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16E02.01 Japanese Digging Knife (stainless steel)

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36J02.07 Japanese Digging Knife (carbon steel)

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Wood handle, 6-3/4" long serrated steel forged blade will even cut through roots. The back side (underneath) is curved slightly to give it a scooping capability.

The Stainless Steel Knife (with the red wood handle) will never rust, but as it is less stiff than a plain Carbon Steel blade, it may flex a bit in heavy clay-like soils. The Carbon Steel Knife (natural colored handle) will never flex, although it will rust if not cleaned off after use and kept lightly oiled. You know which meets your standards best.

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Overall Rating
  • Scabbard rile too easily

    Raul Cardenas , 12/9/2019 My is a soil guy ... I purchase this for him... after pulling the blade from the scabbard and returning the blade to it. The scabbard ripped .. my son just used duct tape to repair it. Other than that product was prefect for him.
  • First time with a digging knife

    Scott Tollefson, 3/22/2019 Just received...have not used yet. Solid blade, and sharp...handle feels like it may wobble a bit...hope to update to a 5 star, but won't know until we stick it in the earth.
  • Tough little tool

    EJ, 1/13/2019 Note this is a review of the stainless steel version. It's the tough little digging tool you always wanted. Bash through roots, pry out stones, shift clay soil, and you don't need to worry about dinging it up because when it gets too badly bashed up you can easily sharpen it with a file. And it takes a LONG time to really damage it. I've had mine for 12 or so years and only sharpened it 2 or 3 times.
  • Handle could be better

    Michael Douty, 12/22/2018 The blade is sturdy enough but I'm giving 3 stars because the fit of the handle to the tang is lousy. The tang is not flat and looking from the handle side you can see daylight all the way through. The warp is probably done to take into account the wide slot in the handle in order to get rid of any rattle you'd have with a flat tang. The handle edges aren't even with the tang and overhangs the tang on both sides by quite a bit. Over time I expect the handle to either crack or loosen because of these conditions or as another reviewer commented the rivet to break. The sheath is fairly cheap so I'll probably toss it for something a little more sturdy.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Japanese Digging Knife. We're sorry to hear you received what we think is a defective one. We have sold many of these successfully, and it sounds to us like you received a bad one. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase so, by all means, send it back using the label which was included. We will replace it with one which has been looked over by our product specialist upon your request. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Converted skeptic

    Pat Capone, 12/12/2018 I received one of these as a gift this summer. I was a bit skeptical as I have my favorite garden tools that I have used for years. Took me a while to even use the digging knife, but when I did, I was IMPRESSED and asked myself why I never had this before. When I was taking plants that had been growing all summer out of pots...it was a breeze to cut through the roots and remove the plants. I also used it to separate some perennials in the garden and it made the job so much easier. I am so in love with this tool that I bought 3 to give away to my gardening friends for Christmas presents!
  • My favorite tool

    Carole Connet, 12/8/2018 I had a carbon steel hori hori for maybe 20 years and just recently lost it. So I bought this one as a replacement and it's just as good. Even better, because it comes with a sheath that attaches to your belt, so maybe I won't lose it! Keep it clean and oiled and it will last forever.
  • Best Gardening Tool Ever

    Anne Patterson, 8/30/2018 This is the second one we have bought so two of us can weed at the same time. It is absolutely the best for weeding, strong enough to cut through pesky tree roots and other garden chores. We chose the carbon steel version since maintenance/sharpening is an easy chore. It took some time to find this exact model we originally purchased elsewhere - websites are mostly showing similar looking, probably not as well-wearing tools. Thank you Garrett Wade for still offering this one.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner August 2018 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Anne!!
  • Everyone's favorite gardening tool

    NANgc, 6/29/2018 I purchased one of these knives several years ago. It was my "go-to" gardening tool for everything. And then I mistakenly threw it away in the trash. Devastation!!!! But my husband ordered me a new one and I guard it with my life. You can do anything in the garden with, dig, prune, weed, etc. It is sturdy and has never rusted. I ordered my daughter one a few years ago and she feels the same way I do about it. My son, when he couldn't find his trowel, used my knife and he was hooked. So I recently ordered him one.
  • Highly Recommended

    Kathy, 5/12/2018 Used this tool to prep flowerbeds today. It cut through those pesky roots I deal with each year with a minimum of effort. It easily removed huge dandelions. I’ve been trying to tame decorative grasses that are growing out of control the past three years, and this tool made the task much easier. Cleaning the stainless steel blade is a snap. The handle is comfortable to grip, and the tool is well-balanced in my hand.
  • Japanese Digging Knife

