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Italian Made Watering Nozzles
Three different styles of watering nozzles are offered here. Select those that suit your needs.

The Straight Nozzle is the familiar 7" long twist nozzle that adjusts from a soft conical spray up to a powerful straight jet. A twist knob adjustment on top determines flow rate-an advantage over most brass nozzles.

The Multi-Jet Pistol Grip Nozzle provides 4 distinct spray patterns: soft shower, concentrated, fan spray, & mist (we're particularly partial to the soft shower pattern). It has a rubber grip, and convenient on/off and flow rate adjustment.

The Metal Multi-Jet Pistol Grip Nozzle has an anatomical rubber grip, and wear-resistant all metal components for exceptional durability. Easy adjustments control on/off function and flow rate, from concentrated to fan spray. Rubber lined body for maximum impact protection. Italy.
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