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Winter Sale Italian-Made Copper Backpack Sprayer
A wine country classic for over 130 years
42T03.01 Optional Sprayer Triple Tip

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This copper beauty is the sine-qua-non of backpack sprayers and is still familiar in Europe, especially in the Italian wine country near Venice.

Other sprayers on the market are made of plastic or galvanized steel. and all have plastic working parts. This has all metal parts. Because the sprayer is made of copper (and not plastic, which can leech fluid) you can use a variety of liquids including water, herbicides, deer repellant, insect repellent, "dormant oil", fungicide, and so forth (not for use with cleaning or degreasing solvents).

The sprayer, with its curved-back shape and integral canvas harness, sits comfortably on your back, and holds up to 3-1/2 gallons. The side handle is pumped to create pressure, while your other hand directs the spray lance. The nozzle can be adjusted from a fine mist to a stream that will shoot 20 to 30 feet. Perfect for watering beyond the reach of a hose or for spraying your vegetables, fruit trees and flowers anywhere.

You can replace the standard Single brass tip with a Double or Triple delivery tip. Volume delivery will be correspondingly increased, although pressure (maximum distance reach) will decrease. Next Day & 2-Day Air Shipping not available for this item.
Made In Italy.

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Overall Rating
  • Pretty Good

    Dylan, 7/30/2013 Nice sprayer, I thought to spend extra for the quality, some parts are plastic, the handle leaks a tiny bit, other than them sending me 2 by mistake it's a good buy, we use it for foliar feeding seaweed to fruit trees etc
  • But The Strap

    GE Baker, 7/24/2013 Instruction manual is printed in light red and very hard to read, which doesn't matter much since there is little useful information there. This doesn't matter much as it's easy to figure most of the assembly... That is except for the non-padded nylon strap. I had 6 people (2 engineers) trying to connect the straps so the device can be carried, but to no luck so far. If you can't get it on your back, you can't really use it. I guess we'll figure it out one day... It looks nice...
  • Great Sprayer

    Diaz W Murray, 7/21/2013 Having used a Copper Backpack Sprayer some 46 years ago to treat Mesquite I now need one again. Searched online and ordered one from New sprayer works so great,I need to order more. Tell me when they will be available.
    Diaz W. Murray

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review and inquiry on the Italian Made Backpack Sprayer.  We are sorry that this item is not presently available. We expect to carry these again around this upcoming holiday season.
  • Follow Up

    Bahama Woodstar, 7/2/2013 Couple of things I have come to understand about this sprayer. The write up does not tell you but you can change the sprayer from left hand pump to right hand pump. The instruction manual is just about useless but just as well because putting it together. The spray head is two piece and comes a part for easy cleaning with an O ring between the two. After cleaning screw the two back together until you can no longer see the O ring. Then to adjust the spay turn both parts of the spray head as if they were one. In the beginning just fill it with water and fool with it. It will all make sense.
  • This Sprayer Rocks

    Bahama Woodstar, 5/30/2013 I would not have bought this if Garret Wade did not sell it. I am not fond of things made in Italy but this sprayer totally rocks. It is well made and works better than I could have imagined. Looks even better than it works. From the spray head to the pump it is all quality. Still not going to buy a FIAT.
  • My Backpack Sprayer

    Bill, 3/23/2013 Great quality and easy-to-use. A bit pricey, but just what I was looking for....I think that need and price balance-out. This sprayer will outlast any five of the plastic sprayers I have previously owned.
  • Revised Review

    Frances Brown, 5/9/2012 I wrote a disappointing review on April 24th. Today I am highly satisfied. Garrett Wade contacted me and replaced the spray wand at no charge. I am back to spraying my roses! Thank you Garrett Wade for standing behind your items.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    We are very happy to hear that the replacement spray wand worked out! Our ultimate goal is a satisfied customer. Best of luck with your roses this season!
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner May 2012 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Frances!!"
  • GOOD news BAD news...

    Starvn Marvn, 4/7/2011
  • Better than hand-held sprayers

    Stuck in, 1/4/2011
  • good

    Karl Schlotterbeck, 4/12/2009 not perfect
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