Japanese Combination Waterstones

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Japanese Combination Waterstones
Two Grits in One Stone
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49M10.02 250/1000 Combination Waterstone

In stock


49M11.03 1000/6000 Combination Waterstone

In stock


Combination Waterstones save space in the workshop while offering great value to the woodworker. Excellent for honing knives, chisels and plane blades. Waterstones are the ideal choice for the kitchen, too. Conveniently sized (8" x 2" x 1"), our traditional waterstones are of the highest quality from Japan. The 1000/6000 is an excellent honing and finishing stone., while the 250/1000 stone offers a coarser alternative for heavy edge shaping.
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  • 250/1000 waterstone

    KEITH, 3/20/2017 This stone is a bit pricey but perfectly flat and very useful. I will probably buy the 1000/6000 stone if it ever goes on sale
  • Which Stone

    Kevin, 11/3/2014 I received the tanish/pink stone which I believe is the 250/1000 stone along with the non-skid sharpening holder. These are the first sharpening stones I have used, but I have been impressed. It does take a little bit to get accustom to using them. I would also suggest not using your finger/fingernail as a guide when sharpening. It does not take long to wear down to the quick. I would recommend them to other people, but would ask the company to identify which stone is which in the picture. I would like to get the other one and I am not completely sure which one I have.
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