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Clearance Japanese Chopping Hatchet
Cuts cleanly and quickly
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19S13.01 Japanese Chopping Hatchet

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With its leather covered storage case (which has a belt loop) and its laminated steel blade construction, this is a traditional gardening tool that's terrific for cutting small branches. The thick back of the blade makes it unusually (and intentionally) heavy for its 6-1/2" length, and this translates into great cutting momentum when you are working. It chops like a dream.
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  • Does What I Want Done

    Ken Provus, 5/12/2017 I bought this Hatchet after seeing similar items being used for carving in several videos. The Japanese grind if excellent for smoothing and other rather fine work. So far I am very impressed with the amount of control that I am achieving with a tool that is new to me. The combination of size and weight make working with the hatchet a breeze.
    However, I have two concerns. The first is the handle. While the quality of the wood seems good, there are gaps by the blade that are uncomfortable. I will fill them in. Secondly, while the scabbard is interesting, it does not seem that secure. All in all, I love using this Hatchet.
  • Great blade!!!!!

    Jacob, 4/25/2016 This Knife is awesome except for the handle. The handle looks cheap and the rivets don't go all the way through the handle. I'm going to replace the handle with my own as it has started to split after a few uses. The blade however is amazing!!!! It comes factory sharp and is a great knife for clearing brush or chopping small branches. I take it camping with me and love it. This would be 5 stars if the handle was a little bit nicer.
  • Typical Excellent Japanese Tool Quality

    Michael A. Knox, 4/25/2016 This is a very sharp, solid, well-balanced hatchet that makes easy work of hewing and splitting. The blade is flat on the left side and beveled at 20 degrees on the right side. It is well-balanced for a hatchet, though I find it a bit unwieldy when held at the distal end of the handle. It splits straight-grained wood quite easily with only moderate force, and hews with light to medium force. This tool is an especially nice addition to an unplugged workshop.
  • Japanese chopping Hachet

    Harry, 3/30/2016 This is my third purchase of this Hachet. Sons claimed the other two for brush clearing & splitting kindling. Unfortunately the third one I ordered has been 3 months in coming. Still have not received. Lastly we have had to fill area where handle and tang do not match in height. We filled these with epoxy & sanded to smooth. If not done handle will pinch hand during use. Very painful, I hope third unit will be better than first two purchased
  • Unique tool

    Noodles, 11/18/2015 I bought one of these about 35 years ago from Smith & Hawken. It has an 8 1/2" blade and is a wonderful tool. I'll be using it again this week to clear a LOT of Virginia Creeper.
  • Kindling Splitter

    TK Thompson, 9/7/2015 I've been looking for something like this for quite some time. I have Parkinson's Disease and worry about splitting kindling with a regular hatchet by holding the wood in my left hand while the right hand is running the hatchet. One bad twitch and there goes a finger! I place the Japanese tool on the wood where I want to split it with the left hand and use a hammer to whack the tool back with the right hand - no fingers in the way!! The tool holds the piece of wood to split upright rather than my fingers!

    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner September 2015 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, TK!!
  • Compact and Versatile

    Willy, 8/28/2014 This was the second one of these hatchets I've gotten, the first was over 20 years ago, and I haven't seen one since until I saw it in the Garrett Wade catalog. The hatchet is very compact and very solidly built. Good for everything from splitting kindling to hacking off tree limbs or roots in tight spaces. I haven't tried chopping a steel pipe with it, but I'd say it's pretty near indestructible in normal use.
  • Best of the Best

    James Scalzo, 6/16/2014 Exceptional tool. Cuts are effortless and so easy to handle.
  • Japanese Hatchet

    Lori, 12/23/2013 This is a utility grade traditional Japanese tool. The blade arrived sharp and ready for use. The handle needed to be roughed up with 100 grit sandpaper for my grip preference. This is a RIGHT HANDED tool. I use it to cut bamboo and light limbing chores and it is very effective for those. The edge steel is not the highest quality for a Japanese tool but it takes and holds an edge superior to any comparably priced western tool that I know of. This type of tool requires some skill to use properly and can be dangerous for if the user does not take the time to become familiar with how to use it correctly. A good introduction to Japanese wood cutting tools that performs light limbing, brush cutting and kindling splitting as well as or better than any comparable western styled tool.
  • Great Tool

