Italian-Made Brass & Marbled Paper Taleidoscope

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33A01.05 Italian-Made Brass & Marbled Paper Taleidoscope

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This 7" Taleidoscope is a fascinating variation on the standard Kaleidoscope, because instead of rotating the barrel, you turn yourself around around (inside the house or outside in the great outdoors) and it captures everything the objective lens “sees.” The visual results are simply magical. Great fun will be had by all who pick it up.

Invented 200 years ago by a Scottish scientist, David Brewster, kaleidoscopes are fundamentally small (usually about 1" in diameter) round tubes with an objective lens to gather light and an eyepiece at the other end. Inside the tube are small mirrors strategically placed to create spectacular, precise, mathematically symmetrical visual patterns as the tube is slowly rotated between your fingers. What the mirrors are reflecting are typically many small undistinguished colored objects.

This is a great gift for anyone on your list, young or old.

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