Japanese Angled Root Cutter

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Japanese Angled Root Cutter
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This is a wonderfully simple tool that any gardener or homeowner will love. It is small, can be slipped in your pocket, and has an aggressively serrated 2-3/4" blade set at about a 30 degree angle to the wood handle. Stick it in any hole in the ground that you need to clean up, push the blade against the root or stalk, and pull straight up, cutting the root cleanly with minimal fuss. This is a great tool. Stainless steel blade.

Made In Japan.

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Overall Rating
  • Great edging tool

    Kevin Carroll, 6/11/2020 Using it to clean up cemetery markers. As someone mentioned first 2 or 3 teeth prone to breaking but otherwise a great edging tool.
  • Precision Extraction

    Anthony , 5/2/2020 Gets the job done with ease. I love it.
  • WOW

    Betty Walker, 6/22/2019 My favorite new tool this summer.
  • Only does one thing, but does it really well.

    EJ, 1/14/2019 Just like it says, a great tool for cutting through small to medium size roots in seconds. One thing - see how narrow the blade is at the last two teeth? Yeah, that'll snap off pretty easily if you're not careful. Doesn't actually affect the functionality of the tool much, though.
  • End your frustration

    Xavier T. Carrillo, 11/5/2018 It is an engineering masterpiece! I didn’t believe that such a simple looking garden tool would slice thru the toughest roots and finally end my frustrations. Everyone will definitely appreciate this angled serrated cutter.
  • A cutter that covers all the angles

    John R., 8/11/2017 An amazing little tool. Destroyed tangled root masses in seconds. A "new" gardener's best friend!
  • Great for Cutting Through Difficult Root Clumps

    Marliss Walther, 6/6/2017 I ordered the Japanese Root Cutter to cut through some difficult Clivia roots from an overgrown clump in a pot. It made that difficult job much easier than any other tool I've tried in the past. I'm sure this invaluable little tool will be put to good use for a number of garden jobs.
  • less expensive elsewhere

    anna-mary crickmer, 2/24/2017 well made
  • Great for trimming both roots and stems.

    Robert Hiss, 11/3/2016 My brother-in-law. Gave this to me last spring. Today I had to cut the tops off my cannas flowers. This was always a real hassle involving hedge clippers and hand saws. I simply used my root cutter to remove the stalks. It was accomplished with 1 stroke of the cutter. I then used it to thin the rhizomes and roots to get them ready for next season. Great tool with a myriad of uses.
  • Now I have two

    Susan, 8/1/2016 This is my second Japanese Root Cutter, still love the first one which has a straight handle and used it so much I had to have it sharpened. The 30 degree angle on this one helps getting under those twisted roots better. I'M not giving up the first cutter it just has a partner.
  • Between the cracks

    Alan, 6/14/2016 My garden -- raised beds, flower beds, roses, trees, waterfalls, a deck -- is connected by paths of flagstone. The one drawback to the flagstone is weeds come up between the cracks and are very difficult to remove. Make that past tense. Were very difficult. This little tool is amazing! I was able to wedge the tool between the cracks and easily pop out the weeds. The task of weeding now fits into a crack between enjoyable and addictive. I’ve had a few purchases that were just so-so, but every Japanese tool from Garrett Wade has been phenomenal. The timber saw, the pole saw and the hatchet have all been great tools that, like the weed cutter, make the task easy and enjoyable. I strongly recommend giving the weed cutter a try. It’s only a few bucks and if you like it close to as much as I do, you might consider some of the other Japanese saws and tools as well.
  • Versatile cutter

    Valerie, 6/14/2016 Great tool. The angle of the blade is just right with the teeth being at the ready, sharp and serious.
  • Indispensable!

