Japanese Pattern Crosscut Timber Saw

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Sale Japanese Pattern Crosscut Timber Saw
Quick & safe chainsaw alternative
66M02.01 Japanese Log Saw

Available 03/15/2021


66M02.10 Japanese Log Saw And Case

Available 03/15/2021

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66M03.01 Leather Case

Available 03/08/2021


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Many of you may prefer a chainsaw for rough cutting in the woodlot, but a good crosscut saw is really often just the ticket for quick, safe cutting operations. This beautiful saw, with its 16" long blade and progressive deep tooth pattern (for clearing chips rapidly), is a formidable tool. And the hardwood handle, fitted at an angle of about 30 degrees to the blade, is perfect for applying sawing pressure in even, easy pulling strokes.

Because the teeth are so sharp and because the tool will probably be used outside, we have had a custom split-leather and riveted case made for it here. The case has a ring hook (out of sight on the back) to clip to a belt or other attachment. We recommend it.

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Overall Rating
  • “Buzz Saw”!!!

    Dan, 10/26/2020 I bought this saw for Colorado horse and mule trips. I was amazed at its sharpness and versatility. I use at home and on the farm when not riding or hiking. I named it my “Buzz Saw”. I keep this saw in my truck so I have it close. Would not leave home without it. I would not purchase without the case because of its sharpness however.
  • Japanese Hand Saw and Mask do not dissapoint.

    Greg, 6/15/2020 Really an incredible piece of craftsmanship. Light and balanced in the hand, one feels intuitively the influence of elders many years past. There is a cool factor to ancient efficient tools. For me, I'd rather push, pull or press anything but a button.
  • Your Favorite Saw

    Kenyon Keily, 4/27/2018 If you don't use the Garrett and Wade Japanese wood saw then you don't yet realize it is your favorite wood cutting saw. I bought my first one about 15 to 20 years ago and over the years it has proven itself to be a great workhorse of a saw. It is still useful even with some missing teeth due to hitting buried steel in a dead tree. I use my saw for many applications from cutting firewood to cutting timbers when building sheds for our birds and farm animals. I recently decided it was time for an upgrade to a full set of teeth and have been out cutting wood with the greatest of joy and ease since it's arrival. Wonderfully light, and super sharp. Best saw ever for a variety of wood cutting needs. Thank you Garrett Wade for this fine tool and for the speedy shipping on my recent purchase.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner April 2018 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Kenyon!!

    Jill Choder-Goldman, 12/28/2016 My husband stated that it took some getting used to the shape and position of the handle but after a few tries he said it was wonderful and he was able to get to branches and places that he couldn't do with his regular saw.
  • Can't beat me with Japanese saw

    Alan Siporin, 6/4/2016 I'm ready to challenge anyone with a chain saw to a contest arming myself with nothing more than the Garrett WadeJapanese saw. Of course that would have to include sharpening and maintenance time. But, hey, I'm 67, my arms get tired and my paws are fighting arthritis. We bought a new wood heater that necessitated cutting all my firewood down to 12 inches. I ordered the Japanese saw and went to work. I loved it so much I couldn't slow down! I thought I would take half the summer to get all my firewood cut to size, but I'm already done and looking for more. Shouldn't take long. I just ordered the18 foot poll saw.
  • Chipped Teeth

    Robert, 12/31/2014 This saw seems to cut quite well, but blade is not what I expected from a Japanese wood saw, almost all teeth are chipped and some have burn marks.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Japanese Log Saw. It seems that you may have received a defective item. Please send it back for either a full refund, or a replacement, using the return label which was included.  We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Manual Chain Saw

    GEO, 7/20/2014 This saw truly cuts almost as fast a chain saw! Great ergonomics. If you let the saw do the cutting and don't push it, you will save your energy too! I am very pleased with it and will not venture into the orchard without it in the future.
  • Best Saw

    Joe, 4/28/2014 I have used this saw a lot since I received it and I could not be happier with it. I enjoy cutting with this. It is worth the price I paid.
  • really handy saw

    dale, 3/4/2011 I bought this saw for my girl friend to trim her bushes and trees, it is the best wood saw I have ever seen .once she got the hang of it she was zipping through 3 and 4 inch limbs, faster than u can start the chain saw!!..the handle seems a little iffy ...but I haven't had it long enough to question its durability .....thanks for the saw guys its well worth the money.
  • The fastest log saw ever

    Leon, 4/16/2010 I don't like to drag alone a chainsaw when we camp, so I always had a hand saw for that. After my last big box store saw died like many of them had before I decided to try something different, bought this Japanese saw from GW and did a few test cuts on a oak log about 6 yesterday. The speed is simply unbelievable - never expected a one man hand saw to be that fast. The cut is pretty thin and precise. Not sure about durability, since I just got it yesterday. For the same reason can't say anything about value - it's not cheap but if it does in fact last many years as they say it's worth every penny. The handle is a bit unusual but very comfortable and gives great control. Wood part kinda looks like it may go off the handle after a while but may be it's only my imagination and even if it does it should be easy to fix. All in all - beautiful quality tools and a real pleasure to use."
  • Awsome Saw

    Ron, 4/15/2010 This saw really gets after it! Nothing faster for hand cutting pine, spruce, or fir!
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