Japanese Set of 4 Saws

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Japanese Set of 4 Saws
An excellent range of top selling Japanese saws
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49I01.10 Japanese Set of 4 Saws

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Japanese saws cut quickly and smoothly, and are a joy to use. Because they cut on the pull (not the push) stroke, the blade is in tension during use, so it can be thinner with a much finer kerf. Bowing is eliminated, and set can be minimized. Great control over the cut is the result. We recommend the following four as an excellent cross-section. These saws are all made to our specifications. We offer them here specially as a set at a savings.

The Replaceable Blade Ryoba in a 9-1/2" blade length. One side of the blade is filed with fine teeth for cutting across the grain. The other is coarser for ripping along the grain.

The Special Japanese Dovetail Dozuki excels as a stiff backed joint cutting saw. The blade is 7" long with 25 tpi. Maximum depth of cut is 1-3/4".

The Flush Cutting Saw (blade 6" long, 24 tpi) will cut off flush pegs, through-tenons, and other exposed waste parts of joints absolutely flush. An extremely flexible blade with no set, it will not mark the adjacent surface.

The Japanese Detail Trim Saw has a fine toothed very narrow blade and a Oak handle. Tool length is 10". The 13 tpi blade is 5” long and 5/16" wide.

Protect your investment with our tough Suede Carrying Case. The three pockets are stitched and riveted, and it secures closed with extra-long leather laces. The Three larger saws tuck inside while the smaller Detail trim Saw secures nicely into the tie. Case made in France.

The saws in this set are listed here individually and can be purchased along with their replacement blades.

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Overall Rating
  • Good saw value.

    Eric, 9/24/2019 They are pretty good for the price. Not the best Japanese saws but a good value.
  • Japanese saws

    Jonathan loop , 5/13/2019 These are great saws, I have others but this is a must have set at a good price over the years I’ve bought many items from garret wade over the years, great Products
  • 4 Japanese saw package

    Karl, 10/18/2018 Incredible value; keyhole saw may be handiest saw in the group, especially for model work; excellent variety of saws, including very precise dovetail saws
  • marvelous japanese saw set

    joseph, 4/29/2018 the saws are as light as a feather and cut so clean you would think the edges were sanded
  • Good Deal

    Steve, 8/8/2017 Well made and at a reasonable price.
  • Happy

    Artur, 5/15/2017 Beautiful and well made. The Ryoba saw especially works fantastic. Can cut flush with it too
  • Excelent

    John Santelices, 5/9/2017 I give this product a 5 star its because it deserves it, it give ease to my home project with superve quality and time saving. Thank you Garrett Wade.
  • Company

    Hakim Eslami, 1/29/2017 Great product. Also a great company with great customer service.
  • Wonderful Saws

    Ann Lakin, 8/9/2016 I am replacing old saws with new. These are really wonderful saws for fine work.
  • First rate and a good price

    Jim, 7/25/2016 Really found these to be good working tools in the shop. At home with fine and well as quick builds. This set rounds out my collection and I find that I turn to Japanese saws for most jobs these days.
  • Greats Saw - they will be well used.

    William Calvo, 6/24/2016 Have used 2 of the saws already and am in pressed with the sharpness and ease of using. Very pleased with my purchase.
  • Great value for the money

    Brian, 4/10/2016 This set of saws are an excellent value. The ryoba is a very nice saw. It cuts very cleanly in both the rip and crosscut configurations. The trim saw and flush cut saws work as expected. The dovetail saw, while great for crosscuts, left a little to be desired for rip cutting dovetails.
  • Absolutely The Best

    J Pong, 5/27/2015 I originally purchased one of these saws in Japan while visiting and wished I had purchased all of them. This set is extremely useful and is exactly as stated. Better than any saw I have used.
  • A Deal for the Basics

    Lisa Dohrwardt, 10/5/2014 A great price for one of the basics needs for any hobby or pro level workshop. Handy for the craft studio, too! Easy to use accurate Japanese saws for almost every purpose in woodworking. Love it! Lisa
  • Easiest Dovetail Saw Ever

    Robinwood, 6/20/2014 Not having a lot of hand strength, I found the dovetail saw to be excellent and very easy to control. A quality tool worth every penny.
  • Mr.

    Dan Johnston, 7/3/2011 We use the 9 1/2 saw for all our wood surfboard building needs. It's fast, sharp and dead on accurate. I've used one blade for at least 9 years and it's about time to replace the blade. Got my money's worth on this tool. One for every wood worker's tool box. Blind Dog Surfboards"
  • I can saw

    Kathleen, 7/23/2010 Because they cut on the pull (not the push) stroke, I can saw. The blade uses my strength. These saws make a beautiful clean cut too. They are very light weight and sturdy. I used them after Hurricane Ike to saw tree limbs.
  • Japanese Saw Set

    Don Hallman, 2/12/2010 These saws have have been used for several projects and have been a joy to use. The flush cutting saw has been especially useful as I use pegs extensively on my projects.
  • Replacable Ryoba

    Bob Bennett, 10/15/2009 This is an excellent saw for all types of uses, with the replacable blade it is even a better buy. I use it for small projects especially on thin woods, the thin blade with little set gives a no tear out cut yet with the width of the blade it is very stable and easy to control. I use it vor both box and dovetail joints with little problems.
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