    Lynette, 5/31/2016 I live in the country, and my garden has been plagued by vines since the beginning. This tool is fantastic for sawing through roots that are too tenacious to dig out. The teeth do a formidable job, and don't get clogged with soil like others I've tried, so it remains usable until I finish for the day. I like the handle length for stuffing in my back pocket. It's a good idea to apply some bright paint or wrap colorful tape around the handle to make it easier to find when you set it down.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner May 2016 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Lynette!!
  • Effective - sale price is worthwhile

    CMG, 5/4/2016 Useful, you don't always want to use a more expensive tool to cut roots. This fits the bill well, and the serrations are sharp enough not to tear the root. My criticism is based solely on the price. The sale price is proper and worthwhile for this level of finish - I might argue that the regular price is a little ambitious for a root cutter. Satisfied with the purchase at the sale price
  • Best All Purpose Gardening Hand Tool You Can Buy

    Gail, 4/8/2016 Love this tool. Had to order another as I had worn out the previous one using it for all things besides cutting roots in potting. It's the most efficient weeding tool I've ever had, which is why I wore it out removing wild petunia, nut grass, etc. from my gardens.
  • Can't Live Without It

    StephanThernstrom, 3/30/2016 I thought about buying this a couple of years ago, but decided that it didn't look like much. Now I've had it for two weeks, I am cursing myself for delaying. Lots of little roots in my garden soil, and until now I've been sticking a very good pair of pruners into the dirt, pulling out the debris, deepening the hole a bit and snipping away again. This root cutter does it all with the few swipes of the blade. I'd feel naked in my garden without it, and never will be again.
  • Can't Live Without This Tool

    Christina, 7/25/2015 This is a great little tool for cutting roots, vines, grass, all sorts of things in the garden. It makes quick work of most tasks. I lost mine, so I ordered two replacements, just in case.
  • Garden Tool

    Barb, 5/19/2015 Replaced at least 4 tools. Cultivates, digs, cuts vines, weeds, etc. Works in tight spaces. Best all-around garden tool for ground level work I ever had - and I have a lot of them.
  • Useful Tool

    Carolyn Carney, 1/21/2015 This is a very useful tool, I recently received it and happily a week later we got one of those rare beautiful NC winter days, perfect for some garden clean up work. I needed to tidy up some iris leaves (I have a lot of the very large yellow flag) and this tool was brilliant for cutting them back, made short work of a tiresome task.
  • Looks Are Deceiving

    Raul Rodriguez Jr., 8/10/2014 When I first received it I was disappointed at the size and it's weight made me think it was flimsy. How wrong I was. Today I put it to the test and task after task it passed with flying colors. It cuts thru roots easily and fits just right in the hand. I cut grass roots, plant roots, small branches, dead banana tree leaves and sliced open bags of potting soil. This blade is a must for any gardener, professional or hobbyist.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner August 2014 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Raul!!"
  • My Green Thumb" Wife LOVES THIS!"

    Marvin Howard, 4/29/2014 My wife -the gardener- tried this out on some pesky low shrub roots that had resisted EVERY other tool she tried, and came in to tell me how this was one of the greatest gardening tools she had ever used! It cut quickly, cleanly and predictably! She then tried it on some perennials that died during the winter, and again she raved about how this cut through even the densest clumps of stems like a hot knife through butter". Almost no effort required by her... the tool did all the work! Thanks GW for allowing me to score all kinds of points with my "Green Thumber"!"
  • Deceptively Effective!

    Rhonda Thibault, 2/26/2014 I bought this tool 2 years ago. When it arrived my husband laughed at it because it is very lightweight and it honestly looks a bit flimsy. However, I pretended it was exactly what I wanted, took it outside, and proceeded to easily and quickly cut out a new garden bed, taking up a huge heavy and thick mat of turf. My husband admitted he was wrong about this tool. I did as well, but silently to myself of course!
  • Small, Quick and Sharp

    Frank White, 4/6/2011
  • Ivy Wrecker

    Charlie, 6/13/2010 This tool made an awful job of removing well-established ivy from my yard a piece of cake. It is also effective is cutting heavy grass and weeds above ground. Buy it!
  • Fabulous Tool For Weeding

    MVH1, 5/26/2010 There are a lot of very deep-rooted weeds in my flower bed. I just dig in with this and cut and pull. It's great. For really tough weeds to remove below the surface.
  • Great Little Tool

    Marissa, 4/16/2010 This is the perfect little tool for cutting through the tough roots of any plants, but especially great for bonsai.
  • Japanese Angled Root Cutter

    Jack and Beatrice Collins, 4/1/2009 My husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed this tool since friends told us about it. We have numerous beds of daylilies and perennials in our yard surrounded by variegated liriope and this tool is the best way we have found to cut the dead liriope foliage in the late winter or early spring. Just a simple pull and you have a handful of cut foliage. We have recommended it to others in our daylily club and our neighborhood.
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