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Japanese Knife-Making Kits
Now this is a unique gift for yourself or someone else. If you’ve been interested in working with wood and want to try an enjoyable, low-pressure, and high-reward project, this Japanese knife kit, in either fixed or folding blade versions, is just the thing. The fixed version is for absolute beginners, with a pre-shaped pair of beechwood scales that just need a final cutout from their pre-punched molds. Use the included brass screw sets to sandwich the Stainless Steel blade between the scales. There’s even a flat screwdriver tool, just in case you don’t have one. A little touch-up with the sandpaper (also included), and you’ve finished your first woodworking project, and earned yourself a nice little knife in the process.

The Folding version offers just a bit more of a challenge—the scales must be carved from their beechwood blocks (following the shape of the cutout paper form) and the folding hardware is slightly more involved. However, don’t be daunted—it’s very straightforward. One of our colleagues here at Garrett Wade who is less experienced in tools and woodworking gave it a go, and was very happy with both the experience and the result. Another benefit of this one is that it essentially makes its own built-in sheath when in its folded position. Easy to follow instructions are included for both. This is a special item, and would make a terrific gift. We have limited quantities that will sell out in a few weeks so don’t wait too long on this one.
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