    Nate, 3/11/2013 This tool is great. I make rustic willow furniture and when I cut, I need a clean 45° cut, on green wood. This thing is perfect...I also use it on the framework. Do wish it came with the case from the Special Japanese Hatchet" though, this case is not to good :( the other case looks like it would be perfect for what I do. Still a good tool."
  • substantial slasher

    Tim Mc, 1/12/2012 I had bought this tool to clean up windbreaks and scrub trees around outbuildings of a recently purchased farm and I now find it indespensible. The mass of the thick blade allows me to zip right through scrub and brush up to an 1 1/4 in diameter. I find it extremely efficient, economical, and safer when limbing smaller branches off of downed trees instead of lugging a chainsaw through the canopy. Great tool, great buy."
  • Excellent Hatchet

    Ara, 11/23/2011 I bought this hatchet over 7 years ago from Garrett Wade. I was amazed how sharp it was right out of the box. I have used this hatchet regularly to thin the bamboo and brush from my back yard. There has been nothing this won't cleave it one mighty whack. After all these years and 2 sharpenings this tool still looks like new.
  • Whack and it is Gone

    gary hein, 9/30/2011 I work with a team that records petroglyphs. Often there is a limb in the way of our efforts. One whack with this and it is gone. I like it better than the clippers, saw, and machete I have used. The weight means a lot of force come from a flick of the wrist. I did modify the handle with electrical tape to cover the open slot in the handle that holds the blade. A never mind process. I suspect that this is the traditional method of attaching the blade to the handle. Would be nice if it was wrapped when the customer received it.

    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner September 2011 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Gary!!
  • The Cleaver Japanese Hatchet

    daniel, 6/7/2011 The Hatchet is a wonderfull tool to have when you are in the wild or aniwhere.I would prefure the Hatchet of any hand tool.
  • Unique

    Steve Lawrence, 12/1/2010 I was curious about how this would be different from a hatchet, but is is more useful because of the way it is weighted for whacking" limbs, or splitting small logs. I'm glad I got it!"
  • Just what I've been looking for

    Richard, 11/13/2010 Since using a similar tool borrowed from a neighbor a few months ago I've been looking for one of these unique and useful tools, and after using it now for a couple weeks I must say I am not disappointed. It cuts through the brush and small trees here on my property with ease. I might buy another one just in case something happens to this one.
  • Beautiful

    Steve, 11/12/2010 effective tool
  • best camp & hunter tool

    Mac, 10/14/2010 the best all around,camp ,hunting,fishing,tool i have used in a long time,will give one to son ,grandson for camping trips , as general yard tool, or outdoors tool will buy on for knife collection as well
  • Best of the best

    Chad, 10/14/2010 Absolutely incredible tool for limbing or brush clearing. I've been using for for 7 or 8 years. Easy to sharpen, but only has a single rather than a beveled edge, so could be a problem for left handers.
  • Unique and Useful

    Bob Doyle, 7/8/2010 I would start by saying I am no stranger to cutting tools as this. I own and use Woodsmans Pal and Martindale (Crocodile) cutting tools. This hatchet is most capable. Because of its configuration it is a very good chopping tool, and it is nimble. I actually prefer this tool to the above mentioned Woodsmans Pal and Crocodile cutting implements. Which are fine tools in their own right This hatchet would be my first choice if I were only to have one tool of this type.
  • Great Multichopper

    ZBIGNIEV, 2/7/2010 This is a great tool for chopping or limbing branches up to 2 to 3 inches in diameter! It has a lot of mass for its size and cuts much better than will any machete or kukri, and it's much better on small branches than a small axe. If maintained sharp, it can even be used to skin and gut an elk.
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