Italian Pro Dressmaker Scissors

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Italian Pro Dressmaker Scissors
Made in Italy
A Thoughtful & Very Handy Gift
65S01.07 Italian Pro Dressmaker Scissors

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For cutting fabric, nothing feels as good as a perfectly made pair of scissors. This medium sized pair is 8 long overall, the finger holes are offset so that the user can keep the bottom edge flat on the table at all times, and the scissor is gold plated – frankly just because it looks so very nice. Any professional would be pleased to use these, and you or another member of your family will be too. The function is silky smooth and the edges are ground perfectly and are as sharp as can be.

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Overall Rating
  • Scissors

    Sandi Sheppard , 12/8/2018 Got these for my daughter for Christmas. Very well balanced. She will love them.
  • Pro dressmaking scissor

    Greta Benavides, 12/4/2018 These pro shears are wonderful for my dressmaking and quilting projects. They are sturdy enough to cut through heavy fabric with ease. I wish I had known the price would get cut in half however. As a retired teacher, every penny counts
  • dressmaker scissors

    Rose, 11/24/2018 cuts well it is well balanced in the hands
  • Great quality scissors

    Jason, 11/3/2018 Very nice set of scissors. This reminds me of the old pair of scissors my parents had when I was growing up. Very smooth operation and cuts very well. I am confident this will last my lifetime and something to pass on.
  • pro dressmaker scissors

    Ricardo Arce, 5/7/2018 Very well made scissors and sharp.They were at a very good price, I bought 4 for my wife and she loves them.
  • Disappointing lack of sharpness

    Skip, 1/27/2018 I bought these for my daughter for Christmas, as she is an avid seamstress. I was disappointed to find that these "Eversharp" scissors needed to be sharpened professionally within a couple of weeks of use. On the other hand, my daughter finds them very comfortable to use and they look great...
  • Italian Pro Dressmaker Scissors

    George Whippen, 12/15/2017 Bought these for my Wife for Christmas they work fine and look great I am sure She will love them. Thank you for the good service.
  • Good tools make all the difference

    Ken Oliver, 2/18/2017 I bought these for my wife as she had worn out several pairs of cheaper scissors. She had recently become much more serious about her sewing and embroidery so I decided to see if a more expensive pair would make any difference in her work. She LOVED them. She has told me several times how well they work and how much more accurately she can work. I know in my workshop that a good tool makes all the difference and these are apparently good tools!
  • Not just for fabric

    Owl, 1/21/2017 They feel like an old fashioned pair of scissors that you might have had thirty years ago. They are heavy in the hand which makes cutting extremely easy. Probably the sharpest set of scissors I have tried in a very long time. They cut smoothly and with very little effort. Unlike cheap scissors where their cutting surface may or may not cut all the way along it's edge, this set will cut all the way from the joint to the tip without losing any of it's sharpness. You will be impressed with just how consistent these edges are. You will like these for just about any soft cutting you need to do. So far they have not failed me in the least. If you are interested in a quality pair of scissors, buy these, you will not be disappointed.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner January 2017 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Ralph!!
  • Top quality

    Thomas, 11/15/2016 Sharp, strong, well made. Easily cuts heavy fabric. A pleasure to use.
  • .pd \

    Sam Dawson, 6/11/2016 Bought them for my wife. She does upholstery work she says they are great.
  • Good

    Aarne Laanemaa, 12/12/2014 Good product. Nice scissors.
  • More Than We Expected

    C Myers, 1/2/2014 These Scissors are the best that I have ever used!
  • Seamstress dream

    Pat Pray, 1/1/2014 Great gift for my wife who is always looking for a quality pair of scissors for her textile cutting. Very comfortable in hands both small and large.
  • Great scissors

    Chris, 1/2/2013 The scissors are made of great workmanship, a bit pricey. However, I was shocked to see high quality scissors with a 10 cent piece shear holster made of cheap plastic. or another way of putting this is a multi-million dollar building with a 10 dollar sign out front.
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