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Italian Ringlock Fabric Scissors
A maker of scissors and shears for the professional trades in Italy has developed a whole new approach to the mechanics of the scissor hinge, or pivot. As devoted fans of both beautifully made scissors and innovative tool making, we were intrigued to learn more, and we’re very happy with what we found.

A loosened pivot allows blades to twist during use. This leads to dull blades and frequent sharpening. High-end, expensive shears for professionals will have an adjustable hinge screw to control the “play” in the pivot, but more affordable models do not include such features. Borrowing technology from the watch making industry, our Italian maker has overcome this age-old problem with the patented “ring lock” hinge.

Using precision-machined bearings in a self-lubricating Teflon sleeve, the hinge eliminates play and twist, and provides a 60% larger rotation circumference for the blades. The functional benefit of this is super-smooth, precision cutting with far less fatigue during use, and a much longer edge life.

The ergonomic handles are exceedingly comfortable to use, with a soft nylon/rubber covering. The 8-1/2” dressmaker-style scissors weigh 3oz; the 6” sewing scissors weigh a mere 1.25 oz. The larger size is available in both left-hand & right-hand models – a real rarity these days. These are indeed beautifully made scissors. Highly recommended.
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