    Margaret Pearson, 4/9/2018 This is the real thing. Strong, tough. Easy to carry around with belt loop on the sheath. Used it to go after some mature Russian Olive, an invasive species with a deep root. Where other tools weren't sharp or strong enough to do the job, the Garrett Wade Japanese Digging Knife was perfect. Worth the money!
  • Worth the money

    EJ, 11/4/2017 I own the stainless version. It's pricey for a hand tool but extremely sturdy and useful. I've got clay soil but never noticed any flexing. And I pound on it. It's basically a trowel, saw, and mini-hatchet in one tool.
  • Recent Purchase

    Dawn Dziura, 6/12/2017 I recently bought a new gardening knife for my daughter,as I love mine so much,I use it all the time in the gardenand she was eyeing it way too much for comfort for me. Great tool.
  • Digging knife

    Suzanne, 5/21/2017 I bought the stainless steel digging knife and it is very sturdy and sharp. I have used it to quickly dig out dandelions, and other weeds, and for whacking off sirt from roots. It has made tasks like weeding between roots much easier and ocerall makes the job quicker. I am veey pleased with the quality of the knife. I do wish the very necessary-for-safety sheath was real leather, as the vinyl sheath seems like it will cut and wear easily over time.
  • Japanese Digging Knife

    Beth Leos, 4/19/2017 Love the Japanese digging knife. It comes in handy when I have to dig up roots that are to deep in the ground pull up, but I don't want to use a shovel.
  • great tool

    William, 4/3/2017 Bought one for myself. Loved it! Bought another for my brother-in-law, who is an avid gardener. He'll love it too.
  • carbon steel Japanese digging knife

    William, 3/26/2017 Super efficient cutter and digger. Works without effort.
  • No lawn chemicals needed

    Tom, 12/30/2016 Christmas gift for my wife. I wouldn't want to be a dandelion this spring.
  • bonsai

    mike, 12/27/2016 purchased this one as a gift but would like to add one to my gardening kit.
  • Love It

    Tom Alexander, 12/26/2016 My wife loves this knife! She calls it her "ginsu" garden knife.
  • Love It

    Tom Alexander, 12/26/2016 My wife LOVES it! She calls it her "ginsu" gardening knife.
  • For medicinal herbs too

    Julie Thompson, 9/6/2016 This is a great knife for using in harvest medicinal plant roots (smaller plants)
  • Terrific tool for gardening.

    Nancy, 8/2/2016 What a great buy! I am so delighted. I had been looking for something to dig and cut roots when I saw this. I decided to give it a try and I am so glad I did. I have used it now as I cleaned up old plants. Cutting the roots was a breeze. I wish I had seen this sooner. I got the steel one as I need one that will not bend.
  • great multi purpose garden tool

    Nanwithaplan, 7/18/2016 It's a trowel, a weeder, a trimmer. Bonus is looking cool carrying such a shiny, knife around the garden.
  • Wish I Hadn't Dithered

    Tony di V., 6/1/2016 Japanese Digging Knife, Carbon Steel for me. It holds an edge and when due will sharpen to good as new. No 'Learning Curve,' e.g., Nursery Spade (many a sore wrist) you learn to use It's weight using your finger tips to 'flick' the tool at It's deeper chores. Why dig and 'backfill' a pit when a 'wee custom hole' will suffice. Would like to see an option for a better 'Sheath.' The gaps (handle) for the 'Tang' equal blisters. A tube of Plastic Wood and a little sandpaper is a cheap cure. Still a 5 star with a + option as a possible "Survival Knife" to consider.
  • Japanese Digging Knife

    Dawn Dziura, 4/12/2016 I recently ordered the Carbon Steel Knife and found it just great! I already used it in the garden and was amazed. Congrads on great product.
  • Indestructible

    Zee, 3/30/2016 I bought my second Japanese Digging Knife when I thought I had lost my first. I found my first knife in the Spring. It had spent all winter in the garden. I had to clean it up, but it is still tight and works fine. These knifes are my go-to tool in the garden. The serrated edge will cut landscape fabric. They are perfect for weeding. Every gardener needs one of these. A perfect gift.
  • More than a digging knife

    Kevin, 3/28/2016 Great for cutting dead plants and grasses. Sheath a good addition.
  • Dig Dig Tool

    Dave, 3/28/2016 I have been using the stainless steel digging and cutting tool for years. It is my favorite garden tool. It is the best I have every used. I have purchased three over five plus years. One for me, one for my wife and one on standby. In case something happens, I have a backup tool. It will be your number one garden tool. Love mine.
  • Essential Garden Tool!

