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Japanese Saws With Canvas case
$ 86.70 99.90
Japanese woodworking saws have always impressed us with their fast cutting properties, their very smooth action and the exceptional quality of their steel and their teeth. An innovative Japanese firm has developed a new style of blade that uses a hook/lock system to fit a shared-use handle made of beautifully finished Red Oak.

Set #1 is composed of two non-backed Dozuki crosscut blades, one 11 blade (19 tpi) is for fast coarse cutting and the second has a 10" blade with very fine (26 tpi) and is used for fine finish cutting. Both have a kerf of .035".

Set #2 is composed of a 9" Flush Cutting blade that is designed with no set and will bend 90° to cut pegs and tenons off absolutely flush. The other is a 9" ultra narrow kerf blade (kerf only 0.02") that is for very fine detail cross cutting (notice the extra machining in the photo).

Each set comes with its own shared-use handle, and a fitted white canvas case for easy and secure storage. Both sets are simply spectacular and we feel privileged to have found them for you.
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