Italian Chestnut Knife

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Italian Chestnut Knife
45T02.23 Italian Chestnut Knife

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The handsome tropical wood handle has Brass pins that just feels great in the hand, and the very short, very sharp hooked blade feels like a natural extension of your forefinger. Designed specifically to both score the hard shell of a chestnut before roasting and then to crack it open for eating, it’s clear that this little wonder can be very handy to have around for a lot of reasons. Groove, cut, scrape, harvest, shape with this lovely piece. It’s absolutely unique. We’ve never seen anything like it. We love it. Made in Italy.
Blade Thickness:
Blade Length:
Overall Length:
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
Handle Material:
Tropical Hardwood

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Overall Rating
  • great tool

    Robert Johnson, 10/14/2020 The right tool for the job. I can think of other kitchen uses for it as well.
  • High quality knife

    Heidi, 10/6/2020 High quality knife, works perfect for cutting open chestnuts before I cook them!
  • Italian Chestnut Knife

    Robert Valle , 5/28/2020 I'm a Chef and have been looking for this kind of cool knife for a while. I was so excited to use this knife great for chestnuts and a lot of small task.
  • Great little Knife!

    Brwinsegg, 12/10/2018 Wonderful! My Italian Grandfather had one of these when I was growing up. Happy memories of roasting chestnuts in the winter with him. I've always used a knife, but am afraid of cutting myself. this makes it SO easy to score the chestnuts. I'm thinking I can use it for other cooking chores, too. I'd recommend this little tool!
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