Italian Made 180˚ Swinging Wall-Mounted Hose Reel

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Italian Made 180˚ Swinging Wall-Mounted Hose Reel
stores 100 feet of standard 5/8" garden hose
44A01.03 Italian Made 180˚ Swinging Wall-Mounted Hose Reel

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The screw mounting plate attaches to your house or shed wall (screws not included). The Reel will swivel nearly 180˚, so that reaching all sides of your yard is a snap. Zinc plated steel side discs and other parts of durable polypropylene.

The best part is, when it’s time to put your hose away for the season, you can simply lift the reel off its mounting plate and move it inside. The Hose Reel comes with a short special (5 ft.) section of hose to connect the Reel to the faucet bib. This Hose Reel is 22" wide and 14" in diameter.

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Protect from freezing. Ice buildup inside the hose and connectors will cause damage.

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  • Pretty Much as Advertised

    John Hiatt, 5/23/2019 Seems pretty sturdy and is able to hold quite a bit of hose. You need a hose that bends a bit on the female fitting to get it to work inside the wheel. Instructions for assembly could be better - they have pictures in black and white and no written instructions. Some of the hose parts are different colors, so it can be a bit confusing figuring out which connectors go where.

    Wheel turns well and while there are no specific mounting instructions, there are screws included that are adequate, though we beefed up what we used to attach it to the wall. For the price it's a decent deal and it will do the job.
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