    Nancy K. Socha, 12/23/2014 I bought a Japanese digging knife several years ago. I got my husband one after he was constantly borrowing" mine. An essential item; whether transplanting, dividing, cutting roots, prying out small rocks. The stainless steel knife cleans easily and never needs sharpening. Our son had to have one for Christmas. Best garden tool ever!"
  • Somewhat Lighter Construction Than I Thought It Would Be

    Tim, 12/21/2014 It's winter, so I've not had a chance to use the tool, but it looks like it will do okay. The construction is lighter weight than I assumed it would be. Also there are colorful kanji on the back side of the handle, which is fine by me. The sheath is very light weight.
  • Indispensible

    Gerry Meininger, 3/17/2014 I am frequently in the garden with a pocket or wheel barrel full of a sundry tools. Once I strapped this on my belt I felt freed from always searching for the right tool. I call it my garden weapon"! It digs for planting, it prunes, it saws through stubborn roots, it cuts garden cord when strings and tying plants up. I love it. "
  • A Great V-Day Gift

    Hanna Hobar, 2/17/2014 My husband gave me this tool for Valentines Day since he knew how tough it is to dig and plant here in Florida. Before I used it on him, I tried it and found that his knife or tool makes it easier to cut the roots and other strange things in the soil around our house. He is forgiven!
  • A Must

    S. McCandlish, 1/30/2014 The carbon steel one (haven't tried stainless) is insanely great, and not just for gardening - has plenty of garage and even kitchen uses (just keep it clean, of course). Used one since 2006, and it's still a great tool despite the wear. Easily sharpened.
  • Japanese Digging Knife

    Mike, 11/9/2013 High quality stout digging knife, If you are stealing kitchen knifes to work in the garden, this product will make you stop. Great for digging out weed, cutting veggies and flowers. You will always want it on your hip in the handy belt pouch!
  • Best Knife Ever!

    Tonya, 8/29/2013 This is the third knife I have ordered from you. It is absolutely wonderful for weeding in the garden. I still have the first two but they are worn and all taped up with duct take. It was time for a new one. You can get down about 8 inches into the soil and dig out those pesky weeds!
  • Unbelievably Handy

    Peter, 7/20/2013 I bought this Stainless digging knife to replace a cheap rusting one that came with a metal detector. Wow!, I was surprised on arrival. Both the serrated and straight cutting edges are very sharp. This feature works wonders piercing soil and cutting through underground roots in one step. If you relocate plants and bulbs, this is the tool for you.
  • Handle is Loose

    Scott Dutcher, 6/3/2013 The blade is great on the stainless version and after 3 years it am still cutting through finger-thick roots with no problem. But the handle arrived a little loose and over the years has gotten worse. Now the rivet closest to the blade has fallen out. But I love the blade and am looking to get the handle fixed.
  • Wrist Saver

    Lisa, 3/10/2013 I just started using my Japanese knife this week, for weeding. Wow! If I had one of these when I started weeding at age 14, I might not have the wrist injury I have today. I will keep this by my side when I'm gardening. It does what the skinny little forked weeders, and the trowels, can't do - and can take the pressure without bending, and gets under the ground far enough that they won't come back. Saved me a LOT of time yesterday.
  • Metal Detecting

    Mike Whitaker, 1/10/2013 Excellent for metal detecting: can scalp out divot and go deeper in rotational cuts. Most detecting is shallow near surface soil movement since no detectors are truly exact. The plastic holster with Japanese characters is an insulting piece of crap. Wrap it in duct tape along with the handles for comfort.
  • Superb Digging Knife

    Ara Bulick, 11/23/2011 My wife wanted a digging knife of her own, tired of using my contraptions. i ordered for her the Japanese SS Digging knife hoping it was all the reviews said. WOW! It is excellent! I use this every chance I get , when she's not looking. This knife is very well made. The serrated side cuts very well. As for my wife this sucker never leaves her side so it looks like I'll be buying another. Being SS I don't have to worry she's left it outside, which she always manages to do,it doesn't rust. I highly reccommend.
  • Excellent digging knife.

    Jim, 6/17/2011 I bought the SS knife. This is a great garden tool. Well made and easy to use. My soil is hard and has a lot of clay, but this Japanese Digging Knife was up to the job. On one job I used mine to cut sod from around my shrubs. Then I used the serrated blade to knock the good dirt from the sod. The rivet near the blade became loose after a lot of hard usage. I placed one side of the rivet on a hard surface and used a small round punch and a hammer to tighten the rivet. It worked.
  • Gardening Knife

    Gail Kummer, 6/6/2011 I really like this blade, my friend calls it the Gardening Ginzu. It will cut through almost anything and... it is great upper arm exercise. I definitely would give this as a gift.
  • A good knife !

