Knife itself was fine - few blemishes on the guard but they should polish out. Since the blade was sharp, it was disappointing to find the (sharpening stone??) absent from its pouch in the supplied sheath. It was not advertised as being present, but if the sheath is there, the stone should be there too!

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your comments and suggestions regarding the Israeli Combat Knife. We truly appreciate hearing what our customers have to say about our tools. We have passed along your suggestion to our Product Development Team with hope that we will offer a sharpening stone with this knife in the future.
  • Combat Knife

    Bill Sage, 4/5/2011 Having had some good experience with knives while in the military, this one rivals the best I've ever handled and used. It reminds me of the custom Randall knives of the Vietnam era. It is very good for hunting, diving and self-defense, and other cutting chores. Its heft and balance are excellent. I've used some very good knives over the years and this is one of the best of the lot. Bill (USN, Retired)
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