Italian Manual Knife Sharpener

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Sale Italian Manual Knife Sharpener
Rotating, Carbonitrided Steel Discs Perfect the Cutting Edge
45T02.24 Italian Manual Knife Sharpener

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This is a simple knife sharpener that produces fast results. Carbonitriding is an industrial process which forms a very hard, highly wear-resistant surface on steel. To sharpen, hold the Sharpener against a table surface right-side up and pull the blade through the steel discs with your other hand, using medium pressure. You’ll quickly feel the cutters biting into the blade and sharpening it. Our sharpener works equally well for sharpening a fixed blade knife, a folding pocketknife, or a kitchen knife.

The handle is made from Bubinga, a hard durable wood. Overall length is 7-3/4" the handle is 4-1/2". It really works. Great value. Thanks, Italy.

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Overall Rating
  • Nice handy sharpener

    David Marques, 8/17/2019 Worked great with knifes and sissors. Stores easily.
  • always sharp

    Bill B, 6/14/2019 An excellent, functional and classic knife sharpener. Bless the Italians.
  • Excellent Sharpener

    Scott , 12/30/2018 Brought knives back to razor-sharp. It's life they're new again!
  • A simple, but powerful manual knife sharpener

    Isabella, 4/16/2018 I have been looking for a manual knife sharpener for some time now that didn't have any plastic parts. I've seen a few used ones like this manual sharpener on other sites, but they looked old and rusty. GW had this and when I saw them, I was extremely happy. I've since sharpened all my German knives and they work like new. A quality product that will last.
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