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Sale Italian Kitchen Graters & Slicer
Beautifully designed and highly functional
39A03.01 Flat Slicer

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39A03.02 Flat Coarse Grater

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39A03.03 Flat Fine Grater

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39A03.04 Grater/Serving Bowl

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39A03.10 Three Piece Flat Set

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The flat Italian Graters are stainless steel and strong enough to hold up for years of use. Cherry wood handle insets give them a distinctive feel. The combination Grater/Serving Bowl is lightly oiled Cherry wood, with a fine grater that pops out easily for cleaning or serving.

Ubiquitous items in any kitchen, these have been made with care and beautifully designed so that they are not only extremely high quality kitchen tools, but also beautiful to look at. They would make a terrific gift for any cook on your list. Most of us are familiar with them as cheese graters, of course, but they also excel at slicing and grating vegetables (for example, the coarse Grater can be used to make zucchini ‘spaghetti’, a healthy and nutritious pasta alternative).

The three piece Set includes the three flat pieces (all 12 x 4 ¾” – a Slicer, a fine Grater, and a coarse Grater. The Grater/Serving Bowl is sized 8  ¼ x 3 ¼”.

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Overall Rating
  • High Quality

    Dave, 8/18/2019 Didn't take long, quick hand wash and put them to work. High quality, works great over top of a catch bowl. If the grater bowl is anything like the flat graters, bar none the finest graters I've ever come across or used. Nothing complicated about it, they do the job....
  • Replacement has performed well

    stephen hawk, 7/27/2019 GW sent me a replacement grater at no cost, and after using it for nearly a year I can completely recommend it. Thanks GW!
  • So well made!

    Adelbert, 6/13/2019 It's hard to find good kitchen gadgets anymore. Oh, you can find gadgets, but with very little emphasis on the "good" part. These hit and surpass the mark. Well done!
  • well made grater

    .Barb , 3/22/2019 This grater & slicer is very well made, I am very pleased with the purchase and am looking forward to many years of use.
  • High quality grater

    Kevin, 2/18/2019 Hi Quality materials
  • Italians know how to make great kitchen gadets

    Dee, 12/27/2018 Bought this for my daughter for Christmas. She loved it and thought it was great how it came with serving spoon and dish as well as grater. I was quite impressed with the quality of how it was built. I'd recommend this product to all.
  • The real stuff

    Dale Greiner , 12/16/2018 We had looked far and wide for such an implement. All were plastic and weak metal. This is solid and substantial and sharp.
  • Cheese slicer & grater

    JOE M ORTIZ, 11/21/2018 Both my self and my wife love this slicer, the handle is sturdy yet small enough for her to hold for grating. Also the metal portion is strong and not weak like most slicers....great item and worth the price
  • Small, well made, beautiful!

    Joe, 10/4/2018 My wife loved this for our table
  • Highest quality grater

    Joe, 10/4/2018 Very high quality
  • Wood and metal don't mix.

    stephen hawk, 9/6/2018 I bought the Flat Coarse Grater, and the metal part is built like a tank. The wooden handle is nicely finished. Unfortunately, the Italians couldn't figure out how to get the wood and metal to play nice together. Even with hand-washing only, after about a dozen uses the wood popped out of the metal. Yes, it goes back in every time, but by the same token I have to replace it after every washing.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Flat Coarse Grater. We believe you received a defective one. A replacement is on its way to you. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • These Graters are "Great"!

    Guy Leiman, 3/30/2018 These are the best graters! Great quality and very sturdy!
  • First class quality and function

    Elizabeth, 12/14/2017 These Italian kitchen graters and slicers are extremely well made -- not the least flimsy, with quality metal and real wood handles. They fit well in the hand and appear to be able to last a long time.
  • Flat Coarse Grater

    Bowden Harris, 12/7/2017 My mother wanted the flat coarse grater for Christmas. She has been through two graters in about five years. ( I have to cook quicker, and buy grated cheese.) When this item came, I was so impressed by both the wooden handle and the quality of the stainless steel! It’s about three times thicker than the graters my mother has purchased from VERY high end kitchen stores. It’s a very handsome piece- I might have to start grating my own cheese.
  • Functional and Classy Grated Cheese Server

    Joseph, 9/17/2017 The grater with cherry wood server bowl is one of those hard-to-find items that is both functional and beautiful on the table. I bought my first one for a Christmas present last year and have used it constantly throughout the months since. The grater is good for fine parmesan or as a zester. The cherry wood serving bowl can be placed on the table and looks very classy...and functional. My two daughters have visited and been impressed with the unit, so guess what? The two more I just bought will be under the tree this year for presents at Christmas!
  • You can't call these kitchen gadgets

    Bill, 7/2/2017 The set of flat graters/slicer are very serious kitchen tools. They're nicely finished. The handles are wood, so they can't go in the dishwasher, but they're a good size to hold without getting hand cramps. The clean up easily, being flat, unlike my old 4-sided grater.
  • Ms

    Denise Curtain, 5/14/2017 Well made grater, I like the wooden handle to hold it securely. I was looking for a zester, but this fits also with my cooking tools!
  • Grater/serving bowl and fine flat grater

    Joyce, 4/22/2017 Love it. Great quality, practical with less mess, and nice looking. Bought it as a wedding gift. I hope I can get one for myself!
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