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Highly Maneuverable Loppers Made in Italy
$ 89.9500
This is what you get when you ask an engineer to make a garden tool. These Compact Pruning Loppers are designed and produced on-site by a small, family-owned forge in Maniago, Italy, a region renowned for its great tools. These professional grade tools are created for vineyards, so the heavy-duty nature and high-tech design can more than handle your garden tasks. The carbon steel blades are computer designed and then forged and carefully sharpened. Other features include strong, lightweight aluminum handles with high-visibility, plastic coated handgrips; hefty rubber shock absorbers; and replaceable modular parts (if needed). These are bypass-style branch cutters. They are comfortable to use and will handle your jobs with aplomb. In our testing, we loved the compact nature of the 13” handles, 20” overall length, where we were able to access tight spaces. You'll appreciate the light weight when working overhead. These are keepers, and you'll be inventing tasks to use them. Expensive, but made to be five-star.
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