Italian-Made Extendable Pole Pruner/Saw

$ 249
Italian-Made Extendable Pole Pruner/Saw
A Garrett Wade Exclusive
44C01.21 Italian-Made Extendable Pole Pruner/Saw

Available 03/01/2021


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Customized for Garrett Wade by an Italian firm we know well, this is actually 3 tools in one: a telescoping pole branch pruner (with a maximum cutting width of nearly 1"); an ergonomic hand saw whose curved 11” blade can be easily detached and then attached to the pruner head, turning it into a telescoping pole saw. The 3-piece telescoping aluminum Pole is made to commercial standards, and has an extendable range from 5ft out to 14ft. Add in your own height and reach, and you easily can reach 20 ft.--a significantly greater range than other Pole Pruners.

The Pruner head attaches easily with a bolt to the Pole Arm, while the double pulley mechanism multiplies your force, making quick work of pruning. The angled head of the Pruner allows you to hang the tool on a branch when you rest, while the low profile makes it easy to maneuver between thick branches. The extra long pull cord has a hard plastic handle that can be moved along the cord to give you a extra gripping power All in all, it’s a great tool.

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    Cary Nelson, 7/24/2020 This is a well-made tool that does a great job. I found assembly a bit confusing, so a page of directions would help.
  • What a great pruner!

    Dan John, 4/8/2017 I had a little trouble figuring out how to get it to work, but once I got past that, what a great pruner. Previously I bought the extra capacity XHD, and it still does not work at all--the cutter blades never connect to make a cut, but the saw is terrific. The extra length pole on this pruner is worth the price alone. Plus the blade is super sharp and easily cuts through good sized branches.
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