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Italian-Made Copper Backpack Sprayer
This copper beauty is the sine-qua-non of backpack sprayers and is still familiar in Europe, especially in the Italian wine country near Venice.

Other sprayers on the market are made of plastic or galvanized steel. and all have plastic working parts. This has all metal parts. Because the sprayer is made of copper (and not plastic, which can leech fluid) you can use a variety of liquids including water, herbicides, deer repellant, insect repellent, "dormant oil", fungicide, and so forth (not for use with cleaning or degreasing solvents).

The sprayer, with its curved-back shape and integral canvas harness, sits comfortably on your back, and holds up to 3-1/2 gallons. The side handle is pumped to create pressure, while your other hand directs the spray lance. The nozzle can be adjusted from a fine mist to a stream that will shoot 20 to 30 feet. Perfect for watering beyond the reach of a hose or for spraying your vegetables, fruit trees and flowers anywhere.

You can replace the standard Single brass tip with a Double or Triple delivery tip. Volume delivery will be correspondingly increased, although pressure (maximum distance reach) will decrease. Next Day & 2-Day Air Shipping not available for this item.
Made In Italy.
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