    Mike Gresham, 3/18/2011 A very handsome ,well made knife. The balance is very good. Have not used it yet . Am looking forward to using it ,shortly.
  • Mixed

    MN Herbalist, 2/7/2011 This is a nice tool, but the handle is a bit large for a medium sized woman's hand, and you have to be careful not to use it to pry plants out of their holes. The blade is plenty sharp, but mine bent near the handle when I was digging plants with long roots.

    DED, 1/3/2011 This is art! I LOVE this kind of quality. I may buy another just to have around to admire. Heavy stainless blade, very durable wood handle. No one under 240 lbs. will ever break this thing. The sheath is about a 3 quality. You won't regret it.
  • gifts for gardners

    Linda Riley, 12/26/2010 The japanese digging knife and the grandpa's weeder were bought as gifts and I was very impressed by the quality of them. This is my first time ordering from Garrett and I will definatley use them again
  • Very sharp blade

    Robert, 12/21/2010 wide handle
  • Great tool

    Richard Vincent, 12/18/2010 This is a great tool to have around. You can use it hard without fear of damaging it. Cuts out grass easily and roots with the serrated edge. I have given this as gifts and they all love them I highly recommend this to all
  • Nice Lightweight Knife

    Phil, 12/13/2010 Nice Lightweight Knife. I was hoping for a full tang and a little heavier knife. Overall the knife is satisfactory.
  • The Economy Model

    Baron Rojo, 9/28/2010 I also own the Professional Gardener's Digging Tool" [79W05.01] also sold by Garrett Wade; I got each on sale and was able to compare them directly. This knife is not as strong as the other, more expensive one. That's the only reason I marked it down on the Star Scale. I think I may have bent it slightly with my energetic digging; I flipped the other side up and now it appears straight. Digging has no effect on those edges, however, which are definitely sharper than those of the other knife. (The serrated edge is more effective when cutting tough roots and vines than those "sawtooth" slots, as well.) And the handle is every bit as indestructible as you please; I left it out in the rain at least once (no rust on the stainless-steel blade!) and there's no detectable evidence of it. So which of these knives is best for you depends as much on your needs as the price. See my review on the Professional Gardener's Digging Tool. "
  • Non-stainless sharpens better

    10-year user, 7/27/2010 We've had one of these (a horihori", translated 'digdig') for 10+ years, and aside from its handle losing its finish, it's going strong, and every bit as versatile as when it was new. It may pick up some surface rust, but takes and holds a good edge when sharpened. (It doesn't need to be all that sharp, imho.) "
  • Dig Away

    DIYGirl, 5/19/2010 This is one big knife! I was concerned when it first arrived. The blade was a little bit discolored on the edges and it was magnetic, so I questioned the composition. An extremely helpful technical rep queried Japan, persisted and got me the answer: Martensitic stainless (magnetic) that's heat treated. It is one hefty knife in a nice sturdy case. Dry it off before storing, because Martensitic steel can rust or corrode. Do that and it will cut some pretty tough roots and last a long time.
  • Samurai Dandelion Knife

    Marion Olson, 4/15/2010 The best tool made for vanquishing dandelions in the lawn. This one is sharp enough to get right down to the end of the taproot and get the whole plant out in one pass. They don't stand a chance!
  • Awesomw tool

    Annie, 2/3/2010 I am very pleased with this knife. If it indeed awesome! Handsome to look at and functional as well.
  • Mabe I can become a salesperson

    Lil Tower, 5/25/2009 I'v had this tool for at least five years, and yes, it is becoming dull. I plan to purchase a second one, 'cause it it never where I want it. I do a lot of gardening with a garden club. When I pull this out, all of the others want to use it and know where I got it. Have to make sure it goes home with me and not with their tools.
  • Sharp

    DJP, 4/26/2009 I have purchased a few of these type tools but this is the best by far because the serrated edge is sharp" ... cut myself sharp ... I know better now. It really cuts roots that won't dig out. "
  • Shovel in My Pocket

    Gene Plaud, 4/15/2009 I use this tool more often than all my other GarrettWade products. For digging, weeding, cultivating, transplanting, dividing, this is the handiest tool you can have. Easily maneuvered, this will slice through dirt without fail. After using this knife for five years now, maybe I'll sharpen it... maybe not.
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