Italian Hedge Shears

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Italian Hedge Shears
extend your reach with telescoping handles
45T02.25 Italian Hedge Shears

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We found these in the northeastern Italian town of Maniago, long-known for its quality manufacturing. The telescoping aluminum handles have a twist lock at the bottom of each handle to extend your reach an additional 7½". The 8" long carbon steel blades have a wave shape to grip small branches. A star-shaped thumb-knob quickly adjusts hinge blade tension. A sap-resistant non-stick coating on the top blade, an ergonomic head, and anti-slip rubberized grips are special features. All-in-all, these are a standout. Highly recommended.

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Overall Rating
  • Great shears!

    MissP, 9/25/2020 Love these. I cut down a bunch of dead flowers and flower bushes in prep for fall and winter with these shears today. I cut things down in a fraction of the time it took me in years past. So glad I found these. Nice and sharp too! I had a cheap set from Walmart....they will go to goodwill!
  • Don’t waste your $$ on anything else

    Eric, 6/22/2020 Awesome tool
  • the joy of trimming

    John Hussey, 6/9/2020 I tried the Italian hedge shears and I was amazed. I told my wife to come and try them. I gave her my old tenderly-cared-for shears and she took a few chops on the plant and said, "Hmm." Then I handed her the new shears. She took one chop and said, "WOW" very loudly. She is still outside trimming the hedges.
  • Great product

    Carl Bauer, 4/15/2019 Excellent quality. Adjustable tension and handles helps make a normal chore much easier.
  • Lightweight but heavy duty

    Mary Ragsdale, 5/1/2018 So lightweight and easy to use. Adjustable handles and blade tension makes these clippers miles above anything at big box stores. This is a great tool!
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