Japanese Folding Saw

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Japanese Folding Saw
very fast cutting, easy to store
49I02.06 Folding Japanese Utility Saw

Available 12/30/2020


49I02.07 Folding Saw Replacement Blade

Out of stock


49I02.08 Japanese Compass Saw

In stock


49I02.09 Compass Saw Replacement Blade

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Japanese saws, with their pull-stroke design, make for the best portable saws – hands down. The wider Folding Utility Saw is a go-to tool for sizing boards, especially when working outside the shop. The blade width is 2" , Length is 10". The blade lock (which doubles as blade angle-adjuster) is very secure and the blade folds into the rubber covered steel handle for safe storage.

The tapered narrow blade of the Compass Saw makes it easy to navigate curved forms. It’s also great with drywall and cutting in the middle of a panel using a drilled starter hole. Its blade can be easily replaced so get several spares.

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