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Italian HD Cutters
Functionally, these seem just like another interesting scissor at first glance. Not until you take your first cut in a difficult material (thin sheet metal, leather (up to 8 mm thick), hard rubber, silicone, even soft and tenacious materials like silk and tissue) does it become apparent that this tool is very different.

One blade is normally shaped but thicker than normal. But the opposing blade has a specially machined cross-section that gives it exceptional stiffness. The result is that all possible blade flex has been eliminated. This, together with great sharpness, means that the edges sever even the most difficult material cleanly without "soft", torn or distorted edges. You get plenty of "cutting muscle". In function, the wide back of this "opposing blade" also supports the material being cut, which makes cutting curved shapes so much easier.

We have never seen anything quite like this tool and are, in fact, a bit in awe of them. Developed for the professional leather trade, they have proved to excel at many, many other tasks. This pair of special scissors is certainly not cheap but the value is huge. And the optional leather belt holster is handy for carrying on your belt.
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